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Most Expensive Homes In The World


Henley Mansion in Berkshire, England
This mansion is owned by a Russian billionaire with a value of $218 million. It's back sits on Thames River with amazing views, and it has two golf courses. The structure is 300-years old and holds numerous stories of it past, some of which are of hauntings!
Worth at least $150 million today, the Updown Court is one of most significant private homes in the UK. It shares the neighborhood with Elton John and the Queen of England and proves if you can afford to, you can live as extravagant as a royal.

Colors for Your New Bedroom


Picking out a color for your bedroom is easy, but knowing what other colors complement the shade isn't always so simple. Check out these pictures for ideas on modern bedroom color schemes that work.

Chocolate brown, blue and white or tan is a fool-proof scheme that looks modern and very sophisticated.

When using light colors like tan, white and pale blue, throw some reddish-pink accents in. It looks modern and adds so much interest to the space.

A honey yellow (not neon) looks fantastic with earthy green tones and natural wood. Wall maps are a great way to tie this scheme together.

Pictures of European Home Decor2014


Each country in Europe has a style of interior design unique to itself. Check out these pictures for inspiration on which style best fits your taste.

Traditional French decor tends to look very grand, ornate and colorful.

Italian design centers around earthy colors and usually looks much more rustic.

Spanish decor also uses warm, earthy colors and prints to create a hacienda style.


English interiors are more floral and often more feminine than other European styles, using light colors.

Colorful Photos of Living Room Decor2014


When it comes to the living room, you're decorating a room designed for family, friends, comfort and enjoyment. Choose cheerful colors that reflect your personality and create a space you love to be in. Check out these pictures for inspiration.


Bright green is used often these days, so it's very contemporary. Also, it pairs well with neutrals and deep browns.

In a small space like an apartment, a pale color opens everything up.

Turquoise looks great with bold jewel tones and a modern design, but this particular shade isn't  ideal for a traditional one.

If you're using bright, bold accessories like these orange chairs and and black sofa, white walls don't look boring.

This deep orange works because of the netural sofa and the wooden table and chairs. Spruce it up even more with wall art and accessories.

Christmas Decorating Home Tour


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November and December is the time of year for holiday decorating. Granted, not everyone celebrates Christmas, but for those of us who do, putting up decorations keeps our family traditions alive and it brightens our homes during the shortest days - and darkest months - of the year. But what if you're trying to sell your home during the holidays? Do you still put up decorations and lights? Absolutely! But keep from going overboard with these few tips for celebrating the holidays while selling your home.
1. Go Light on the Lights. Putting up fewer lights inside and out lets potential buyers see how simpler lighting is still beautiful. First-time buyers will see just how easy it is to start off their decorating on a starter-home budget. They can use their imagination to figure out ways of adding on to their holiday decorations as they live in the house from one year to the next.
2. Keep Decorations Generic and Minimal. Both indoor and outdoor decorations should be kept simple. The fewer the decorations, the better. For one thing, generic and minimal decorations keep your home's lawn and interior from appearing too cluttered. As with any good staging, the simplified decorating scheme allows potential buyers to imagine their own decorations in the house. Minimal decorating (like removing personal photos and items such as that) also keeps your personal tastes out of the equation.
3. Fill Your Home with Christmas Scents. Most TV real estate shows have demonstrated how pleasant scents work as a selling point. If you're not a holiday baker, then find someone who is to come in and fill your house with the sweet smell of Christmas. It could be anything from apple pie to gingerbread men or snicker doodles. Or leave a pot of wassail (spiced cider) or warm water with whole spices (cinnamon sticks, candied ginger, cloves, and mace) simmering on the back burner when you know you're having an open house or when a realtor is bringing people by for tour.
What is the main reason for keeping the decorations and lighting simple when selling your house during the holidays? Un-decorating! If your simplified Christmas decorations have become the selling point for your home, you may just sell your house in a hurry. Which means you need to pack up your belongings - and your decorations - quickly, so you can get moved into your own new home. The less decorations and lights you have to remove, the better, right?
A Word of Warning:
If you live on the same street as someone who goes all-out with their decorations, you might want to hold off on selling your home until after the holidays. There are a few people in neighborhoods near mine that get so carried away with the lights and yard decorations that they draw huge numbers of light-lookers every year driving through the neighborhood.
I have to admit to being one of those who love to look at these holiday lighting masterpieces. I will also tell you up front that if I was looking for a house during the holiday season, and found a house near one of these killer kilowatt creations that I would not buy that house because of the traffic nightmare - even if I would have found it a top contender otherwise. Guaranteed there are other out there who feel the same way


Luxury Home Decorating From Women's Perspective


allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' FRAMEBORDER='0' /> allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' FRAMEBORDER='0' /> Luxury Home Decorating from Women's PerspectiveLet's face it. When we talk about home interior, then lady of the house i.e. woman of the house must get a big amount of say in it. Why?Because she has to spend much more time in home than the men in the house. This is more true when we are talking about the luxury interior. This is the topic which is discussed not only in individual homes, but also in various places outside the homes.Take any small party specially kitty party and you will observe that almost half of the conversation is about the interior of the house in which the party is being held. And the interior is discussed with great interest. Women really enjoy discussing various aspects of the home.Not only that, they also do the changes very actively. In fact, men are often reluctant in doing any changes to the existing setup or arrangement. But that's not the case with the women. They are so enthusiastic about all things of their homes, including interior decoration & designing. Most women love the idea of home decorating.And they do verbalize their ideas,too. So many tips & tricks & ideas are passed among every member present that one can simply take those and write a book about it.Are the affluent women any different than other when it comes to luxury decor of their homes? The answer to this question is Yes & No. Yes because basics are same. That means the above discussed things are really true of any women including affluent women. Means they love talking or showing of their homes, they love to make the changes in their homes. The idea of getting rid of the old things and bringing in the new ones gets women all excited.No - because here comes the question of investment, style & mind set. Normally luxury interior needs good amount of investment. The women who want to have the best looks for their homes spare no efforts in getting that. They are ready to spend large amount of money in getting what they want. In fact, we have seen our clients are ready to go distances - with their wives - to get some part of furniture or carpet or wall decor. So that it will make their home look complete.These women wants to get fresh & new feelings about their homes every now & then. That's the reason home renovation is a booming business in India. We see so many clients every month who wants to get their homes renovated. And almost every time the influence is of the woman in the house behind the decision.And I may be biased here, but I feel that women do have that knack or the sixth sense when it comes to designing their homes luxuriously.We are going to discuss various things regarding your luxury home decor in the coming articles. Till then...Have a nice home... Vikas Bhujbal - Mumbai based Interior Designer & Decorator Vikas owns Idea Inc.-A Mumbai based interior designer firm. Since last many years he helps his clients in living in their dream home. He does this through personalized creative ideas. His specialty is Environmental Architecture or Green Architecture. Want to hire the designer who is reliable, then Vikas is the one to go to. His services includes - residential as well as commercial interior projects.[...]

Living Room Furniture Decoration Tips


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In the contemporary age, the homeowners are very conscious to decorate their homes especially their living rooms in the most luxurious style by getting help of an interior designer. The professional interior designers help you to décor your home in the unique style, which is not so conventional or boring.
There are many tips for decorating living rooms with contemporary furniture and you should follow such useful and innovative tips for your room décor. You should choose all colours of your decorative items with perfect blend of shades, which coordinate with other living room items so that there will be a complete harmony of all contemporary furniture items, curtains, bed sheets and other decorative items.
You should follow a perfect colour scheme according to the modern trends, having perfect blend of all bright and dull shades like yellow and purple, black or white and red, orange, or yellow etc. you may choose some stylish upholstery patterns or striped sofa with floral rugs or carpets in the room.
You shouldn't need to use excessive photographs of your family in living rooms, always try to use contemporary frames and places, which give fantastic contemporary touches to your room décor. You may choose a variety of contemporary furniture for your room, manufactured by different kinds of materials like glass, chrome, leather, stainless steel, wood and platinum.
You can coordinate few antique pieces with your contemporary decorative items. Never overload your living rooms with excess furniture if you like to have spacious rooms where you may get relaxation easily. If you have naughty kids, who visit the living room regularly, and you want to protect your precious contemporary furniture from any kind of damages, so try to use durable products of branded furniture manufacturers.
Always try to use contemporary design, having all bold, unconventional and sleek shapes, which enhance appearance of your living room so attractively. The main features of contemporary furniture are distinguished so prominently like its clean edges, soft upholstery, bright colors of couches and other items. There are varieties of different outstanding and innovative contemporary living rooms, which are manufactured by different reputable manufacturers and designers.

White Coats and Cancer Research...


They say a bad apple don’t fall far from the tree as a way of explaining away the behaviour of an individual, but is every seed within that apple bad as well? My day today has been built up of questions and more question. I was lucky enough to take a tour round the ICU on Fulham road. Breakthrough breast cancer had invited me last year to tour this cancer research facility. The minute they mentioned laboratory and tour they caught my attention. And I would recommend/encourage everyone to take up the chance if offered.When I arrived there were several people I recognised from when I did the Westminster Fly in a year ago, so I did not feel like a Billy-no-mates. I listened intently to the introduction with every bit of information projected onto a white wall. At the end the man who had outlined statistics and aims of ICU and Breakthrough asked if anyone had any questions. I for once remained silent whilst one young woman asked the one and only question to do with the 40 year generation study program currently running. My soul aim of being there was to speak to the Lab technicians. As we were all gathered into our relevant groups (mine was the black group ha-ha!) and each group taken to their relevant starting point of their tour I began to get all excited because now I was in an environment where I could finally clear some of the if’s, what’s and why’s up.  I was one of only a few who was still on treatment for cancer, and I had been festering on knitty, gritty details for too long. Now don’t get me wrong they cannot diagnose and dissect my case, but I can throw questions like no other when I get going. First stop was to see fruit flies in test tubes. Why fruit flies? Well they have a shorter life span which means there cells are on a faster growth rate. What have fruit flies got to do with cancer? Well flies cells can be manipulated to get a form of cancer, but because they have a simpler and faster cell growth they can use what results they achieve and compare them too certain mammal cells. To sum it up on how I understand science. All life starts from one point and that is one cell. By manipulating that cell whether it be a fly or mammal cell its aims remain the same until its instructions for whatever reason mutate. Looking at how they change eye colour and size of eyes by stopping certain receptors within a cell down a microscope was fascinating for me. Sorry guys I worked in a museum and I was just as enthusiastic when fresh discoveries were brought in.Second stop off point got even more interesting because we were discussing cancer cells and how they were researching blockers. They mark each cell from nucleus out and monitor its behaviour comparing notes continually with labs that have the same batch of cancer cells growing. They were closely monitoring in particular metastatic cancer cells because these cells cancer adapt from breast to liver or lung, not all cancer cells can do this. My questioning was focused on the diabetic type two debate and whether there was a connection? They spoke of how they used glucose to grow cancer cells, so it was only a matter of time before I asked. Anyone who has followed my blog would understand my interest because I am type 2. The reply I received was well we are in the middle of the 40 year generation program which is looking at genetic, environment impact and it’s implication on breast cancer. From listening to the lab technicians I came to the conclusion that until the 40 years is up there is no answer only what if’s. Then I asked is there any way I could donate my cells to the ICU lab? They said that everyone goes to one source for samples which makes it easier to compare with other lab results on that particular batch.Our third stop off point was to explain how cancer cells spread.  By using healthy cells that create veins l[...]

Florence Nightingale We Need You!


Are we so surprized that Colchester NHS is under fire on cancer patient care. Well I am not after what I have gone through as a cancer patient in London. On Thursday gone I was invited to the Imperial College, South Kensington to discuss patient care and how it should be improved. The whole experience of cancer patient care was a hot topic, but truth be known I did not know how bad it was until that day. The fact only 20 people turned up were an insult to the student doctor who arranged it, but the other two speakers who were a consultant and a Macmillan nurse made it an interesting two hours.The statistics for London are little to be desired. London has the poorest outcomes of treatment and aftercare in the UK compared to surrounding areas in the UK. The questions amongst medical staffs at that talk was, is there serious room for improvement, and how? How can we change attitudes and improve patient cancer care?I said it all boils down to communication breakdown. The conveyor belt of patients’ means emotional support breakdowns as well as cultural attitudes are invading hospitals. The prime proof is look at public transport in London. You walk on a bus up north you say good morning you are greeted with a smile even a reply. If you say good morning down south to a bus driver he keeps his head straight ahead with zero emotion. This exact same attitude is mimicked within hospitals in London.I said you cannot expect perfection where treatment is concerned, but a warm bedside manner is the beginning of a patients’ experience. When you approach a patient’s bed without a smile and an understanding ear they think you don’t care, so they don’t care and they treat nursing staff likewise which means the attitudes on that ward fall. Treatment takes a dip because no-one takes their time because the job becomes a chore rather than about saving lives. Hospital staffs feel they are under appreciated and patients feel neglected/ignored and trust between patient and doctor is broken. There is no pride in London hospitals only number crunching and the pressure to move the patient on.To create a coherent harmony within NHS hospitals we most start communicating across the board starting with a warm smile which helps with building trust.  Not only that, but when you mess up apologise. I have not received one apology over the treatment I received. The only option I was given was to complain to PAL. The consultant speaking at this talk said how long do you think it will take to make the changes needed to improve patient care. A student doctor replied six months. She explained she would not have a job if it was six months and it would take three years just to see improvements in the NHS on cancer patient care. It all fell on whether the consultants, nurses, doctors, cleaners, porters and receptionists were willing to make that change.I tried to explain to these young doctors that they can remain being sheep by aspiring to be those consultants that don’t care about quality of care.  Or make a change…You see it is not the National Health Service that is at fault, it all falls on the individuals that represent the NHS. If Florence Nightingale was alive today I wonder what changes she would make.[...]

West Siders Hear About Future Direction of New Development In City


Reaction was generally positive on the west side at the second of the Zone SJ open houses to let Saint Johnners know what the city wants to do with future development over the next generation. 

West side Common Councillor Bill Farren tells CHSJ News he has heard from people in South Bay who are worried growth in their part of the city will be stymied under the new regulations. 

The meeting also heard a warning about having too much intensive development in the area around Quinton Heights because it might disrupt the existing stability of the land and cause problems for existing homeowners. 

The city was also urged to implement incentives like tax deferral to offset the upfront costs of redeveloping older buildings which can be steep.

Another open house will be held tonight at Lorne Middle School with the final one at Simonds High tomorrow night. They start at 5:30 with presentations at 6.

Winner Announced In Hospital Home Lottery


Give Sarah Jacquard of Saint John a hearty congratulations next time you see her -- she has won the Grand Prize showhome as part of the Hospital Home Lottery.
The home is located on Crosswind Crescent in Rothesay and is valued at 750-thousand dollars.
Other big winners are Stephen Delaney of Quispamsis who won the early bird prize which is either the Mercedes Benz roadster or 60 thousand dollars in cash and Ann Lockhart who won the 50/50 cash prize of almost 195 thousand dollars.

The proceeds from this year's draw went towards the Saint John Hospital Foundation, the New Brunswick Health Centre, and Mindcare New Brunswick
The lottery was completely sold out this year and the list of all the winners will be released on November 30th.

Are Fake Cabs Trying To Abduct Women In Saint John?


You might have heard stories on social media about would-be abductors trying to lure women in vans or even fake taxis.

CHSJ News asked Police Chief Bill Reid once and for all what the truth is, and he wants Saint Johners to know there have been no such cases. Rather, he says it's a matter of something as simple as someone in a vehicle making a comment to a pedestrian that gets exaggerated and blown into something it isn't online.

The Chief says while some people find it interesting to speculate about crimes online after listening to the scanner, they actually end up wasting police time as the police then have to try to correct the misinformation.

Former CN Employee Raises Rail Safety Concerns


A former machinist with the Canadian National Railway Company expressing his concerns to town council about inspection standards for our railways.

Quispamsis resident Bernard Beukeveld tells CHSJ News they should be inspected to the highest standards since hazardous materials are coming through our communities, but says they are currently only meeting the minimum requirements.

Beukeveld says train derailments like the deadly disaster in Lac-Megantic this summer, and the recent incident West of Edmonton, should be a wake-up call to cities and towns.

Deputy Mayor Libby O'Hara telling Beukeveld she shares his concerns. Council passing a motion to have a Table Top Emergency exercise to evaluate the response capability of the town to a rail incident next year.

Alward Government Announces Plans For 2014


Anti-shale gas development protests happening outside of the opening session of the legislature as the government announce their plans for next year.

Lieutenant Governor Graydon Nicholas says the Energy East pipeline project is a once in a generation opportunity and will improve the retain and return our workers. Nicholas says as TransCanada moves forward, the government will keep working with communities in New Brunswick.

He says the project will improve the quality of life for all New Brunswickers, including First Nations people.

Nicholas also touching on health in the province...saying it's no secret that we are facing serious wellness challenges in the province and more emphasis on community and home-based care is needed...he says the final touches are being put on a new home-first strategy.

Schofield Pleads Guilty In Court


(image) 44-year-old Brian Schofield pleading guilty to 2 counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

The Public Landing resident had a half pound of marijuana, 3 cell phones, 136 meth pills, a Bacchus patch, brass knuckles when he was arrested as part of Operational J-Turmoil in August.

The crown described Schofield's operation as mid-level, while the defence stated he was simply giving pills and marijuana to friends.

The court heard he was buying meth pills in Moncton and then bringing them to Saint John and more information is expected to be given when he reappears in court on December 13.

Former Bacchus member Ryan Wallace also pleading guilty to possession of a firearm he wasn't licensed to own.   

Judge Henrik Tonning pointed out he didn't disrupt the public peace because he wielded the gun to defend his property from intruders...and when he realized it was the police he put it away. 

28 year old Lia Olde Damink also charged in that bust will also appear in court on in the spring. 

She's also charged with stealing medical supplies from her job at the Regional Hospital.

The Poppy Campaign Supports Vets, Students and More


While you may be on our your 2nd, 3rd or 4th poppy this year, no one ever seems to mind because of the cause. 

Proceeds donated for poppies every year go towards the needs of veterans and to pay for the Remembrance Day poem and essay contests and a whole lot more.

District Commander for the Saint John Legions Larry Lynch tells CHSJ News the poppy campaign year ends on September 30th.

He says any money left over can be used strictly for things like donations to charities and in the past they have donated to the Bobby's House hospice and to prostate and breast cancer research.

Lynch says the farther we get from the Great Wars and the Korean War..the more important it is to remember all vets including the most recent ones from Afghanistan.

Liberals Skeptical Of Tory Promises To Create Jobs, Grow Economy


Liberal Leader Brian Gallant saying the Alward government is going to use the upcoming session for political strategies.

He tells CHSJ News this means instead of trying to create jobs, and grow the economy...the government will focus on how to win the next election.

He says we'll see a lot of excuses as to why nothing has happened on the job front and social services over the past three years.

Gallant says the the Liberals want to see the economy at the forefront during the session.

Police Save A Man's Life in Champlain Heights


A dramatic scene in Champlain Heights this morning with City police officers saving the life of a man.

Officers got a call about a man with some issues and the officers located him in woods behind homes on Sherwood Drive.

The man was standing on a fort with a rope around his neck.    He jumped and when he did an officer caught him.

He was resuscitated by paramedics and taken to hospital.

Two Teens Face Trafficking Charges


City police arresting two teens for drug trafficking and possession near Simonds High.

Sgt. Jay Henderson says just after 10am yesterday (Mon.) police got a call about students with some pot.

He says officers found a group of men behind the Stu Hurley area.    Two of the men were found in possession of marijuana.

The teens also had drug trafficking paraphernalia on them.  

They are both facing criminal charges of possession and trafficking.  

Both have been released and are due before a judge at a later date.

Local Senator Opposes His Own Party


Rothesay Senator John Wallace arguing against his own party's motion in the Senate to limit debate on whether to suspend Senators Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau. 

The motion passed, nonetheless, meaning there will be a final vote today.

Wallace along with his fellow Conservative Senators Hugh Segal and Nancy Ruth voted against. Wallace telling the Senate, limiting debate “would be a serious and significant shortcoming of natural justice”.

Wallace, Segal and Ruth argue cutting off debate would not afford the three senators at the heart of the spending scandal the opportunity to adequately defend themselves.

Disturbance At Uptown Subway


City Police responding early this morning to a report of a disturbance taking place at the Subway on King Street. There was some damage caused and a 35 year old man was arrested. 

He is looking at a number of charges which will include assault with a weapon and uttering threats. No one sustained any injuries.

Meantime, no one was injured in a single vehicle crash at Hammond River. Rothesay Regional Police say a woman will be facing a charge of impaired driving.

Toxic Chemical Released Into Bay


NB Power is reporting there was the release of light water from a valve on the non-nuclear side of the Point Lepreau plant into the Bay of Fundy Sunday which contained a toxic chemical known as hydrazine. 

NB Power says the levels of that substance were below federally recommended guidelines, above which, marine life and the ecosystem could be affected. 

More testing was done yesterday. NB Power is reporting the level had dissipated to the point where the chemical could not be detected in the Bay. 

Hydrazine is used to help maintain the safety of the steam generators at the nuclear power station.

Police Do Not Suspect Foul Play In Teen's Death


Foul play is not suspected in the death of 19 year old Gen Cormier.

Police tell CHSJ News they are waiting for the pathologist's report to confirm this.

She went missing in late September and her body was found over the weekend in Redhead.

A funeral for Cormier will be held on Friday at Assumption parish on the West side at noon.

Bacchus President To Be Sentenced


A sentencing hearing is scheduled tomorrow for the President of the Saint John Bacchus Motorcycle Club.

44-year-old, Brian Schofield of Public Landing and five others were arrested after a regonial drug bust in August.

Police seized meth, pot, pills, guns, brass knuckles and four grand in cash. The bust following a six-month investigation involving four local police agencies.

Schofield plead guilty earlier to possession for the purpose of trafficking.

A former Bacchus member, 39-year-old Ryan Wallace of Kingston, is also due in court tomorrow. He's facing drug charges that include possession and trafficking, along with having two unlicensed rifles.

Police Arrest Three In Credit Card Scam


City police arresting two men and one woman relating to a scam that is separating Saint Johners from  their money.

The 3 people were arrested at a local motel on Friday and police believe they are part of a large operation involving pre-paid credit cards.

Sgt. Jay Henderson of the City police says officers conducted searchs at a motel and in a vehicle belonging to them.

He it's believed the value of the fraudulent transactions in Saint John alone is approximately $16,000.

All three are being held in custody before court appearances.

Universal Drug Coverage On Legislature Agenda


The upcoming Legislative session which opens tomorrow afternoon could be raucous with the state of the economy, shale gas and a provincial election in less than a year. 

A universal prescription drug plan is expected to be unveiled. Fundy-River Valley independent M-L-A Dr. Jim Parrot tells CHSJ News expensive drugs for catastrophic illness should be included but we should be thinking outside the box.

He says we should try to make a deal with the Fed and another Medical Societies in the country to create a national system so no one has to go it alone.

Dr. Parrot goes so far as to say the survival of Medicare depends on getting this right.

Smoke Near McEsso From A Campfire



You may have seen a lot of smoke in the air near the McEsso in Quispamsis on Sunday afternoon and thought there was a big fire burning but such did not turn out to be the case.

K-V Fire telling us the smoke came from a campfire that had been lit by a group of young people.

VIDEO: Cute Kids, Cutting-Edge Drama, And Classic Lit At SJTC In 2013-14


allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' FRAMEBORDER='0' />
The Saint John Theatre Company officially launched its 2013-2014 season this morning, citing the improved economic outlook in Saint John as a positive thing for arts and culture. The crowd, which included Mayor Mel Norton and Tourism and Culture Minister Trevor Holder, got a taste of the November 14-17 production  of "Annie" as star Emma Weagel sang the iconic song "Tomorrow". 

Stephen Tobias of the Theatre Company tells CHSJ New they've been blow away by the response to the upcoming production of "Annie", which is poised to break records for ticket sales.

Also coming up in main stage productions: a new drama called Red, and an adaptation of the classic novel Pride and Prejudice in spring 2014. 

Man Takes Pic In Ladies Washroom


City police are looking for a man who came into the Tim's on Landsdowne Avenue last night and took a picture of woman using the ladies's washroom.

It happened just after 830 last night.

Sgt. Jay Henderson of the City police telling CHSJ News the man went in the ladies washroom and using a cellphone type device took  the picture of a woman in a bathroom stall.

The man is described as 17 years old, about 5 foot 10, thin with fair skin wearing an
army green jacket, black jeans, black shoes with a white stripe and a black and red hat with a red beak.

The patrol division of the SJPF is looking into the incident.

The Port City's Santa Claus Parade Draws Closer


Start staking out a good viewing spot and find the kids warm boots, hats and gloves for the 61st annual Saint John Santa Claus Parade on November 16th.

Leslie Keating of Uptown Saint John tells CHSJ News this year's parade is the 61st edition and they are always impressed by the numbers of entries which usually averages at 70.

Keating says if you have any questions and want to take part give them a call at  633-9797 or visit their website by clicking here

This year's theme is the 12 days of Christmas and groups and organizations that want to submit a float need to complete an entry form by Friday.

Hospital Home Lottery Nearly Sold Out


The Hospital Home Lottery is over 90 per cent sold. 

The Regional Hospital Foundation letting us know the 50/50 jackpot is over 420 thousand dollars. 

The winner will get to keep half of that.

Kane's Corner Still Tricky To Navigate


A woman misses the road closed sign at Kane's Corner and winds up where she doesn't want to be along the railway tracks.

Construction of New Y Slated For Spring


Construction of a new $22 million Y in the North end will start when the weather warms up. 

That's according to Saint John MP, Rodney Weston, who says the plan is to break ground in late March or early April. Building a new facility was one of the priorities Weston laid out during the last election campaign, and he tells CHSJ News the project is getting to a critical stage with less than six months until they break ground.

The next phase of the project is construction documents.

The layout of the Y in the Crescent Valley neighbourhood was announced last summer, and will include an indoor walking track, three pools and a day care. Weston says he and MP Trevor Holder have been working on getting contributions from the two levels of government to help fund the new 70,000 square foot facility.

Conservative Senators Under the Gun


Prime Minister Harper is said to be exerting pressure on Conservative Senators to vote in favour of suspending Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau.

Political Scientist Don Desserud who's in favour of reforming the Senate, tells CHSJ News getting rid of the Senate entirely may not turn out to be the best thing for our democracy because its abolition would leave even more power in the hands of a Prime Minister. He argues there has to be some body in place as a check against unbridled power wielded by the party that controls Parliament.

Desserud maintains electing Senators would give them more independence from the Prime Minister who appointed them.

Senate To Vote On Duffy, Wallin And Brazeau


The Senate is expected to vote this week, perhaps as early as tomorrow, on the fates of Senators Pamela Wallin, Mike Duffy and Patrick Brazeau. 

Polls indicate more people are believing Duffy's version of what transpired than the Prime Minister with a large percentage believing neither. New Brunswick born Senator Jim Munson tells CHSJ News it's difficult to say who's telling the truth but says it's all politics now.

A top federal cabinet minister Jason Kenny is defending  Nigel Wright as a man of “strong ethical character,” even as the Prime Minister last week told Parliament his former chief of staff is the sole person responsible for “this deception.”

Need Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Los Angeles?


The freedom and mobility of a bike is something that cannot be beat when it comes to the amount of traffic that inhabits the greater Los Angeles area. For all of the upsides that riding a motorcycle has there is one big draw back, almost zero protection from any car that motorcycle drivers have to share the road with.
Many people like to consider a motorcyclist as a daredevil with little care for the rules of the road. Essentially, motorcyclist, are looked at as adrenaline junkies that swerve in and out of traffic, therefore when they are involved in an accident one’s first reaction is to blame the motorcyclist. It is because of this assumption that so many make that makes it of vital importance to always have the best motorcycle accident attorney backing you up. Arash Law has the experience necessary to take on any case involving motorcycle accidents and are always willing to go that extra mile for their clients.
A few things to keep in mind whenever anyone is involved in a motorcycle accident is to not speak with the other persons insurance with out the presence of an

.The reason for this is that they are not on the side of the motorcyclist and will try to find a way to hold them liable for the accident. Also, riding a motorcycle gives very little protection when involved in an accident. By being so exposed a motorcyclist can be severely injured. Arsha Law is able to help their clients get the best medical services available not mattering the clients insurance situation.
Being safe on the road is not just the responsibility of motorcycle riders but of everyone that shares the road. Though there are a few things that can help motorcyclist be safer when on the road; always follow the rules of the road such as speed limits, wear proper riding gear, never stay in someones blind spot, and always have the information for an experienced motorcycle accident attorney handy.

home furnishings


If you're planning to obtain new furniture for the recently built home or wish to alter the old furniture and obtain brand new one then rustic home decorating could possibly be the right choice. If you wish to give your house a rustic feels and appear then you definitely should certainly buy rustic furniture for your house. You ought to be careful in choosing the best theme of your property, the furnishings should complement the inside adornments and fresh paint of the home, if it doesn't matches it can give a really untidy turn to your house. This is actually the situation with any type of furniture you choose for your house it will blend using the interior of your house.home furnishingsRustic furniture provides a natural look and old styled. Rustic decorating will come in complete household furniture requirement which begins from bed room you will find a complete rustic bed room set for example beds and side tables, cabinets and dressing tables. Complete match of rustic furniture inside your bed room will appear more appealing as opposed to just getting a mattress of rustic style along with other furniture of various style. The bed room set is going to be of the identical look if you purchase in rustic style.Not just rustic furnishings are for sale to sleeping rooms but in addition for complete home decorating. It is simple to find chairs and tables which might be made from wood or steel getting a rustic like feel and look. You will find sofa sets and dining room table set also produced in rustic theme. This rustic furniture theme within your house can give a distinctive style to your house and rustic furniture provides a very comfortable turn to the atmosphere.Not solve these questions . use rustic decorating in your house in city, but additionally you can use it in bungalows, farm house, Lake House or perhaps in the out house of your house. Typically rustic furniture style has developed from all of these places as with days of old people use to reside in bungalows and also you often see in old movies that rustic furnishings are used throughout.To possess rustic home decorating throughout your house will elevate the appearance and luxury level of your house. You have to be character loving person to love rustic furniture and several everyone loves the nation feel within their home.Rustic furnishings are extremely popular nowadays and these come in furniture stores and marketplaces easily. You'll find different types and designs in rustic look they'll vary in prices because it is dependent from where you stand purchasing the furnishings. You'll find rustic furniture on the internet on online retailers and here you will probably find many types which you might not find on the market.Even when you can't discover the your choice you'll be able to will also get them made on order, you may also design and guide the one who makes on order in your style which may be more appropriate.home furnishingsHouse proprietors nowadays have moved focus for an brand new idea of home decorating. Popular trends home based decorating inclu[...]

Modern Bathroom Accessories


Create your own stylish bathroom with outflank bathroom vanity set. It is very easy now-a-days as you can even mix and match the pieces and components to make your bathroom trendier. Have an opulent bath with modern bathroom vanity set in your bathing room. These vanity sets come with many designs which ranges from Old Italian style to traditional design to modern classy themes.Bathroom is the place which sees your wear and tear. So it is well to remodel your old bathroom with new fresh vanity set. There are many varieties of single and double bathroom vanities with remarkable designs and styles. It is very hard to select the model as each one has its own uniqueness with perfect finishing. You can find all ranges from modern bathroom vanities to traditional vanities, glass vanities to sleek models which fit to all kind of bathroom. Modern double bathroom vanity is also comes with wonderful design. There are huge number of varieties in modern bathroom vanity set like Caesar Picasso Wenge Vanity, Calida bathroom Vanity Set, ebony bathroom vanity set, Wenge Contemporary Vanity Set and many more. Most of the vanity sets comes with contemporary design and also with a separate cabinet for medicine.This is a good time to remodel your kitchen and bathroom as it allows you to feel the pleasure and also has a good resale value.The modern appliances like apron sink will actually add look to your kitchen and it will stand for years. The modern double bathroom vanity set plays a vital role in your bathroom as it not only gives a stylish look but also it's a better way of investment. These materials come with new design, with different shapes and also size. Modern bathroom appliances are very easy to fit in your bathroom and also come with different prices range. These vanities set hits with variety of cabinet colors because each piece is hand-crafted and polished off. Some natural stones are also included to create innovative styles which guarantee perfect shading and shaping.Bathroom Vanity UnitsFor over 50 years, people have been incorporating bathroom vanity units into their ever-changing bathrooms worldwide. It is for this reason that vanities are available in so many different shapes, sizes and colors. Even texture and material can come into play. These days, vanity's come in a wide array of sizes to fit the needs of most every bathroom.For larger bathrooms, perhaps a double sink vanity would suit you best. Double sinks are great for couples and larger families who have enough room and resources to add a second sink. Double sink bathrooms can offer a sense of elegance and with many discount vanity suppliers out there you don't necessarily have to break the bank to find the best double sink for your bathroom.Bathroom vanities also come in sizes much smaller than the double sink option, if you have limited space or want to create a more "cozy" bathroom feel, perhaps a corner vanity unit would best suit you. Corner units are available in many different sizes, shapes and colors. And can range in price fro[...]

Vintage Style Home Decoration


The most important thing about vintage style home decoration is to find a great source. You'll need to find your local antique store, thrift shop, vintage store, flea market or car boot sale, try them all out and start hunting for unique vintage furnishings.Remember to be patient when you are looking for things, and choose only quality items that will suit the look you are going for. Take a list with you of items you might want in your home, like a classic vintage chair or an antique mirror, then search hard for these items. Try to stick to the list, and really think through every item before purchasing, it's easy to get carried away when you are shopping for vintage.When you are styling your home, you can either opt for a shabby chic look which is a mix of modern and vintage, or you can choose all vintage pieces, but edit them by hand to bring them up to date. Or you can simply choose to have a few vintage pieces to make a very eclectic looking home.There are several key items that anyone wishing to start vintage styling their home should keep their eye out for:- Chairs & SofasThese are the most practical items you could purchase, and they are very easy to update with a little polish, paint or re-upholster. Elegant french chairs give bedrooms a sexy update, 60s bubble chairs make childrens bedrooms a fun place, and thrift highchairs look great in any kitchen.- Thrift FurnitureMake sure you go to your local garage sales and flea markets for some cheap vintage furnishings. Always check the quality of the items before buying, and visualise exactly where and how it would fit in your home. Keep your eye out for rare items with great detailing and craftsmanship that you wouldn't be able to find at your nearest Home Depot store.- Cushions & Vintage BeddingAn item that will instantly give your house that vintage feel is some antique cushions. Comfortable, homemade, embroidered cushions on every surface will make any house feel more homely. Vintage eiderdowns and throws can give a quaint, chintzy update to a bedroom. Keep an eye out for great colors and fabrics that will best reflect your home style personality.- Crockery & GlassYou can never have too much vintage glassware or tins, as they really give off a great antique vibe and aren't usually too expensive. Crockery, especially blue and white, is another fabulous addition to the kitchen table, that looks beautiful and will be timeless. Choose high quality glass and ceramic vintage items, as these will be valuable but not extortionate.When you are piecing all of these items together, remember to keep it simple. Don't overcrowd your space with too many items, or you run the risk of your house looking museum like or dowdy. Instead, choose specific items that will enhance your home, and keep the space fresh with light colors that will make every room feel spacious and classic.To give a bedroom a touch of vintage style:Start by painting it white, then add a great bed frame and mattress, a great bed cover and loads of cushion[...]

Home Decorating Ideas


Decorating a home interior that reflects the feeling of ultimate comfort and elegance can be a daunting task for many of us. There are so many things to take into account and quite a number of home interior decoration ideas that you can adopt to transform your home into the most comfortable and stylish place. But many people get confused as they do not know where to start, one option is to hire a professional interior decorator and save yourself from all the possible hassle and botheration.But many of us prefer to decorate their home on their own so that they can enjoy that fun of imprinting their own personality into their home redesigning. In this regard, lots of Dallas furniture stores provide home planners to their customers to help them in revamping their home interior into different themes. As home is a reflection of your personality and without that personal touch even the most ideal arrangement in the world can go wrong. it is of utmost importance to spare some time thinking about the comfort, practicality , security and atmosphere when opting for home decoration. You have to make a general plan before you begin the task of remodeling for this you can also take help from these room planners provided by furniture stores Dallas.Here are some suggestions for a homeowner that he should take into account before opting for this project.Set your budget firstDo you want to decorate your entire house or just one room?What will be the purpose of different rooms?Who will use the rooms?How much storage space you will need in your house?The type of impression you want to createSpecific theme you want to introduceThink about your personal style that you will give into your interiorYou want to go for a low maintenance decor or you can handle a high maintenance decorYou want to make special arrangements to take special care for your children or petsWhether you are planning reorganize or recycle old furniture or you want to purchase new furnitureIf you have gathered books, musical apparatus, adornments, beautiful stones, shells, crystal ware and such other things then think how and where will you showcase them to look great.[...]

She's is Paint C Out!


Gosh! I’ve gone from one post a month to three in a matter of weeks things must be juicing up, so here is the latest on Paint C Out! and myself. Yesterday I went for a routine check on my imposter with the plastic surgeon. After a quick examination on my imposter they agreed the radiotherapy has created capsulation. Capsulation is where the tissue around the implant starts to reject the implant and creates scarring surrounding it. My imposter has started to throb, which is what happened last time and it ended up it being removed and cleaned up. Then we went onto discussing both breasts and we came to the decision that I could have the remaining right breast removed and reconstructed. The plastic surgeon said we could remove the implant and use stomach fat etc which means there would be no rejection. I’m not asking to be like Katie Price, I just want normal sized breasts for my frame this is a A/B cup nothing more.  For the ball to get rolling I first have to sit down and talk with my oncology team at the Royal Marsden. From there I may need a referral from my GP, but the plastic surgeon said it will not be an issue.  The fact I had already been through so much with my right breast it is all about peace of mind. I explained I had asked before about removal just after the last lumpectomy and starting the Chemotherapy, but my concerns were brushed aside.  He explained with so many women coming forward with the BRCA gene and requesting mastectomy’s etc they had to change their opinion. The fact my cancer had reached stage three of cause I would want my other breast removed just to try stop that fear. I said well they can’t say I have not tried to not go down this route, but I’ve realised it’s my family that is suffering with all these biopsies no one else.As for Paint C Out!Well I’m attempting to sell our story to raise money for canvases, paints and a new camera. All what I have done so far I have funded out of my pocket and I’m determined to raise this projects profile. I know this has a good positive on a bad negative journey so why not share. Here is the outline I sent:When my 6 year old daughter saw my mastectomy scar for the first time in 2010, she said mummy I hope I don’t get breast cancer. She did not fear cancer, but the scars that were clearly visible.I knew somehow I had to get my daughter into a pro-active way of thinking, where cancer was not the soul topic in our home. I am a Yorkshire woman who strongly believes a foundation building confidence can replace fear. I started to research on the internet events that were free in London. I moved to London in 2007 and we live just off the central line, so central London is not far away. I stumbled on a webpage that was promoting red carpet events. I thought ok that is what we need a hobby. Red carpet events are exciting for a child because they get to meet stars off the big screen and chat to them, also being a Yorkshire woman it cost[...]

Home for Christmas Best Sellers


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Home for Christmas by Angel Records
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Home for Christmas Features . 2012 holiday release. Sure to become a must-have gift item, Home for Christmas features the celestial voices of Chlo‰ Agnew, Lisa Lambe, and M‚av N¡ Mhaolchatha along with dynamic inventiveness from Celtic Violinist M ir‚ad Nesbitt. This is the all-female Irish music ensemble's second Christmas album and features such holiday favorites as 'Winter Wonderland,' 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' and the Christmas classic 'Silent Night'. Its first, the platinum-selling A Christmas Celebration, featured songs from Celtic Woman's PBS special and is a perennial holiday favorite and stocking-stuffer.

Celebrity Home Break-Ins


Despite large security teams and sky-high gates, these stars aren't necessarily safe from burglary.
Michael Buble and Luisiana Lopilato
You know how people say there's always one thing that goes wrong on your wedding day? Well, we're pretty sure they mean rain or wardrobe malfunctions, not robbery. Michael Buble was saying his vows in Buenos Aires when some thieves were covering up his home's security cameras and disconnecting his alarm system. When told about the crime, Buble said: "I will not let this ruin the happiest day of my life." (image)  
50 Cent
Two men entered 50 cent's 52-room mansion in Connecticut through an unlocked door and tried to have a party in the rapper's home. Seriously. After security guards saw a suspicious car in the driveway, officers arrived promptly. What did they find? One man drinking wine in a closet and the other carrying weed. 

Michael Buble’s Home Robbed during Wedding


As Canadian crooner Michael Bublé was tying the knot with Argentinean actress Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre, burglars were invading their home, BONOHUR reported.

The intruders allegedly disarmed the couple's security system and covered any cameras they came across. The newlyweds were at a hotel in Maximo Paz getting ready for the wedding, and no one was hurt, according to reports.

There is still no news about what the thieves stole or how much damage was caused to the Bublé-Lopilato home.Despite the incident, the couple celebrated with more than 300 guests that day and continued the festivities through the weekend. And Lopilato didn't want anything to mess with her special day. "I will not let this ruin the happiest day of my life," she told the local media.

Lopilato wore three wedding dresses over the course of their wedding show this past weekend.
Bublè's rep told PopEater that for the ceremony, the bride wore a multi-layered gown designed by Argentinean designer Sylvie Burstin and later at the reception, changed into a Marchesa gown. The groom wore a suit by DSquared.
 The married couple's first dance was to Dean Martin's 'Everybody Loves Somebody.' Later, famous Argentinean singer Ricardo Montaner serenaded the couple, and the groom himself sang a song he wrote especially for the bride: 'Haven't Met You Yet.'

Cancer is Not a Badge


For the past month I’ve been busy so I’ve neglected my blog. The sight of a fresh lick of paint on the walls and fresh oak floor boards is priority along with painting canvas. I am in a comfortable place where I can finally feel this cancer crap is under control. I can’t explain it, but it feels like a lead weight has been lifted and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes I’m still receiving treatment, but part of me feels like saying sod the treatment you got the twat just let me get on with my life. When I look at my FB page I can see how things can so easily change and for some the battle goes on. That is way there is no room for arrogance or complacency.Once upon a time I was accused of wanting Chemotherapy for attention. The whispers of attention seeking were rife, and when I stood up for myself in a blog post it became a playground of who said what. People saying well I don’t think she had cancer in the first place, it was just DCIS really hurt. I had placed my trust in a pack of strangers and that trust had been tossed aside via gossip.  I knew at the time it was the cups of coffee syndrome where people fill in gaps with if’s and what’s. The same behaviour you face with mums competing in the school yard, but it made me evaluate who I trust. The fact I had discovered their well-meaning words were false. And they had taken my journey into a PVT box was distressing. I was accused of over reacting when I put a post-up trying to correct the whispers even threatened with legal proceedings. It did not matter that I had tried to correct gossip and innuendo from a group of women who thought they knew better. That my post was not meant to be construed as malicious or derogatory, but written out of concern or fear to whom else was involved. Out of this experience I learned a valuable lesson that cancer does not change the person, we still gossip and judge without thought.  Today I read an article that Jennifer Saunders was involved with. She was asked if she believed some people keep wearing cancer like a badge, she responded: “Forever — and I’ll give you why. Because it is the job you don’t have to work for. You suddenly get so much attention, and if you’re not used to that, I bet it can sway you a little bit.”“I’m used to it. My job gives me the attention I would otherwise crave. They must be so pissed off when their hair grows back. And you think, ‘Oh, come on, cancer is so common now’.”Now to me she was baited by the press and the press being the press knew how outspoken Jennifer is. Yes she was well aware of what she was saying, but I think she regrets her flippant reply now. The idiot that asked that question that triggered this very frank reply was probably the same press person who I saw at the Angelina Jolie premiere. The full conversation[...]

white house shooting


Dressing for Your White House Moments What do you do when a client calls and says, "I have been invited to a breakfast at the White House next week. Can you pick out some dresses for me to choose from for the big day?" That happened to me last week and after I did a happy dance and attempted some high-five selfies, I asked my client a list of questions before heading to my go to boutiques and department stores. Here are a few things to consider for your own White House Moments:1. Will the event be inside or outside?2. Are you being honored or recognized in some way?3. Does the event have a theme?4. How many people are expected to attend?5. What time of day will the event be held?Each networking function, special event or, in this case White House affair, is an opportunity for you to expand your brand to new connections and reinforce your brand to those that you know. Think about the message that you want others to take away from a chance meeting and reinforce that with your style. Every interaction is an opportunity for you to leave a lasting impression and your image is a powerful tool in your arsenal. Here are a few tips to guide you in selecting a look for everyday special occasions:Buy special occasion attire when you don't have an event to attend. You'll be less rushed and more likely to select something that fits your image and style strategy - making you look your best.Resist the temptation to use your attire to make a statement. Don't select something just to be different. Stick to what looks fantastic on you. Your image should be consistent and always polished and stylish.Dress for the climate. Since my client's event was in Washington, D.C. I checked the 10 day forecast to determine if the dress we'd selected would be appropriate and unfortunately it was predicted to be cold during her stay. Even though the dress that I selected was stunning, we selected another dress. You cannot concentrate on networking and making important connections if you are too cold or too hot.Don't choose something that is too trendy or flashy. When a special event comes up it's very easy to get caught up in the excitement and choose something "special" to make you stand out. If you've established a style in line with your brand stick to it and select classic lines and colors that can't miss.Take pictures of yourself in the outfit you choose. Whether it's at the White House or the annual office party it is likely that your photo will be taken. Make sure that your selection looks as great on film as is does in the dressing room.This was an out of this world opportunity. Having an established image and style strategy helped me stay focused on selecting items that would make my client feel confident and look spectacular. Don't wait until your big day. Take an inventory[...]

Swedish House Mafia 2013


What is Mafia WarsMafia Wars is a text based interactive game by Zynga that has taken the social networking sites by storm. The premise is to gather as many Mafia family members as possible, earn as much cash and loot as you can and level up in order to become the strongest family in New York and recently Cuba. This is achieved by doing "jobs", purchasing properties, attacking rival Mafias and defending yourself from such attacks. All of these actions give you a payday and experience points which contribute to your advancement.I personally play Mafia Wars on Facebook. I have never played such an addictive game in all my 39 years. Soon after I started playing I found myself sneaking peaks during the day to check on my cash flow, see if I've been attacked, or do a job or two. I can honestly say that not one day goes by that I do not interact with Mafia Wars. I finally decide to share my experience and knowledge of the game and perhaps gain a few more members in my Mafia crew.At the end of this article is a link to my blog for more information.Secrets and StrategyThe Larger the Mafia the BetterThe first priority of any beginner is to concentrate on growing the size of his Mafia. Mafia size is what determines your strength and the acquisition of good bonuses. It is a good idea to try to get many players who are of high rank and levels as possible to join your Mafia, but do not limit yourself to just high ranking members because even the low ranking players add to your number of Mafia members which translate to strength. Also there is your Top Mafia to consider. These are positions in your Mafia that make up the top tier of your family. You need to appoint someone from your Mafia to fill each position in order to complete a crew and in turn gain bonuses from jobs and fights. You will want to fill these positions with high ranking veteran players because they are the ones who will provide you with the best bonuses. There are six positions to fill. These are as follows with the correlating bonuses dependent upon the which Mafia member you promote to that position:Mastermind : More experience from jobs.Wheelman : Use less energy on jobsButtonman : More bonus on attacksBodyguard : More bonus on successful defenseSafecracker : More cash from fightsBagman : More cash from jobsHere are some tips on recruiting Mafia Wars family members. I have included four recruitment strategies. I'm sure there are more and I do welcome any ideas you may have, just leave a comment and perhaps I can include it in future updates. The four methods I have used are as follows:1. Invite Existing Network Friends to PlayThis is the first thing you want to do. Ask any of your friends on Facebook or whatever social site you play Mafia Wars on to join your Mafia.[...]

house design


     how Life style Has effects on Household Layout. I'm able to however hear your emergency from the pebbles drive under the auto tires connected with Grandpa's Avoid Fury at my grandparents' household within Cuyahoga Drops, Iowa. Going the way properly your house appeared to fit these people and the great-grandmother, who were located using them, and the way every thing received it is set up their apartment. For the reason that less difficult occasion houses were being smaller sized and fewer intricate, as were being your lives from the folks people households sheltered. These folks were very at ease of their modest rnch. This wasn't a new custom-built property, but it has been as opposed to from any of the some others of their town. It had been small, however roomy, and it also received personality. Understanding the Grandpa, I think he or she shopped for top level good deal on the neighborhood, however he or she also understood construction and bought herself a great constructing connected with high quality suppliesWhenever as an Builder, We started to imagine critically regarding household design and style, We thought about the way in which property was in which fit these people therefore properly. I love to believe their peaceful little homestead has been made and created with care and worth by simply someone who received a fairly good plan connected with the kind of family members that could want to live presently there. The lives will be more different and intricate at this point, as well as the design and style of our houses really should service and indicate in which.Your chances pertaining to industrial invention within household design and style nowadays tend to be unlimited - completely new supplies, items, and construction techniques tend to be continuously getting released, and completely new technology are experiencing a positive change. As opposed to nights beyond whenever historical types ruled household design and style, our own options nowadays tend to be spacious. We have been unengaged to read style, in order to develop our very own to meet our own artistic dreams.Although most of these readily available design and style instruments tend to be far too hardly ever employed to develop houses which are cast towards the lives in their masters. Instead, property owners find themselves obtaining available amid a number of floor programs designed to interest a simple market place, and having difficulties to provide this style and personality using merely paint, new carpet, and home furniture. All of us attempt to create a property "ours" using functions and beautifying and do not take into account it is your industrial design and style themselves in which delivers a residence your.All of us get r[...]

Unique Ideas for Halloween Decorations 2013


    Are you planning to organize a Halloween party in your house? If so, there are so many things to consider such as theme, menu, costume and decoration. The festive feeling only comes with proper decoration. Most of the times Halloween parties are geared for children, but teenagers and adults also enjoy such parties. In order to make sure that everybody enjoys the party it is necessary to create the right ambiance which can only be brought with the right Halloween décor. So start planning about how you will decorate your house for Halloween this year..If you are running short of ideas, going through this article will help you. Here are a few Halloween decorations ideas that you can find useful.When it comes to Halloween decoration, black and orange should be the dominating colours. You can use other bold colors like red and purple. But the right effect can be brought only when these colours are used as complementary to black and orange.Take out that plain orange table cloth. Before using it, you can fold it the manner you want to make a crease. Now you can dip dot of black ink using the crease as your guide. This will easily bring the desired effect. You should keep on doing this until you cover the entire table cloth with black dots at regular intervals. As soon as the dots are dried you can place the tablecloth on the table.Take out the candle stands and paint them with orange and black glass paint. You can try some horizontal or vertical stripes. Make sure to alternate black and orange colours while creating the stripes.Gather some glass vases. Now fill the vases with orange and black candies. Make sure to keep them in alternate orders. Continue alternating candies until the vases are full.Masks are an integral part of Halloween decorations. Decorate the room with masks of Halloween characters or famous monsters. You can also use some posters or paintings for decoration. Scary posters will be the right choice for Halloween décor.Lighting also plays a crucial role in Halloween decoration. You can create some lamp shades with black and orange handmade papers and hang them. Proper lighting is extremely important to bring the desired effect.Following these simple Halloween decorations tips will help you to decorate your house in a proper manner at this Halloween party. [...]

ganpati home decoration


     Stylize Your Home Decor With Metal Crafts Metal crafts are the most widely used form of decoration. Millions of houses can be found using metal crafts in their drawing rooms. Metal crafts and artifacts are easily available in the market. They are produced in large amounts in factories and then later shipped to different cities for sale. Metal crafts are supplied to wholesalers and large companies for export purposes also. The art of making metal crafts has been known to Indian craftsmen for almost 5000 years now. Metal crafts are made from a varied range of metals and its alloys like iron, copper, silver, bronze, white metal, wrought iron, etc. Skilled metal craftsmanship is used to make some of the finest and most stylish products of everyday use like mirrors, photo frames, vases, bowls, trays, etc.Today, prices are sky-high. Even the basic commodities cost a fortune. In such cases, how can one manage and afford expensive gold and diamond jewellery? Imitation jewellery is the answer to this question. Imitation jewellery is very cost friendly and comes in a variety of designs and patterns. There is a wide range of imitation jewellery in the market to choose from. Imitation jewellery also comes in different prices ranging from a few hundreds to many thousands. In the fashion conscious world of today, wearing the same jewellery on different occasions and clothes is a sin. To look up-to-date, one needs imitation jewellery to go with the different outfits of their wardrobes. Imitation jewellery is not just a substitute but also a better option for gold and diamond jewellery.Indian marble handicrafts are the pride of Indian craftsmen. Indian marble handicrafts come to mind as soon as one talks of original Indian craftsmanship and artifacts. Traditionally, Indian marble handicrafts are made manually by craftsmen. Indian marble handicrafts are made by carving them from a slab or piece of marble. Making Indian marble handicrafts requires great skill and dexterity. Indian marble handicrafts always remain in high demand in the local and international markets.Ganpati wall hangings are a much sought after product. Ganpati wall hangings are hung on the walls of the house, in the prayer rooms and at the main entrance. It is said that if you include a ganpati wall hanging or a murti of ganpati in your house, it brings you luck, blessings and happiness. Ganpati wall hangings are made from different materials like stone, metal, wood, etc. In some ganpati wall hangings, the figure is etched or engraved on a background, while in others it may be painted or printed on a fabric and framed later. Ganpati wall hangings are a very popul[...]

Thrifting / Afternoon Tea


My family loves tea, and we have all said that we think tea tastes better when served in a formal bone china tea cup. Although I do have a set of formal tea cups that match - I think that there is something delightful about having mismatched tea cups for a tea party. Some of you even said that you too look for tea cups when you go thrifting when you were letting me know what YOU thrift for. My goal is to build up my collection and one day host a tea party for some lady friends. So whenever I'm at Value Village I check to see if I can find a teacup that has a nice pattern, handle, and is bone china...I found the little teacup above for $5.99 and added it to my basket. The handle was a nice size (so your finger fit through it comfortably) and it was bone china. So keep your eyes open for the sweet little teacups when you visit the thrift store the next time. Here are some tea sets that have caught my eye over on Etsy.... Granted, they are typically more expensive on Etsy than if you should go into a thrift store and score one yourself, but there is a pro to being able to lie in your pajamas in bed, and sift through great photos and let someone else do the dirty work. ;)Thirfting at Value Village / Blue and White image viaAs I wrote last week, I did some shopping trips to Value Village (contest winner to be announced shortly!) and wanted to show you my finds. But I wanted to show you why I picked certain items. Today is my blue and white finds. See, I have a love affair for blue and white pottery. Here are some pictures I've saved on Pinterest have fueled my love affair. Sadly, I don't come across blue & white pottery often while thrifting. But when I do, I snatch it up. When I was hunting Value Village I came across these blue & white candlestick holders and four plates..I can't tell whether these candlesticks awesome of if they are weird. Weird? I often debate putting things back as I wander the aisles- but really, the prices at the store are always so reasonable that it's worth it to just get it and get it home to see how it looks. I'm thinking on their own they may be strange but paired with other blue & white pottery on a table, they may be beautiful. And the plates - Although they are too busy for my own daily meals, I thought for a dinner party of four, I'd take some inspiration from my pinterest board and set a table around these plates. On Etsy, I've been collecting blue & white pottery and table settings in my favourites for awhile. The ginger jars are always selling quickly but they are relatively expensive so I rarely bit fast enough to get one for myself. One day[...]

Maximize Your Interior Decorating Space With These Space-Saving Bed Designs


Home Interior Design Ideas , Vertical and functional area planning are a couple of the most unnoticed areas for most households interior design.  Think Vertical Successful space planning and also interior design needs that you simply plan in three dimensions - therefore begin taking into consideration the space over your head and even higher up on the walls. There are great functional bed linens and storage area you may use to simply dual your floor area in a master bedroom as well as its well-designed storage space. Blow-up mattresses for unexpected emergency guest rooms In case your spare areas inside your home are known for other features that you just don't wish to give up, then think about obtaining an airbed to make use of whenever having house visitors stay over. Blow-up mattresses are usually portable, blow up rapidly, and also have great support and features. You may also purchase blow-up mattresses which quickly blow up on their own from a small duffel bag. Trundle beds in interior design Trundle bedrooms are great to obtain in children bedrooms to be able to out for slumber parties and may work as a second non permanent bed if the need comes up. When not being used just slides back beneath the bed. For those who have a trundle bed then you can certainly free up more room within your storage room by removing any fold out cots or even beds. Day beds in interior design Day beds really are a practical bedding option which additionally makes a sitting area throughout the day. Great for flats, young ladies rooms, or play rooms as well as visitor rooms. Captain's beds in interior design To optimize space for storage within your children's room think about a captain bed. With the amount of compartments underneath the higher bedframe that you can do with split dresser compartments in order to win back much more space on the floor…. Home Interior Design Ideas .[...]

Enormous interior design Ideas for small apartments


Home interior design ideas , Interior designing has generally been a tricky subject for occupants. Simply how much effort does one want to go through to enhance a space that one does not really own? Thankfully, mostinterior decorating concerns non-structural work that concentrates on color and home furniture design. Still, renter decorators have a tendency to seek quicker, cheaper techniques to their decoration challenges than their home owner alternatives. In large cities where the cost of rent is high and space is at a premium, this difference is even more obvious. In fact, the hipper your neighborhood, the more innovative you have to be. Get it off the ground: It's an unforgiving rule of nature: the more stylish your neighborhood, the larger the rent and the smaller sized the space. In the event that you where to place thefurniture from a one bedroom apartment from moderate neighborhood into a one bedroomapartment in higher standard one , possibilities are you would not be able to take a step without bumping into something. New city arrivals rapidly learn to attach bookshelves on the wall whenever you can and reduce the amount of several legged furnishings items that occupy valuable floor space. Urban furniture retailers address this with decorations designed for this objective. Even though you can't afford a swanky slim, modular bookshelf, they may be fairly easy to build on your own. when one is faced with spending budget and space limitations there is an innovative idea of building bookshelves that hang on a series of 30 degree angles; creating a zig zag impact that makes one think about why it had never ever been done before, as they say "Necessity is the mother of invention". Even beds can be wall attached, made to swing down through the wall as needed. The classic Murphy bed is a good example. Two Spaces In One: A great tip for addressing the storage area issues of a small area is to raise the bed in interior design . Once raised, the area underneath the bed can become a perfect storage area. The higher your ceiling, the more degree of lift (and thus storage space) you can get away with. Another great small apartment item is the traveling trunk. Get a huge trunk, put it by a window, throw several pillows on it, and presto, you've got windowpane seating area having a little touch of adventure.  Using Mirrors: Several small dining places employ the technique of utilizing decorative mirrors to help make their interior design space appear bigger. Decorative mirrors ref[...]

Home Interior Design Ideas For Small Areas


Home Interior Design Ideas , These days, just about everyone has to reside smaller areas than we would like; the houses and apartments are generally far too expensive, so we have to settle with something smaller sized and less roomy. Even though a small home or residence is faraway from what we think about as a perfect house, we are still able to ensure it appear and feel just like everything we want and need. Successful and effective interior designing for small areas is totally necessary when we wish to generate a perfect spot for all of us along with the people we love, irrespective of space. Occasionally living with less could be more. Whenever decorating a small area there are several tips and ideas you have to bear in mind: * Choose a decorating style that will fit your requirements and your preferences. Versatility and flexibility are the primary designs; trying to keep it minimal is definitely encouraged simply because in most cases whenever you put lots of things in a single place it is likely to feel back logged and weighty. A compact area should enable you to breathe so when it's too occupied it certainly does not enable you to move correctly. A clogged small area also can look pretty messy even if absolutely nothing is one of the "cluttered" category. * Selecting small , and flexible furnishings is appropriate when it comes to theinterior design for small spaces. You will find smaller things that can produce a difference; for example picking a sofa and also a chair rather than large complex could make the room seem larger and also more comfortable. Big pieces can actually enhance the appeal of the area, nevertheless they ought to be quite well selected to be able to enable you to create the ensemble you want without having feeling of heaviness. * In the event you do not trust in Feng Shui, it is strongly recommended to think about where you can place every item and furniture piece. Tend not to place furnishings near or before doors, try to maintain home windows free and make use of the vertical space. Use works of art and wall models to help make the room appear bigger and much more roomy. * Play with colorings; it is well-known that colors can also add to the elegance of the room irrespective of its size. In some instances, if you have small spaces, it is possible to paint them in light along with warm colors and also make them look larger and friendlier. The colour palette is a primary aspect of the interior design for smaller spaces mainly because it will surely have a soothing eff[...]

American Country Decor Pictures


Check out these pictures of American country design styles for inspiration on decorating your own home.

Lime green is modern shade that brings the rest of the room up to date. I love how they have paired it with the bright pink for a fun, friendly complement.

This room has a traditional country style enhanced with regency and eclectic touches that make it unique. It's not for everyone, but if you'd like to add a little more glam to your country look, this is a great way to do it.

White painted furniture is a signature in French country decor, but it comes up in traditional American country design often as well. Paired with other pale shades, it has a homey and inviting feel.

This traditional American country bedroom looks great because of the interesting headboard and photo design on the walls. The medium brown wood stays true to the history of the style, while other touches in the room keep it fresh (like the simple bedding and beautiful flowers).

I adore this traditional kitchen, which keeps from looking too boring by jazzing up the design with painted wood. The green table is an eye-catcher, while the brown chairs look more traditional. The exposed beams are a fantastic look, too.

Newest Bathroom Makeovers


Newest Bathroom Makeovers by Candice Olson

Luxury Interior Design Ideas


Luxury interiors are one of those things that always desirable, and blow people’s minds. Everybody want to live there and have a luxurious interior but not everybody can design them very beautiful and charming. Such interiors usually aren’t cheap to implement but everything is possible. Here are renders done by great architects of luxury interiors that might provide you with some ideas. Rooms designed in such style could really become centerpieces of any house. Luxury Interior Design Ideas Luxury Interior Design Ideas Luxury Interior Design Ideas Luxury Interior Design Ideas Luxury Interior Design Ideas Luxury Interior Design Ideas Luxury Interior Design Ideas Luxury Interior Design Ideas Luxury Interior Design Ideas Luxury Interior Design Ideas [...]

-Toxic Design


The Austrian manufacturer TEAM 7 is certified as an ecological responsible
manufacturer. Their philosophy of environmental responsibility has made TEAM 7
the most successful and reliable manufacturer of eco-friendly "green design" in
the world.
The hardwood TEAM 7 uses comes from managed, reforested areas in
Europe. TEAM 7 uses neither tropical woods nor woods from the rainforest, in
accordance with the International Protection of Species Act. Wood is a renewable
resource, but not infinitely so - only responsibly managed harvesting and
controlled re-forestation can guarantee the right balance in the eco-system.
All products that are used in the TEAM 7 production process must be known
not to cause cancer or any other health risks, and must have very low VOC
emissions, because high VOC levels (depending on the substance) are related to
problems like eye or skin irritations, respiratory problems, reproductive
disorder, cancer as well as lower work productivity. To protect indoor air
quality and the people who live or work in these environments - especially
children who have asthma or other respiratory illnesses - it is of the utmost
importance to use only materials with very low VOC emissions!
exclusively uses a non-toxic wood finish of natural oils and waxes. Because no
stains, varnishes or lacquers are used on the natural hardwood, the furniture
has very low VOC emissions and does not off-gas any toxic chemicals.
Furthermore, no particle or MDF boards are used, because they are also a
possible source for harmful chemical off-gassing. TEAM 7 also does not use any
PVC plastic.
We think it makes sense to use the same thoughtfulness, that
makes us choose organic produce over conventionally grown food, change to
compact fluorescent light bulbs, recycle, save water and so on, with regard to
our indoor environment.

Another Favourite from Milan - Evolution or Rococo and Minimalism Together


(image) How do you like the evolution of furniture design for the last centuries? I am curious to see your answers - this exquisite piece of furniture is an example of where we have been and where we are now just in one elegant product!

Evolution - "Unique precious masterpiece, characterized by the combunation of the hand-carved solid oak with the essentiality of contemporary style. Enriched by handles in burnished brass. Available in natural or tinted oak." is the description on the site of Emmemobili. Design Ferruccio Laviani.

Kilt and norwegian pullover for the terrace


That is the Stylepark's original title of the story behind the new special editionD.D.C. (Dedon Dress Code):"the Dedon Dress Code takes its inspiration from specific ideas and styles in the fashion business. Here, traditional Scottish tartan "Edinburgh" not only stands for the culture of the highlands but also for the type of genre-crossing elevated to a principle in the London of the punk era by such icons as the Sex Pistols and Vivienne Westwood. "Cambon", on the other hand, transfers the 1950s New Look with its characteristic hound's tooth checks to large-format furniture decors. In fashion and interior design (in the Vorwerk collection "Inspiration") and even in automobile design (for example, in the Kia Soul) ironically enlarged hound's tooth patterns are currently in evidence relatively often. "Marseille" - a textile with brilliant blue stripes references the sailor look so often in vogue on the French Riviera and thus, simultaneously, articulates the kind of landscapes of longing where the idea of an "outdoor living room" seems particularly plausible. "Oslo", a somewhat smaller-scale design, is meant, so the press release would have us believe, to personify "the untamed wilderness and harshness" of the Scandinavian landscape. The idea for this came from the Norwegian pullover."- you see, another evidence of the connection between interior design and fashion! These new outdoor collections are going to be launched next week at the Milan Furniture Fair.Previews and more news for iSaloni are available here. [...]

Modern Bathroom Interior Design Pictures



Contemporary sleek

Eclectic details

Modern polished

Different spaces allow for different possibilities in designing your bathroom. Check out these photos to figure out what style is right for your home.

Princess' Dream - purple flower butterfly removable quote vinyl room wall decals stickers


Beautiful Home Art Decor Wall Sticker
Sheet Size: 40*60cm / One Sheet
Shipping Weight: 82g

Become an interior decorator and transform your living space from ordinary to extraordinary with these unique stickers!
With these stickers you'll be sure to add plenty of color, depth, fun, and individuality apart from the average home.
You can adorn the interior walls and windows of your home, bathroom, office, nursery, dorm, or store. Get creative and
apply them to furniture, such as your refrigerator, table, desk, kitchen cabinets, drawers, etc. These stickers are
removable, repositionable, and reusable, you can apply them time after time without any hassle and mess that come with
most other means of design like painting that can be costly, time-consuming, and laborious. They're extremely easy and
simple to use. Just peel and apply.

Step to apply:
1.Select the point where you want to attach the sticker on. Clean and dry the surface.
2.Think the temporary composition freely, and then, remove the sticker softly from the back-paper.
3.Attach the sticker on the wall:
When you attach it, use a push stick or soft fabric or credit card carefully to press the sticker to the wall from the
center to the outside.
In the case of a big sized sticker, remove the release paper little by little from the top of the sticker, not to remove it
at one go. Smooth out any wrinkles.

house Considering Bill that Could Hurt Mortgage Borrowers


A House bill sitting in the Financial Services Committee could weaken a key mortgage reform that was intended to protect homebuyers from excessive fees during the process of obtaining a mortgage, according to consumer lending organizations.According to the Center for Responsible Lending, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was designed to restrict risky mortgage features such as high origination fees, balloon payments and interest-only payments. The House bill would, instead, exempt certain fees from percentage point and fee limits for loans that meet the definition of the so-called “qualified mortgage.” The change, according to the center, would result in more expensive loans from borrowers. “H.R. 1077 would weaken the consumer protections of QM loans by legislating a group of exceptions to get around the 3 percent points and fees threshold,” according to a letter to Congress last week calling for the defeat of the bill, which was signed by dozens of local, state and groups, including the NAACP, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. (LDF) and the National Council of La Raza. “These exceptions include exempting compensation paid to mortgage brokers and loan officers and title insurance paid to a company affiliated with a lender from counting toward the 3 percent cap. “The approach taken in this bill, which is misleadingly named the Consumer Mortgage Choice Act, is a flashback to the recent subprime crisis. During the subprime lending boom, borrowers often paid excessive origination costs, and increased compensation paid to loan originators often fueled these high fees.” The four-page bill, introduced in March, is a series of amendments to the language in the Dodd-Frank Truth in Lending Act “to improve upon the definitions provided for points and fees in connection with a mortgage transaction.” Supporters said the bill is important because the Dodd-Frank reform legislation included items that did not belong in the calculation. The QM is expected to be less costly to consumers because it builds in many protections for both borrowers and has reduced lender risks. The legislation was introduced by Rep. Bill Huizenga  (R-Mich.) and had seven original cosponsors: Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY), Rep. Wil[...]

Home Equity Loan Calculator | No credit check you all for your mortgage


In this option, you must take time because it is more difficult today. As lenders who offer bad credit loans are not so easy to find these days than it is at times. Yes, the services more and more subprime loans are closing their doors. The result is the development of services for bad credit. So your first task is to check over and over again properly and seriousness of the company before sending any information.
When everything looks good, and you need to evaluate your home. Professional service, which will cost about $ 500. If you do not have this document and the information, nobody will work with you. It 's a simple way to assess your financial situation. The following advice I can give you is do your research online you'll see a lot of valuable information. For example, his assessment of the house of cards you can safely and securely, using a calculator for home equity loans.
The next important consideration in finding a lender to know over 80% of its loans to the value of your home. This is the minimum and do not recommend you go if there is not the case. You know, you want to enjoy their situation. These are the main problems of the provider to make a decision:
Bankruptcy is not very popular with donors. In this case, you must provide and display the result of two years between application and the bankruptcy filing. You can verify that you have made efforts to restore their credit. Children and small debts as hospital bills, utility payments or slow I'm not a big problem for them. In any case, if you can erase and do know the current situation, we arrive in good condition. And this is what it should be. When the process begins, the end is not necessary to establish clearly the closing costs. You do not want any surprises when everything is finalized.
I hope you enjoyed my article for more information on the experts of your mortgage. This is the path to be on track. And remember two important points that we learned today: get the assessment document and to establish new principles of closing costs.

Finanzberater Hamburg Saving Money To Buy A House


We all know houses are expensive. It doesn't matter where it's located, whether it's your first or your tenth, or whether it's for your kids - buying a house is expensive. Often people are extremely discouraged when they think about just how much it adds up to be.First off, you're going to want to save for a down payment. The more you are able to pay, the more you will be able to negotiate the price - and the more you will be able to save on any and all loans.It is suggested that you put 20% down on a home so that you do not have to pay private mortgage insurance. When saving for your down payment, keep in mind that you will have to have some extra money to pay closing costs as well.www.vffcu.orgPut money away right away. You cannot start too early, this is the truth. Even if it is just a little bit to begin with. Try to remember that when it is in the bank you will begin to receive interest. Once you have begun, put more and more away.Be consistent about putting money into your savings account every month and resist dipping into it for anything else. If you have just finished paying off something like a car or credit card, put what you would normally pay for that towards your new home.A second job is also a good option to consider. If you can, put that entire salary from that job towards the house. By putting these funds together with the 20% you've saved and the interest you've accumulated, you may just be surprised when you find out how much you have.When deciding on a budget to spend on a house, take a careful look at all your current bills and expenses. Consider your salary and get pre-qualified for a mortgage so that you have a good idea about what you will be able to afford.www.123rf.comNow that you know this, you can start looking for a house that you will be able to afford comfortably. Eventually, you will come across the perfect spot and you will be able to grab it.[...]

House Cleaning Companies


On the other hand, not everyone has room schedule-wise to simply stay in his or her house and clean throughout the day, not even those who are obsessive and enthusiastic about cleanliness. For this very explanation, the idea of getting house cleaning companies is a great option. These administrations might be the ideal answer for those busy individuals as well as for mothers who have numerous kids to nurture or for the seniors who are too frail and for tycoons who need to get their houses looked after. A House Cleaning Edinburgh association is the best firm to contact assuming that one is in need of some quality housekeeping or cleaning specialist administrations. Some house cleaning administration associations will not send only one or two persons to handle all the family errands. To make the most out of cleaning, a house cleaning association will convey a group of house cleaners who are a lot prepared to clean very nearly any sort of surface. Through group cleaning, there is more benefit. Domestic Cleaners Edinburgh are expert cleaners. An additional playing point of getting a cleaning association is that it conveys representatives or cleaners who are extraordinarily prepared to clean all sort of windows, carpets, furniture and rooms the right way. This is likewise accurate for furniture; a few artifacts and display items may require some extraordinary sort of chemical or way of cleaning so as not to harm it. The prepared cleaners that a cleaning association will give know all these things and conduct of cleaning. Cleaning basements, or cellars, carport, or even roofs could be tiresome and could be a day's or a week's work. Numerous individuals regularly disregard such zones that bring about store of dust. This now and then causes deadly health issues, for example hostile susceptibilities, and debilitation frequently brought about by dead creatures, for example rodents and rats. To dispose of such health issues specialists exhort on keeping the surroundings sound and clean. At the same time washing and cleaning on every day bases particularly such spots is not a simple undertaking that is the reason why hiring domestic cleaning Edinburgh is a simple way to accomplish such tedious jobs. They have their own particular men, [...]

house insurance


Lady Gaga House Hunts on Martha's Vineyard


Lady Gaga
The preppy residents of tony Martha's Vineyard will soon face a dramatic shock if their newest neighbor moves in as planned. WWD reports Lady Gaga has been house hunting on the island and looking to set up shop. Based on her most recent $25,000 rental in Bel Air, it's likely she's looking for more than shack.

The Vineyard is known for its summer crowd, with celebrities and Presidents taking up vacation residences. However, based on its preppy reputation, Lady Gaga doesn't exactly pop to mind as the ideal resident.

The question now is whether Lady Gaga will go preppy while in town or if locals will have to deal with Gaga's meat-wearing antics!

Yes Mad, But Determined!


Meeting people to sign paintings is not easy. I being me just make it look simple because I don’t mind waiting. When I say waiting, I mean ten hours or more with aching legs and a big smile. My daughter met Jennifer Aniston on the Friday, followed by One Direction on the Tuesday, but we had my mum with me who is in a wheel chair, so the wait was not as long. Would of I gone to One Direction without my mums help… hell no! It was utter madness and would have meant I had to camp out for two days to get wrist bands and there is a line i.e. the safety of my daughter and me. The following day I went down on my own to the screening of Peaky Blinders starring Cillian Murphy. My mother said I was mad, but I call it plain old determination. I started this project and I’m determined to get it up and running. And to be perfectly honest you don’t just give in at the first bit of doubt. Yes I have and still am having treatment for cancer, but that to me is not a problem. All I am thinking about is the help that could be generated from the monies raised. I now have three paintings signed, one part signed because two signatures’ are missing, and four waiting. Someone said, but Sarah why not create your own charity with all that hard work. My reply is simple because there are too many. It is better to help a charity that is already established. And Maggie's London facilities are excellent.         My Mum meeting Simon Cowell... I said to Simon he could keep my sharpie pen. He said are you sure I said yes.. He was lovely and very charming.. Cillian Murphy On seeing his painting... WOW! lol[...]

Let's Paint C Out!


Yes everything has gone quiet on my blog, but I’ve been busy. The paint brush has taken over my life and I’m finding it to be very therapeutic. To sit by my bay door and paint these pictures is rewarding in itself. What frustrates me is that I did not do it sooner, but we live to learn. Paint C Out! Is receiving backing and the reaction has been surprising. I did not realize how many people who know me in person and had remained quiet until now back what I’m doing. These friends understand my stance and why we built up a whole new bunch of memories to sit alongside the cancer treatment. The diversion was not fixed on me, but on both I and my young daughter. Is that a positive, well in their eyes yes it is because we are thriving not surviving a cancer diagnosis.You Tube film footage of Jennifer Aniston signing our painting... check her reaction lol [...]



Last week to visit the Grapevine~!
details- here
*image: Peter Shire

On Drums


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Robert Arneson, Early Work at David Zwirner.

Striped Walls Bedroom Ideas


Striped Walls Bedroom Ideas - I'm sure that you want to add your life to your bedroom, then you have to make a long list of possibilities of what you can do. You can have an accent or you can get a beautiful idea that the focal point of your site is on the wall. You can also add some wall decorations or perhaps add a touch of color to your quilts and even storage. How about a little paint or

Fancy Dining Room Design


Fancy Dining Room Design - Hmm Charming., the image of the result of unique dining concept is the creative fancy dining room design with appropriate wall colors, we talked for a long time. This fancy dining room design is infused with creativity. Furthermore, the addition of a living room with a simple arrangement of Room Interior Decorating Style Below is overwhelming.The designer stores this

Master Bathroom Designs


Master Bathroom Designs - Most of us consider our bathroom to the main part of the house that you are upgrading and job stress. Whether large or small, we are sure you have enough space for the shower. That's why we have different conceptions of the bathroom shower is now shown. Drawings of water today comes in a topic or a different concept and becomes a technical trend.Today, the designers

I'm Following My Nose ;-D


Life is only as interesting as you make it. Well in my case that is very true because I’m willing it ignore advise and follow my nose. I said to a friend what I and Sophia do is no different to stamp collecting. And if I took her to a concert she would not have been able to talk to Justin Timberlake or Katy Perry one on one. Sophia has learned these stars have good days and bad days, just like her-self they are not perfect. The only difference between them and us is a pound sign, but that does not protect them from cancer, so they are just as vulnerable to this disease which makes them no different to her-self.    Sophia has observed four years of prods, pokes, biopsies, surgeries, lumpectomies, mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and that list is still being added to with future appointments. Yet to my credit by blocking out emotional noise it has made her stronger and more willing to grasp with both hands at life. What people think is not important, but what she thinks is. Her confidence has grown and with a mature attitude. Recently I found out a new school friends mummy of Sophia’s had developed breast cancer. Sophia’s friend did not know that I had breast cancer because Sophia refuses to talk about it with her peers, but for whatever reason both of them opened up and Sophia reassured her friend. Her friend had told her father before then that she felt she could not talk anyone because they did not understand. It is a shame that a child should feel so isolated amongst her peers. That she has to bottle all those emotions up, but that is exactly what Sophia had done too. Her only outlet was through asking me questions or her father. Personally I would love to see more done or more help. Both I and her friend’s father who is a child psychologist agree there is a hole that needs filling. We have young girls who are scared because their mothers etc have developed breast cancer and now they fear the same outcome. We need to have som[...]

Inspirational Design Ideas Roomminimalisti


Interactive Interiors Convertible Kids Bedroom Furniture.Home Decor Lab Fascinating Colors For Kids Rooms Home Decor Lab.Children S Bedroom Playroom Design Designs Ideas On Dornob.Kids Room Design Furniture Is Not The Only Aspect Of A Kids Room That.Kids Bedroom Design How To Make It Different Interior Design.Inspirational Design Ideas For The Kid S Room Minimalisti

Kitchen Cabinet Plans


Kitchen Cabinet Plans - The kitchen can only be updated frequently, changing doors and cabinet hardware. Learn new equipment and additional space to accommodate design changes. The kitchen design is a complex task due to several factors that should be considered. It is also an area in which the budget is not necessary, since most of the cost of a kitchen cabinet not only, but also the time and

Kitchen Layout Planner


Kitchen Layout Planner - In most cases, it’s the shape and size of your room that decides what kitchen layout you ultimately will choose. However, some kitchen layouts may suit your needs and living situation better than others. Here are six common kitchen layouts and their main characteristics. They also illustrate how to ideally plan your working zones. The main working functions in a

Interior Design Living Room Ideas Interior Design Living Room


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Inkwell~Glazed Stoneware, from Leach Pottery St Ives.
*Thanks Matty!
**In house relatives here.



Nice Patches~Italy.

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