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The Psychology Of Blogging


Blogging what is this now? hold your breath. Blogging is a means of organising items, stories, news, and information on the internet. It is like a website, but this one is free you do not have to pay any hosting fee. I found out about blogging in 2011. I was just playing with it all through that time. But as I kept doing it, I found this guy at viperchill that is even employing family members doing blogging after he left his full time job and decided to do blogging. He is crazy about seo (you can read about what the heck is seo at (The A, B, C's Of SEO). I found out how much I was in love with blogging late 2014. There is always something new to work on when you are doing blogging. If you must have notice from 2011 - 2015 that sums up to 4 years of experience. So I have been able to come out with the psychology of it. The psychology of it is there are millions if not billions of people searching the internet every day, create a blog write anything and you will start getting a share of that large amount of people on the internet. That is not it. What you are talking about has to make sense and there is some little if not allot of work that have to be done.When it comes to blogging there is article marketing, there is video marketing, there is social media marketing and there is seo (search engine optimisation). We are not going to be talking about that today, to get more on that read this one How To Promote My Video Game Blog.I want to work with your psychology. There are 156 million blogs on the internet. That number should not scare you, only a thousand of them end up making it as bloggers. This is because few of them are able to set authority in the topic they are trying to present to the world. Now what can I write on to generate recognition on the internet? That is a good question that should be pondering your mind if you are following up with what I am trying to bring to you today. Hold on, you do not have to write about physics explaining to people about radioactivity or mathematical functions. I find some of you posting marriage pictures, birthdays pictures, swimming pool pictures that end up getting hundreds of likes on facebook. You can make money from that if you create a blog, organise this pictures get a link from that blog and post on your facebookwall to direct people to your blog. You can also create a facebook page and even make some discern money from that too.You can create a blog telling people about your marriage experience, how you take care of your children or how you take care of your garden vegetables. Only make sure you have some proof that you actually know what you are talking about. You can put photos, videos to claim what you know so that  people can know what you are talking about. By so doing, people will not see you as a kind and turn to ignore you. We live in an internet world today. What are you good at on the internet, spending hours on social media sites like facebookand twitter chatting with friends, following up with all sport activities, reading news on the internet, commenting on other websites, following up with all scoops about your favourite stars... All you have to do is create a blog so you get a link and write things you are passionate about and post them to your area of expertise. You will be surprise the magic that it will work.Now how do you make money. You have to do what is known as affiliate marketing. Amazon and click back offers such opportunities, even eBay. Where you get the link of a particular product on these sites and place on your blog and if some one buys that product, you get what is known as commission, it can be as high as 75% or 50, 50. Say you place the link of a product that cost 100$ on your blog and then someone ends up buying that particular product you end up getting 75$ in the case of 75% commission or 50$ in the case of 50% commission. Yes that is how simple it is. Just start a blog write on what you love so as to keep the continuity and then share the link on an area on the internet you are good at. People start vi[...]

Blogging Your Way To A Million Dollar Empire


If you are someone that is regular and curious about what is going on, on the internet like me, then you must have found out that people make money on the internet. I am not talking here about scammers, I am talking here about people who make real money. For those of you that do not know, there are people that are going to ask you to buy a product online, the most common is a dog and do not deliver the goods, this type of people are called scammers. I want to talk to you today about people that will deliver you, your product and even give you an online course to teach you what they have learnt.Gone are the days when internet surfing was fun, people loved to receive emails, infact it was a prestigious thing at the time, people felt proud when they bought something online. Then came this time when the internet world was exploited, people started receiving emails of scams and even emails threatening their lives. All that did not stop the internet from growing, from the times of emails and fun surfing, the internet has grown tremendously, but people now are very careful as to what they buy and the type of emails they receive. People have even started protecting their email addresses with software some of which I do not even know about.With all that said, I am just trying to drag you into the internet world. I want to open your eyes so you can also tap from what has evolved in the internet world. The most active age groups on the internet range from 10 - 25. They spend much time on the internet searching on any thing that is interesting to them. Play games for hours on the internet. Keep up with their favourite stars on the internet. 30 - 65 are boring parents who want to check every thing their child is doing on the internet and protect them from explicit contents like pornography. Stars, companies have been known to run their whole activity on the internet. You can come in here. Who is your favourite star? Eminen, Beyonce... What brand of product do you like, Sony Play station, Microsoft Corporation. Or maybe you are good at programming, why don't you create a game, software and show the world what you are able to create. From here I expect you to start following up. A million dollars is not money to get some burgers at McDonalds. We are talking here about financial independence. So you need to be able to keep up with each updates I am making. You have come up with your favourite stars, companies, game programming abilities. What next? you need to study the internet world to find out what type of people are you involved with. Are you involved with teenagers or adults. This is going to help you to know how to get some money from the age group. We will cover that later. Keep up with me as we try to go through this together. The aim of the internet world has been exploited. The internet world was made for people to reach each other far and near. But now it is a home of pornographic materials, scams and even demonic activities. People are tied of protecting their children from online porn and from purchasing products that do not reach them, people have even have demonic activities to solve as a result of surfing the internet. Get this from me, these days before people start giving you their money on the interne, they have to trust you. So no matter how good you have understood the stars you love and found out who share this similar love with you, no matter how good you are with video games, even if you are a ps3 game computer programmer, you will need to gain some trust before people can start buying what you have to sell. Now you want to learn how to gather people right? let us try to cover that. You can create a blog on a free site like blogger which is owned by google, create a page on facebook, get a twitter account. This is what you are able to do with a blog. You can write articles post it on the blog encourage people to read what you have posted. If people are interested in what you have posted, then they will either subscribe with their emails or share your content [...]

Have You Seen How Many Blogs Are Online?


The first time I stumbled upon blogging was back in 2011. By then I did not even know what I had felt on. I was just trying to have content online to my Cameroonian friends since I had just travelled to Germany at the time. When I just started to find out what blogging was all about back in 2012, I found out that people made some money blogging. I was determined to also make some money from my blog. I have succeeded to make a couple of dollars since then. But I was curious to find out more...Then late 2014 I found out that people do make a living from blogging. Then I took blogging a little serious since I had just recently lost my metal construction job at the time. The last time I search the internet, there is this blogger that is making as much as 8 million dollars from her blog. Now that I have a story rolling for you, let us get into why we are here today. If you search the internet on the number of blogs that are online, you will find out that there are more than 167 million blogs online. That sounds crazy right? What you can not find is what all these blogs are writing about. Reason For This Huge NumberMost people create a blog, publish 5 post, create 2 backlinks, write 6 articles. Seat and think people will just start visiting their blog. If they do not find people coming to the blog, they create another and another. So you might find out at the end of the day, one person owns a total of 10 unsuccessful blogs. Some of them are just ignorant of the task they are required to carry if they have to become successful bloggers and some are just lazy.What does that number of online blogs tell you, that every search term related to blogging goes crazy right? This is where I come in. Do not start a blog about physics, when you can just do a proper study on the different blogger platforms and teach people how to use them and you can get famous doing just that.There are going to be people who just want to understand the blogger platform to do certain task. There are many blogger platforms, you have blogger, owned by google, wordpress, typad and many others. So if you do a study on how to use these different blogger platforms, then you should be able to get a share on what has developed from the blogging world. Now you have known that there are people who just want to understand the different blogger platforms. Let us take it to the next level. The next set of people you are going to find are people who want to know what blogging is all about. There is no specific topic you are required to blog about.What are you passionate about? Search the internet to find out about influencers already blogging about what you are passionate about. Understand the internet world you are passionate about. Come out with some new ideas. But you have to be found in the internet world. Do some more research if you have to, add what you know if you must, but make sure you stay on tract.Now you have known what people are dying about to share on the internet. Let us get into the next questionHow do you get people to read what you have written?Even if you are teaching people how to use blogger owned by google, you will still need people to visit and read what you have to say. The process involved in getting people to read what you have written is known as internet traffic, web traffic, blog traffic. It is the most broad topic when it comes to blogging. I am going to tell you the different marketing strategies involved in getting internet traffic and you will have to choose a few of them and do studies until you are able to create expertise in these areas. I am also going to be showing you how to make money from these services.SEO: In full search engine optimization. What is required of you here is to make friends with search engines. And you want to be best of friends with google. Google is the largest search engine on the internet. It's video site is the second largest search engine on the web. That should tell you its authority when it comes to search engine optimizat[...]

Leading Bloggers


Leadership is something that has been in place from the foundation of the Earth. Man fall when he left the leadership of God. We are not here today to talk about the Bible, so stay with me. In the times of the Pirates, when a leader fails to lead them to Gold and precious stones, he was either replaced or killed. A good leader should be able to inspire, encourage, guard, direct protect his subjects. I want to take up that position and hope you vote for me to be your leader. If you recently had an idea to start a blog then do a search on the number of blogs online, and you will find out that there are over 167 million blogs online. That is a huge number right? It even has the power to discourage you. But that is why I am here to tell you, you do not have to get discouraged.  Just a hand full of all these people owning these blogs earn the blogger rewards. It is a fun way to make money on the internet. You make money while sleeping. You make money every day. And blogging is one of the most effective ways to make money on the internet.How do you make money through blogging?There is a program known as affiliate marketing where you get products from online stores place them on your site, and if this product is bought through your affiliate link, you earn what is known as a commission. Let us use Amazon as a case study. In Amazon, there are products ranging from books to TV sets. You get a product from Amazon, place it on your blog, someone one sees that product on your blog, click through that link on your blog, buys that product from Amazon, you earn 50% or 75% commission of the purchase price. So let us say to took a product from Amazon that costs 1$, if some one buys that product, you earn 50 and 25 cent respectively.Now after knowing how to make money on your blog, let that not excite you. You need to get people to visit your blog, enjoy and connect with what you have to offer. This is where most people die. It is a difficult and frustrating process. Why most people do not make it as bloggers?1. The internet is used by almost everyone nowadays, but that does not mean you can just publish anything on the internet and expect that people will just start flourishing into what you have published. You need to be seen by search engines, social medias... 2. The topic you have to blog on, in the blogger world is known as niche. Before you jump into any niche, you have to do some research. Find influencers in that niche, see what they are doing, interview them if you are able to, most of them are willing to answer questions. You can even take a case study on them and come out with a post about them publish it on your blog and then inform them that you have done that. Let us take for example. You have decided to write about taken care of home garden. Just the fact that you know about home gardening does not just make you to jump on the internet and start writing about home gardening. You need to know the world of home gardening on the internet. 3. Laziness: Blogging is not a means of running away from the hard work at your work place. It also entails a schedule amount of work every day before you can make earn means. But the advantage here is that once you start getting visitors then you have arrived. 4. Lack of Motivation: Do not choose a topic you have not done any research on or just because everyone is writing about that topic. Trust me you will need allot of motivation in the early years of your blogger career. It is a perilous time. Choose something you love talking about in your every day life. For those of you that like football, why not write about football, do you like video games then write about video games, or maybe you like fashion then tell the world about your passion on fashion. 5. No strategy: Yes you might be intelligent. You know what you are talking about. But why don't you have tones of people stumbling on your blog yet? You will need a strategy. We will talk about this later in the post. So those [...]

5 Steps To Christian Growth


Like birth that involves a child being born and gradually growing to an adult, so is Christianity. There is also birth and growth to adult hood in Christianity. Christianity is not a Religion it is a understanding of the death on the cross of Calvary. To the world dead on the cross is foolishness but unto us it is power leading to salvation. This are the 5 steps to Christian growth...1 Understanding Your Helper: Your helper to Christianity is the Holy Spirit. Understanding the Bible is a very difficult task. Infact you can't understand the Bible as a human. You need divine interpretation to better understand the Bible. The Holy Spirit is a person that lives in a body (you.) He is going to teach you the power of resurrection.2 Read The Bible: Do not assume you already know what is written in the Bible. You need to read it. Don't speed read it like one of your story books, take some time, wonder at the words you see, ask questions, tell the Holy Spirit to interpret what you can't understand. If you are a beginner, the start with Mathew, Mark, Luke and John since they are narrating the story of Jesus Christ.3 Daily Devotionals: These are short articles written by those with a better understanding of the Bible (called Bible Scholars.) They choose scriptures in the Bible and explain the human connection to that particular scriptures. Sometimes it is hard to pick up and Bible and just start writing. It is easier to turn to daily devotionals if you have such a problem. You will be reading the Bible and then getting explanation to it. That is like killing two birds with one stone eh.4 Fellower Believers. Not all believers will encourage you in the faith. This is a very big problem for those of you that will start with the faith. But there are those that can really help you grow in the faith. Find them by using the spirit of descendent. This is for the advanced Christians. 5 Prayer: The Bible has a way it puts it that sounds so good ''prayer is the key, prayer is the key, prayer is the masters key, Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer, prayer is the masters key.'' That sounded like a little song right. Some people think praying is weak, it is not, the way we talk to God is called prayer. Talk to God, ask him questions, share your frustration and pain with him. He is going to respond to you.This article 5 Steps To Christian Growth is to ensure you benefit from the faith and not become a Church goer. There are other methods you can grow your Christian faith like going regularly to Church, but you want to create a connection to the one who is the founder and the owner of the Church (Jesus Christ.)To get more of life changing ideas, click here. [...]

Choosing Faith


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Super! Hier ist, wie Inhalte, die in Kunden verwandelt erstellen


Hey,Heute werde ich gepumpt.Hier die Gründe:In den letzten Monaten habe ich gearbeitet wahnsinnig hart an einem brandneuen Projekt ...... ein Projekt, das ich weiß, du wirst eine Tonne Wert zu erhalten.Was ist das neue Projekt?Es ist eine neue Schulungsreihe, die Ihnen zeigen, wie Sie Inhalte, die mehr Leads, Sales und Kunden für Sie und Ihr Unternehmen generiert erstellen.Ich sollte Sie warnen:Dies wird nicht die gleiche Cookie-Cutter-Rat, den du aus so genannten SEO "Experten" zu hören. In der Tat, ich erwarte mein Material, einige Federn sträuben.Außerdem ist meine neue Serie aus 100% erweiterte Content-Marketing-Strategien, Techniken und Taktiken, die ich noch nie zuvor offenbart werden.Mit anderen Worten, ich will nicht zeigen Ihnen:Wie, um Inhalte auf einem festgelegten Zeitplan zu veröffentlichen(Ich habe Backlinko von Null auf 90k Besucher pro Monat, indem Sie einen neuen Beitrag alle 4-6 Wochen auf einer regelmäßigen Basis ist soooo überbewertet gewachsen. Publishing)Wie "interessante Inhalte" veröffentlichen(Ich bin nicht dabei, interessante Inhalte zu klopfen. Es ist gut, toll. Aber wenn Sie es ernst meinen mehr Traffic und Kunden sind, um die richtige Art von großen Inhalt veröffentlichen müssen Sie)Wie, um Ihre Inhalte zu fördern(Content Förderung hat seinen Platz. Aber es ist völlig wertlos, wenn Sie die richtigen Inhalte auf Ihrer Website zu beginnen haben)Also, fragen Sie sich vielleicht:Was werden Sie in den nächsten Wochen zu lernen?Ab diesem Donnerstag (12. Februar), werde ich das Geheimnis um die Erstellung von Inhalten, die Ergebnisse bekommt offenbaren.Und wenn ich sage "Ergebnisse", meine ich nicht immer eine Reihe von Tweets oder Kommentare.(Letzte überprüfte ich, Sie nicht bezahlen können Ihre Hypothek mit einem tweet)Stattdessen werde ich Ihnen zeigen, wie Inhalte, die gezielten Traffic und Umsatz generiert veröffentlichen.Und dieser Unterschied, mein Freund, ist riesig.Egal, ob Sie eine E-Commerce Website besitzen, führen Sie ein digitales Marketing-Agentur, Software zu verkaufen, oder ein Vollzeit-Blogger, können Sie Inhalte, die in gerichteten Verkehr bringt benötigen.In anderen Worten, Datenverkehr, der in die Leitungen und Vertriebs umwandelt.Ich lernte diese Lektion auf die harte Tour ..,Ich baute eine Website vor ein paar Jahren, die ein absolutes Verkehrs Maschine war. Dank der "interessante Inhalte", die Website in mehr als 2.000 Besuchern pro Tag brachte. Leider hat der Verkehr gar nicht konvertieren.Gesicht ... treffen Handfläche.Blitz Vorlauf bis heute, und meine Situation hat sich völlig verändert.Weil ich Veröffentlichen von Inhalten zu Backlinko, die entworfen, um die richtigen Perspektiven zu gewinnen, ich habe Backlinko aus einem winzigen Blog zu einem florierenden Geschäft aufgebaut. Ein Unternehmen, das 6-Zahlen alle paar Monate erzeugt bei den Einnahmen.Die Frage ist:Wie kann man Inhalte, die in gerichteten Verkehr bringt erstellen?Das ist genau das, was meine neue Schulungsreihe wird Ihnen zeigen, wie zu tun ist.Insbesondere lernen Sie:-Wie Auf Inhalte, die Meinungsmacher in Ihrer Branche wollen mit dem Publikum zu teilen (ich buchstäblich zu großen Namen Blogger Mailen Sie mir zu sagen "danke, Ich teile diese" wenn ich veröffentlichen einen neuen Beitrag)-Das Geheimnis auf Inhalte, die auf der ersten Seite von Google für die Keywords, die Sie Ihren Kunden die Suche nach alltäglichen gehört (dies ist für das Drehen Inhalte in Verkaufs HUGE)-Die 3 große Fehler, die Menschen machen, wenn sie Inhalte erstellen (Tipp: # 2 ist etwas, die meisten so genannten Experten nennen eine "best practice")-A "Hinter den Kulissen" Beispiel dafür, wie ich ein Stück von Inhalten, die erzeugt hat 113.000 Besucher und 2.136 neue E-Mail-Abonnenten erstellt.Und dann, in der Anfang März werde ich Einschreibung für meine Premium-Partner Schulung, SEO, das funktioniert z[...]

Destiny Steps Series: Removing The Barrier...


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Principles for Male & Female Relationships


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male and female instincts

he and she motion(image)

Being a Bounce Back Person


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New Year Inspiring Sermon -2015


allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="344" src="" width="459">christ definitionmessiahchrist meaninganointedchrist symbolchrist quoteschrist fellowshipchristmas tree shop [...]

I Learn To See What God Sees


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daily devotional

daily devotionals

christian growth

christian living(image)

The Truth About Blogging


It is easy to hear that people make money from blogging and then you think you can just jump in and you will start making money too. Fact: you can make money blogging and even a living. When you just start a blog, you will be introduced to something called blogtraffic, internet traffic, site traffic, website traffic, web traffic. Onlike the one we all normal hate, car traffic, road traffic, internet traffic is what you will need when it comes to blogging. I am not going to start teaching you here about how to blog and how to get blogtraffic. I want to encourage you and tell you some of the lies you will find when you start searching the web on how to generate traffic to your blog. It is a fustrating process because no one takes the time to tell the truth. I am not the best man but atleast I have all those who want to make money on the internet through blogging at heart. Read on as we disclose some of the many things you will be required by most bloggers you most do.You have created your blog, now what? you want people to read what you are writing about. You will be introduced to what is called blog promotion, website promotion, site promotion. Many if not all will ask you to do the following.Search engine optimization: This involves making your site searchable by search engines such as google, yahoo, bing... What you do here is create backlinks by commenting on other blogs, creating profiles on other websites. And you will have to also do what is known as keyword research. A keyword is something people will normally type on say google to get an information, news... say ''how to getblog traffic'' This is a very huge topic when it comes to blogging. There are websites, blogs, and even paid services just to cover this subject alone.Social media marketing: Here you will have to create profiles on social media sites like facebook, stumbleupon, twitter, digg, delicious... and be active on them so you can get followers who will eventually visit your blog or website.Article marketing: Here you are required to write articles and submit them to article directories like ezinearticles, articlebase... Most of the article directories will give you two links back to your blog. One in the article body and the other in your BIO.Video marketing: This requires you to create short videos and submit them to videos sites like youtube...Forum posting: Here you will have to create profiles on forums and get involved in asking and answering questions.Joining Q&A sites: Like yahoo answer... Where you will be required to answer questions post by people. You also have the opportunity to ask your own questions. These ones are definitely the basics and fundamnetal when it comes to blogging. What you will find is everyone trying to modify them and make them look their way. So here are the things you will commonly find online. How I got 17k (17000) visitors in one day, How I increased a blog traffic by 30% in 2 months, How I incraesed my traffic by 114% in 2 weeks. All these are lies. What these bloggers are not telling you is that they have been blogging for a very long time before they finally found out what works and what doesn't.For someone like me, I have done it all. I have been blogging for 4 years. Do you know how fustrating it is to do it all and yet not get the results you were expecting? This is why I decided to come up with this post.Now bottom line peope are making a living blogging at the comfort of their homes and you can too I want to show you how.First you will have to choose something you are passionate about. This is to ensure you love what you are doing and can write frequently on that topic. What you want to do is create a blogfor people. If people lov[...]

Saturday Prophetic Service Prophecies


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catholic daily readings couples daily devotional daily bible devotions for kids daily bible reading daily bible reading plan daily bible readings daily couples devotional daily devotion for kids daily devotional for couplesdaily devotional for kids daily devotional for married couples daily devotional for teens daily devotional reading daily devotional readings daily devotional the upper room daily devotional upper room daily devotionals for couples daily devotionals for kids daily devotionals for married couples daily devotionals for teens daily devotions for couples daily devotions for kids daily devotions for married couples daily devotions for teens daily reading daily readings daily teen devotional daily teen devotions devotional upper room devotionals for couples devotions for couples devotions for kids devotions for teens free daily devotions for couples free online daily devotions for couples kids daily devotional kids daily devotions teen daily devotionalteen daily devotionals teen devotionals the upper room daily devotional the upper room daily devotional guidethe upper room daily devotional guide online the upper room daily devotionals the upper room daily devotionsthe upper room devotional upper room daily devotional upper room daily devotional guide upper room daily devotionals upper room daily devotions upper room devotional upper room devotionals



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Having a Spirit of Honor


allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="//" width="560">bible devotions for men bible devotions online christian daily devotional online daily bible devotions for mendaily bible devotions online daily bread daily devotional daily bread devotional daily bread devotional bookletdaily bread devotional books daily bread devotional reading daily bread devotionals daily christian devotions for men daily devotion for men daily devotional books for men daily devotional daily breaddaily devotional for men daily devotional for women online daily devotional free daily devotional online daily devotional online freedaily devotional our daily bread daily devotionals for men daily devotionals online daily devotions for mendaily devotions for women online daily devotions online daily light devotional online daily online devotionaldaily online devotionals daily online devotions devotional for men devotional online devotionals onlinedevotions for men devotions online free bible daily devotions free bible devotions free christian daily devotional free christian devotionals free daily bible devotionals free daily bible devotions free daily bread devotional free daily christian devotions free daily devotion free daily devotional free daily devotional books free daily devotionals free daily devotions free daily devotions for men free daily devotions online free devotional free devotional books free devotionals free devotions free online daily devotional free online daily devotionals free online daily devotions free online devotionals free our daily bread devotional jesus calling devotional online jesus calling online devotional free men daily devotional mens devotions morning devotions for men my daily bread devotional online bible devotions online daily devotional online daily devotional for men online daily devotional for women online daily devotionals online daily devotions online daily devotions for moms online devotional online devotionals online devotions our daily bread bible daily devotional our daily bread daily devotional our daily bread daily devotionals our daily bread devotional our daily bread devotional bible our daily bread devotional booklet our daily bread devotional reading our daily bread devotionals the daily bread devotional www daily bread devotional [...]

Resisting Temptations


allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="270" src="" width="480">a bible devotion best daily devotional for women bible daily devotion bible daily devotionalbible daily devotionals bible daily devotions bible devotion bible devotional bible devotional daily bible devotionals bible devotions bible study devotions daily devotional christian bible devotions daily bible devotion daily bible devotional daily bible devotionals daily bible devotionsdaily bible devotions for women daily christian devotions for women daily devotion for womendaily devotional bible daily devotional bible reading daily devotional books for women daily devotional for single women daily devotional for women daily devotional from the bible daily devotional women daily devotionals for women daily devotions bible daily devotions for womendaily devotions for young women daily devotions from the bible daily devotions womendevotional bible devotional bible study devotional bible verses devotional for women devotionals for women devotions for women free daily devotionals for women free daily devotions for women free devotions for women morning devotions for women the bible daily devotional the daily devotional bible through the bible daily devotional through the bible daily devotions women daily devotionalwomens daily devotional womens daily devotionals womens daily devotions womens devotions [...]

Entspannung für dein Leben


allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="270" src="" width="480">depressive episodeumgang mit depressiven menschendepressivich bin depressivbin ich depressiv testdepressiv was tundepressive verstimmung was tunwas tun gegen depressive stimmungforum für depressivedepressive störungdepressivedepressivendepressive verstimmungendepressiven helfenwann ist man depressiv [...]

Mach dir das Leben leichter


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depression test

depression symptoms

depression quest

manische depression
manische depressionen
manische depression symptome
manische depression test
manisch depressiv test
manisch depressiv
manisch depressiv symptome
manische depressionen symptome
manisch depressiv angehörige
depression manisch
manisch depression
manische depression angehörige
manische depression ursachen