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The Organizer: How To Become More Organized

Need a gifted interior decorator for your home? Do-it-yourself with this blog for organizers! With great tips on how to organize home, bathroom, closets, office, drawers, and more. Begin organizing messy rooms today! Plenty of videos, articles and other i

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21 Wall decoration ideas and Creative Displays - shadow boxes, picture frames, wall decorating


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Moving from Single Room to Shared Space


It happens, for whatever reason you end up having to share a space with someone after spending years living in a room or dwelling alone.  So what to do to make things comfortable for you while respecting your roommate's space?1)  Spend time checking out how much room you have and how might you best organize your stuff so that it doesn't get in your roommate's way.Think like this, "I have a lot of books..." so most likely you will need book shelf space.  "I have a lot of health and beauty items..." so you will need plenty of cabinet or drawer space.  Take a look at what you have and what you know you will be using on a daily basis and be sure those items are accessible.  However, don't go overboard with organizers when you know your area is limited.2)  Do not post any wall hangings or display keepsakes that are offensive such as political, religious, intolerant, or racist.This seems like an obvious point, but you will be surprised at what you might think is "okay, alright" while someone else thinks your interests are highly offensive.  Keep your odd interests out of view until you get your own place.3)  Avoid asking to use or borrow your roommate's stuff and don't volunteer your items.If you want to avoid future arguments, establish boundaries and not free for alls.  The items that you enjoy the most will be used and your kindness taken advantage of when you have that "mi casa, su casa" attitude.  If you don't sincerely mind someone touching your things, don't allow it and don't use theirs either.4)  Unpack items immediately and don't leave your belongings in disarray.Cardboard boxes are magnets for spiders and other insects, so do away with them.  If you must store items, use plastic bins.  Avoid bulky, whimsical and bright furniture especially if you have no plans on utilizing and living in the space for long.  Choose items that go well with existing furnishings.5)  Be sure your area is neat and smells appealing at all times.Odor lingers in carpeting, bedding, and laundry, so do be sure you are aware of your body odor and clean linen, carpeting, etc. and spray deodorizer.Before moving from your single room or dwelling into the shared space, be sure you have already donated, sold, threw away, and kept necessary items.  Do not bring along things that you know you just don't need.  The more you keep, the more clutter and also the more headaches for your roommate.  Give yourself a self-talk on why it is important to rid yourself of some things or pay for storage elsewhere before someone has to later sit you down and explain why you simply have too much stuff and why it would be better for you to move.Nicholl McGuire is the author of What Else Can I Do on the Internet? [...]

9 Genius Ways to Finally Organize Pot Lids


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Absolutely one of those great videos to help you with organizing pot and pan lids in a way where you aren't in the kitchen banging your tools around.  Someone will be happy when you finally organize those things right!  Enjoy!(image)

How To Organize Your Life For Back To School


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How To Pack For College: Move In Day!


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Teach Children to Organize - Tips on How to Organize Children’s Belongings


When it comes to training children on things like good hygiene, being polite, and caring for others, many parents are doing quite well. However when it comes to teaching children how to organize their things, some parents are dropping the ball. Educators, family members, friends, and strangers look upon these helpless children with pity, eye-rolls, or frustration. Poor Johnny or Jill is dropping items, can’t find things, and is having his or her share of fits because they just don’t know what to do with all their stuff.  So what to do?1)  Start by getting organized yourself.  Then teach children how you keep up with your items.2) Give a child a task to organize. From a bookshelf to a table top, show them not only how to organize, but why it is important.3) Walk through their environment and point out the things they could organize better.4) Reward the child for his or her effort.5) Be consistent and remind him or her to stay organized everyday. Ask, “Did you put your items back after you used them?”  If they continuously forget, you will have to remove favorite items from area or other distractions until he or she improves.6) Communicate what you are teaching your child to others so that they too will help your child learn good organizational skills.Things to start teaching children to organize in their room and elsewhere:1) Video games and accessories2) School work3) Clothes 4) Bedding5) Small toys6) Edibles in the kitchen7)  Bathroom itemsOnce they have shown that they are doing well organizing their items, remember to reward them and encourage them to keep up the good work!Nicholl McGuire is the owner and manager of this blog. [...]

Amazing Room Makeover for Teenagers | Small Bedroom Makeover!


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36 Dollar Store Tricks Every Smart Person Should Know


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Feeling Unproductive at Your Workspace?


Time to clean the desk.  Only essentials on the top, please.

If you're not using it everyday, store it away, give it away, or throw it away!


Apartment Shopping, Leasing, Rental Tips: Tenant Inspections: 5 Things Tenants Never Clean W...


Apartment Shopping, Leasing, Rental Tips: Tenant Inspections: 5 Things Tenants Never Clean W...: The following are some more things that go unnoticed when cleaning left by commenters on YouTube: Top of door frames Doors with square ...(image)

Need to Switch Rooms in Your Home with Someone? How to Prepare


Sometimes we think that a space is right for us, but then later we discover it isn't. When this occurs, you will need to take a look around your home, finding a new spot. Better bring out the measuring tape and be in agreement with the one you plan on switching rooms with or rearranging their treasured stuff. Now one way to approach a relative or friend with your request to trade rooms is to be polite and express to the person why you need a change as well as what are the benefits to him or her if they should agree to the trade.  Be sure to disclose any problems or make arrangements to fix them prior to the conversation, because if you don't he or she may bring up those issues and will deny your request.  Also, find out from the individual if he or she has had any problems with the room you would like to move into beforehand.When moving from a larger room to a smaller room, you most likely will need to purge some things if there isn't enough closet space or your bed is too large to fit. When moving from a smaller room to a larger one, you will need to think in advance what exactly is your reason for upgrading.  In addition, what do you plan to buy to take up that space and will the purchase fit?Other things to think about when you are ready to trade a room with someone:1) Remove at least one large item from the small or large room first. Then take that piece and set it aside until the other large items from the room you are moving into have been removed. Once clear, place your large bed, for instance, in that spot. It is easier to move large items when you haven't filled up the hall area, for example, with a bunch of stuff.  So take beds out first then other furniture.2) Take items out of big cabinets, dressers, and other things before moving.  By doing this the items are less heavy and easier to move around. Use large furniture sliders for bigger or heavier items. The last thing you want is to damage the carpet or your furniture.3) Be sure loose items are out of the way of doorways and also the items you removed out of the furniture is arranged neatly away from other items (like in a corner, along a wall, etc.) that have yet to be moved out of the room.  Otherwise your stuff might be tripped over or worse broken during the transition.4) Take time to vacuum an area once items has been removed and possibly shampoo carpet using light water not too much, or use shampoo that dries rapidly.  Place a fan in room while you and others are on break aiming at carpet. The last thing you want to do is move into a room and smell someone else's body odor.5) Check over your old room and be sure your items have been removed out of closets.  You can use your bed to hold your clothing until the other person has taken clothes out and placed in your old closet. Be sure the area within closet has also been vacuumed and/or shampooed too.6) If you plan on removing carpeting, upholstery, painting, or upgrading the room, then you will want to pack items and store away until all those things are done.  This way you are not inconveniencing the person who you are trading rooms with by keeping your items in your old location longer than you need to. Young people and the elderly can become easily irritated especially if they didn't want to trade rooms in the first place.Hope these tips help, happy moving!Nicholl [...]

25 Sneaky Ways to Organize Your Whole House


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Stop Struggling to Remember Everything


Nowadays the "To Do List" is on apps, websites, voice recorders and other electronics, but also still posted on refrigerators, traditional calendars, white or chalkboards, and other interesting places.  But when one awakens to no list, then what?  He or she forgets important tasks, arrives late or not at all to appointments, and upsets those who are relying on him or her to tend to a task for the umpteenth time.  As much as we all want to stay on point each day, it can be quite difficult when we forsake or don't bother creating a list to remind us of all the things we need to do.  So if you have been slacking on performing your duties, today might be a good day to start getting things done.  It feels so good when you can cross off or delete a task from your list.Wish you well!Nicholl McGuire blog owner and author of What Else Can I Do on the Internet? available in print and eBook [...]



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How to organize food storage containers


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Garden Hobbyists - Compost Tumbler Review


Compost Tumbler Review: Motherhood blog based on book entitled, When Mothers Cry by self-published author Nicholl McGuire. Parenting, relationship, women issues discussed.(image)

Simple and Beauty Front Garden Ideas and Planning


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How to Organize a Vegetable Garden : Vegetable Gardening


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How To Fold Bath Towels - Quick, Simple, and Easy!


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Home Owners: If Only Walls Could Talk...


Clean me.Organize me.Decorate me.Take care of me.What are you doing with me?The smell never goes away!Why did you buy me, you can't afford me?You don't need another thing!Can someone take out the trash?I deserve a better family.Throw that out!You'll never use that, give it away!When will you get that fixed?It's your dwelling, what are you doing about it? [...]

Are You Organizing Your Tax Documents and Other Paperwork?


 Make your important papers accessible.  You never know when you might need them again. Organizers to use: File boxPDF files in online folders or computerFile folders offlineBinders with dividersPortable drivesMemory cards and caseCDsFabric office storage organizer  [...]

Planning a Short Hotel Stay - Get Organized Now, So You Won't Be Sorry Later


On organizing a hotel stay, one will need the time and dedication to search for the best deals.  Think about the season you are planning your travel.  Are there discounted hotel stays currently ongoing? Do you have a membership to a site that offers exclusive deals, coupon codes and cash back or points on your purchases? There are websites that do offer cheap hotel rates but take a moment to research the hotels listed before you book your stay.  Also, some of those bargain sites do not refund your money if you should show up and decide that the hotel is not right for you.  Be sure to check reviews.When it comes to planning a short hotel stay, you want to be sure that you have all items that you need and not necessarily what you might use or want just because.  The more belongings you have, the more likely you will forget something.  So start with your essentials (the things you can't go without) and then go down the list:1)  Prescription medicines, Vitamin supplementsCheck your refills.  Pack the vitamins that you know have a positive effect on you rather than every bottle you own.  So if B supplements you get the most benefit, be sure they are packed.  Then C, digestive supplements, etc.2)  Hair productsComb, brush, hair styling creams or gels.  Your favorite shampoo and conditioner if need be.3)  ToiletriesConsider the length of stay (3 to 5 days).  You may only need to pack trial sizes.  Toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash.  Women's products (sanitary napkins, douche, pantyliner's, and body hygiene products).  Men's products (shaving supplies, aftershave, body wash, lotion...) Add tweezers, nail clippers, and a first aid kit.  Anything else like packing your own toilet paper or towels and you will have more items than you need and most likely will forget them when it is time to go.  However, if you plan on taking a swim at the hotel, you might want to bring your beach towel along with fun water items.4)  ClothingPay attention to the weather and be sure you pack the kind of items that will make you feel comfortable.  When selecting clothes, pick out the items that you can pair with other things this way you don't need to carry so many.  For instance, a three night stay with possible rain showers and a drop in temperature, bring a light jacket.  Carry items such as:  a short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt, a dress shirt, jeans, casual or dress pants.  Women might bring along similar items including a short skirt, long skirt, or after 5 pm dress.  Don't forget your belt!5)  Underwear and SleepwearT-shirts, panties, bras, briefs, and lounge wear or pjs.  Depending on the occasion, men and women might include sexy apparel.  Women who have certain clothing that require additional undergarments like a stockings, slip or other items to flatter the body include those in your luggage.6)  ShoesIf you plan on doing some sight-seeing or shopping, bring your comfortable shoes.  Going to a nice restaurant or other special location, bring dress shoes.  Plan on working out?  Don't forget your sneakers and your workout clothes!  Don't like walking on the hotel floor, bring your slippers!  For the shower, water proof sandals.Additional items might include: printed directions (don't rely on GPS only), tickets to event and/or print out of reservation.  For downtime, reading materials and[...]

10 Top Container Store Items


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30 Simple Ways To Organize and Declutter Your Kitchen


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Organizing Items on a Flat Surface


Sometimes we just don't have the bins, bags, boxes, and shelving to store all of our stuff.  So when this happens, we just might have a spare table to display items.  Use your flat surface wisely taking up as much space as you can and whatever small items you can store in a jar, can, dish or some other small container do it.  This way you are leaving room for other things to be placed on the table. Sort items based on likeness.  Place items in spaces near you if you plan to use more often.  If you were selling wares at a yard sale, you would have items easily assessable to customers and your more popular items would be within reach.    Check out for a bit of creative inspiration.Use this for collectibles or display at a fair or other special events.    Novel Box Large Glass Top Black Leatherette Metal Clasp Jewelry Display Case 14.75X8.25X2.1"   Also, you can stack items using a cabinet shelf and place them underneath freeing up more space. Organized Living Large Double Cabinet Shelf - White   Jewelry, beads, small office supplies, cosmetics and more can be stored in something like this. Maymom Small Plastic Box with Hinged Lid    Take advantage of the space underneath the table.  Use items you already have to store remaining stuff.  A luggage bag, a plastic bin, a backpack, purses, even a large decorative blanket, cloth, sheet or fabric can be used to hideaway things until you have money to invest in furniture and more organizers.  Search for how to table skirt to add a bit of décor to your ambience!  Happy organizing! Nicholl McGuire is the author of What Else Can I Do on the Internet?  [...]