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When Mothers Cry: Showing Love to Mothers: Divorced, Single, Married and Depressed Moms

When mothers cry things change! Welcome to one of the understanding mommy blogs for stressed mothers looking for support. Insightful information for people who want to know more about motherhood -- a topic for every Mother's day is found on this site.

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Childhood Wounds Destroying Marriage & Family


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Lazy Parenting, Grandparenting - ineffective, selfish, little or no discipline


You are the mother who is the least favorite in your household.  You are the grandmother who has zero tolerance for foolish behaviors coming from spoiled grandchildren.  The critics don't like you when you admit that you take toys away, spank when necessary, or don't spend money or time on children when they are acting disrespectfully.  You are angered by those whose idea of good parenting is buying everything a child wants while spending most free days sitting down watching the child play with toys or doing very little just to say, "I'm a grandparent."  As the child grows up, there are no requirements from the ineffective parent or grandparent to do anything for the household.  No teachings on gratefulness, love, forgiveness, hard work, discipline, etc. Critics who don't believe in "training up a child in the way he or she should go..." are typically ineffective when it comes to dealing with children.  They are the ones who seek ways to do things with children without having to be too involved.  However, their suggestions tend to be lazy like an uninformative "5 Tips..." instruction list that lacks detailed strategies.  The short cuts they use only fix things temporarily, but don't get long term results.  Sure, a toddler stops crying when he or she has food in his or her mouth, but is the issue of not touching grandma's favorite items resolved?  What about the tween who knows better not to curse, but insists on dropping a few nasty words anyway?  Is telling the child repeatedly to stop cursing resolving anything?  And how about the teen who walks away every chance he gets while disrespecting his mother, sister and other members of the family?  Is a long talk going to cut the behavior?The people who allow children to get their way while fighting those who speak wise counsel about their beloved children in an effort to combat defiance, disrespect, and other challenges are those who are still very much wounded children.  The hurting (no matter the age) often think about their feelings and what negative things transpired when they were young, that they become ineffective parents.  They project their own personal experiences on to the other parent who is attempting to raise children to be responsible.  However, the wounded parent is going to try to save the day without casting away childish ways, feelings and more.  The hurting mother or father, with unresolved issues of the past, might even use children to gang up on the other parent or grandparent in the hopes that the "big, bad mom or dad" will just disconnect from children or grandchildren, leave the family home, divorce, or separate.  The past hurts and we all have our stories, but that should have no bearing on effective discipline and healthy attempts at parenting children to be responsible, productive and quality members of society.  This is something that lazy parents fail to see, rather  they insist on holding grudges against any authority figure who corrects their children.  They believe children are often right while adults responsible for them are wrong.  Despite the lies that drip from children's mouths, the mean-spiritedness that some may have, and the psychological assessments and grade proof that show a child is troubled in some way, the ineffective parents will continue to act as if their children are "fine, good alright, okay" when the evidence says otherwise.Lazy parents and grandparents are also selfish.  They don't sacrifice their pleasures to be proactive in children's lives.  They provide the bare minimum when it comes to parenting a child and meeting physical needs. If the requested items the children or grandchildren want keep them out of their hair then they might buy them.  The motivation for getting them is the benefit to these selfish people more so then that of the child.  Another gaming console?  No problem.  The child will be preoccupied with that rather than request wanting to[...]

Chapter 13 Relationship Problems - Book When Mothers Cry by Nicholl McGuire


The following is a book excerpt from When Mothers Cry, Chapter 13 Relationship Problems..."Mothers who have been the victims of cheating are often alone in their pain; because at the time it happens there is usually no one around who can comfort them.  Even a partner who cheated will have someone to lean on to ease his pain when the relationship with his children's mother comes to an end!  A mother who has ben cheated on will agonize over the fact that she was the babysitter for her partner while he went out on his dates.  She may think of all the times she slept with him and he had been in the bed with someone else.  Her stomach churns inside because this man told her that he loved her repeatedly and had no other woman, but she learns that it was all a lie.  She suggested relationship counseling and he had excuses.  Now she has children looking up to her asking questions about "you and daddy..." and all she can say with tears in her eyes is, "You will have two houses you get to go to."  Meanwhile, she is really thinking, "How did it come to this?" While she was thinking that every couple argues, he was thinking every man needs to get away.  While she was thinking he will get over past disagreements, he was thinking, "I will find someone else."  While she was thinking about the fun time he must be having with their children while she is away, he was really toting them around so that he could visit his girlfriend.  This is the a pain that far too many mothers face!  It is a pain that sickens her stomach and causes her to go to the bathroom one too many times, because she is afraid of what more will she find out and how will she react to yet another surprise?  What secrets is he keeping from her?  What woman will call or show up at the house?  What will slip out of her children's mouths next?  What did the children see daddy do while mommy was away?*                                                                                 *                                                                    *If you are a mother suffering right now because of a relationship challenge, then consider getting help outside of yourself so that you can make some changes mentally.  Some of the things you can do:  attend a support group for your concern, participate in a weekly Bible study group, read books or watch programming that will help you think positively, get over your past, and forgive yourself and others.  For instance, if you are using the children to get back at your partner, stop it!  You are hurting the children more than you can imagine, because they have a natural bond with their father that was already in them before they were born.  They can't help how they feel because their father helped fertilize the seed!  If their father is coming around to see the children and he treats them respectfully and kindly then let him be a part of their lives.  If the father is incarcerated tell him to address letters to the children or take them to see him.  Children can learn powerful lessons about life whether their father is free or imprisoned.  It's up to the parents to teach the children and answer their questions as honestly as they can.  Mothers who are wounded emotionally by their mates sometimes suffocate their relationship pain by drinking alcohol, doing drugs or other useless things in order to get a false sense of happiness.  Then later, when their high wears off, their back to square one again--coping with the pain in their mind, body and spirit.  The healing process to get over[...]

How To Raise Your Self Esteem--After Childhood Emotional Neglect - Lisa A. Romano


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Child of alcoholics.(image)

5 of 5 - Focus on Women - Your Family (series)


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Facing the truth about family.  Breaking free from toxic ties.(image)

Dr. Phil Questions a Rebellious Teen and Her Mother


Dr. Phil Questions a Rebellious Teen and Her Mother: Parenting blog for families of multi-age groups - newborns, tweens, and teens. Basic facts on raising children. Tips on shopping for children.(image)

It's All In the Family: Never Assume Your Children are Loved by All Relatives


It's All In the Family: Never Assume Your Children are Loved by All Relati...: They are nerve-racking, needy, and demand attention in the eyes of those who aren't all that excited about children being in their prese...(image)

Nice Girls, Strong Women


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A nice girl can be misled, used and/or abused all for the sake of being nice.  Walk in your strength, rise above your circumstance, and don't be anyone's doormat.  Teach your daughters to do the same.(image)

Narcissistic Mother's Guilt Trips


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She's selfish and life revolves around her.(image)

Christian Parenting. Troubled Teens. What to do when Your Child Becomes ...


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The prodigal child turns into a prodigal adult--wasteful, reckless, emotionally and physically distant.(image)

Health Chats with Dr. Evans: Perimenopause


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Organizing a Child's Closet and Room


Organizing a Child's Closet and Room: How to organize blog for people who love to home organize, clean up a workspace, organize closet, prepare for guests--enjoy organizing your life!(image)

What Your Grandmother May Have Told You & What You Might Have Forgot


1.  Take care of you.  If you don't take care of you, who will?  Look good for your husband.  Be active with your children.  Eat healthy.
2.  Relationship comes first.  Children will one day move out and on with their lives.
3.  Tell the truth and teach your children to do the same.
4.  Never idolize your spouse, children, job, etc.  You never know when they might be taken away.
5.  Watch bringing your girlfriends around your husband.
6.  Bargain shop, never pay retail!
7.  Say your prayers.


Distance to Now - Domestic Violence short film


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Lazy Fathers - Ineffective Dads


Lazy Fathers - Ineffective Dads: Parenting blog for families of multi-age groups - newborns, tweens, and teens. Basic facts on raising children. Tips on shopping for children.(image)

Warning Signs Your Son or Daughter Not Wanting to be Close to You


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Menstruation & Witchcraft - spells, curses


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It's All In the Family: How To Say Goodbye To Being A Stressed Wife… And H...


It's All In the Family: How To Say Goodbye To Being A Stressed Wife… And H...: Women don’t just become unhappy they have to be driven to unhappiness.  Every optimistic woman like every hopeful man starts a relationship...(image)

On Being a Parent - What is Expected of Us


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Check this out on Chirbit(image)

Controlled by a Parent Now Controlling Children, Grandchildren?


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Being Married to a Narcissist!


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BACK TO SCHOOL (Mommy Wars Spoof) feat. Fruit of the Loom


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Back to School Frustrations


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