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I'm the son of a 40 year old blogger you can check out his blog at

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Okay looks like I've moved to wordpress's my Dad's blog
and heres my new blog so thats all.

Ode to Febuary for "sigh" the Macbook


Even if a miracle happens, it won't happen on Friday but in Febuary. Oh Febuary why Febuary for even if I get it I'll still have to wait for Febuary you can buy a intel iMac right now but not a simple Macbook :(

Macbook 2


I want a (shudder) Macbook and my Dad's giving me sticker ideas? well in case you didn't see the price on the Macbook I've saved a third of it dude now your just makeing me even more sad :-( unless Dad's going to pony up $1,300 :-) then I'll be glad to cover my Macbook with Microsoft stickers.



Okay as you should know by now Apple has just put out a new line of computer the "MacBook". Wait what the hell is a Macbook? no, what the hell kind of name is a Macbook? there we go somebody should be fired for that one and all I said was the name. Okay next the price, $2,000 you know some people said it might be $700 now I might have to save for another year just to buy the thing I was crushed when I saw the price, I've been waiting since August for this and I'm going to have to wait till next August too. why Steve why. Well although its looking like I won't get this untill next Christmas, hey there might be a way. Anyway I'll get to see this "Macbook" on Friday because I'm going to Macworld! and this is all thanks to Dave Winer and I can't belive it I'm so happy I get to go to Macworld oh yeah! and hey I might be able to talk my Dad in to something :)

Happy New Year


Well another year gone and I've got to say 2005 was a very good year for me at least, anyway tonight there was a geek dinner in Palo Alto and it was nice to meet new people and go to one of my favorite places an earth(Apple store) There I did a post and Dave Winer took some nice photos of us all there you can check them out on Flickr I will link to them as soon as I figure out how to link to something when using Safari I'm using my uncle's eMac again, oh well. I hope you all have a great new year.

Yet another post from an Apple store


I just got back from a geek dinner and it was an enlightening experience, and now I'm in a Apple store dreaming about what computer I should buy. Right now I'm standing next to a famous podcaster thats not Dawn and Drew his name isJohn Furrier. Talk to ya soon.

Good bye Seattle


Well, it's been a very very fun week here and now I leave Seattle in just a few hours. I'll miss this place I really love it here with my Dad and Maryam and people here are so nice. Next week I will write about every thing that happened here, including talking smack to an Apple employee. Okay now I have to pack. Happy Holidays from Mini Scobleizer!

Hello from yet another Apple store


I'm here at another Apple store in Seattle and dang I love Apple so much...oh man here comes my Dad...gotta run

Chris Pirillo podcast


Today I was in a podcast with Chis Pirillo and well it I got fired along with a kid named Lane he said that girls don't matter and a hell lot more (smooth move) so we where kicked out of the podcast. I don't know wat happened after that though, you can listen to the podcast here, Chris should have it up soon so listen to the podcast and tell me what you think about it I thought I still sound like a brat.

I miss you Dawn and Drew


Since I've been in Seattle I have missed six Dawn and Drew shows and...dang I miss them. Well I'll bet most of you think I don't have a life and I don't but hey I'm only eleven I have time to get a life. I just thought I would write of this because I love the Dawn and Drew show and I haven't really talked about them yet omy blog so I thought I should. If you know what a podcast is or you like comedy then you should check out The Dawn and Drew Show, oh and by the way you'll love this show or hate, it so listen at our own risk I love it though but I'm just kid so what do I know

Blog change


Hi long time no write. Well this one's going to be boring, I just want to know if you like my new blog format my Dad said he did so I thought I would ask you guys if you liked it. I will write a really post really soon in fact I'm already working on one, oh and by the way I'm in Seattle with my Dad right now. Talk to ya later.

Dad and Washington


Sorry, long time no write...again. For my winter break my Dad brought me to Washington and well I have a lot of stories to tell of my Dad, Maryam, and some Friends too I will write these acounts by days like First day, Seconed day and on so. First day in Seattle: A plane ride, a long drive, and I've learned that I need a hair cut, and what dose this mean? First the plane ride from hell it was boring and my Dad stole my iPod, then after the plane ride we have to drive all the way to my Dad's work to pick up his power adapter for his tablet PC because he forgot it. Well that's all for the frist day in Seattle highlights, oh and just so you know this was a short one beacause this all spaned from 7 to 12 at night. I'll write about the next day in Seattle/Wasington/Bothell soon.

Xbox 360 and Dad


The Xbox 360 came out a little while ago and I saw one at Best Buy and Target they are so cool. I'm not much of a gamer but every one has to be impressed with it. The ghaphics plus they have usd port so you can listen to your iPod on the Xbox that's pretty cool. But I'm not much of a gamer so although it looks very very sharp I don't NEED one, and want and need are two completely different things. My Dad on the other hand wants one but of course every 40 year old geek would right, since my Dad has little sence of what he needs and wants...You get the idea and I know he would only play with it for two days say it was cool and then leave it alone for ever it's like his Xbox he's never played with it so when ever I go to Seattle the thing covered with dust and it's really lame to see this thing all dusty it's the same with his iPod shuffle too. Though he does like taking peoples things like Maryam's camera he bought it for her for her birthday the only person that used it for the next five months was him. Anyway Dad save your money so you can spend it one me and every one else who like games get your self on the six month wating list for the Xbox 360.

A Apple question


Hi again, long time no write. Apple, Apple what you might ask, the computers of course. I heard from many people Apple is making some important improvements to there computers and about time to I suppose Steve is getting ready for the bang of Vista. Apple will hopefully start putting Intel chips in there computers making them faster and cheaper. Do you think Apple will regain some market share by doing this? I would like to also know why the G5 chips they use are so expensive when there pretty slow for the price large price I hope I get some feedback I would ask my Dad but he's in Europe and no one wants to pay long distance for a question like this when I could just write it on my blog.

Mom, kitties, and Christmass


Here I am writing a post when my Mom arrives in my room to watch me write a post and with her come my kitties. My kitties are so cute and soft, one is orange with some stripes on his tail he's named Pumpkin, the other one is pure black and named Spookey. They are so cute I love them lots. Ok now that the girly side of me is gone time to get back to the real post. Last weekend Maryam showed me a kids blog this "kid" I seem to have met over the summer his name was Lane at least I think it was Lane...anyway his blog is about what kids like him or I "want" and he recently wrote a post of his X-mass list so I thought I would write a post like the one he wrote. Here it is: nothing not till January at least when all the good new computers come thats it I just wasted some of your life because you just read this uesless excuse of a post.

A post from an eMac at my uncle's house


I'm here at my uncle Tony's house right now and I'm useing his eMac to blog with and this thing is my test computer (for when I get a Mac) so I know what every thing looks like and stuff and I've came to this's slow, old, and slow. It's so old theres not a iTunes version past 3.1 that can get on this thing and there's no garageband. It's also very very slow so E is not very good for education unless you want too sit there for hours wating for something to load, though I did get Camino on here though and it's beautiful and blogger is better on this browser than Safari's version of it.

Harry Potter review (spoilers)


I saw the new Harry Potter movie last night with a few friends and it was...good, A little sad though, it really got to the girls in our group of friends some of them where crying, I wasn't but it was very depressing when Cedric died and Harry took his body back and they land in the middle of the Triwizard arena after Cedric died and everyone's clapping and cheering for Harry and Cedric until they realize Cedric's dead and Harry's crying over Voldemort's return then eveyone starts crying and that part is really sad. You have to see the movie too see what I mean. I give it a 4 out of 5 rating -- it was a very good movie and I highly recomend it to you, but it really earned its PG-13 rating a child under nine can be very freaked out by this movie (unless they're like me).

Thanks Dave


Wow sounds like a lot of the traffic I got on Sunday came from Dave at his blog thats really nice. I've Known Dave Back when there was an INTERNET HUT!!! So to say thank you in a realy crappy way heres Dave's blog

hello again!!!


Hi again, still at the Apple store and my Dad wants me to link to him and I need a manual to do this. Turns out in Windows there's a linking command in Blogger, but not in Safari. Maybe I'm missing it. If I ever get a Mac I'm switching to Firefox anyway. Who uses Safari?

My Dad is doing my idea too


Hello agian still talking from a iBook in Palo Alto and my Dad just took my idea time your in a Apple store just do a little post on your blog Steve Jobs won't mind (I think) but hey we are using his products!!!

Hi from a computer in the apple store


Hi everyone, I'm doing a post from the apple store in Palo Alto :) this is so cool. Sorry my dad and I where going to do a podcast this weekend but.... we never got to it. LOL. This shows we are lazzy butts next week I will write a review on the new Harry Potter movie and there will hopefully be a podcast too. Today went to Hobee's for lunch/breakfest and than we went to Fry's Eletronics with Buzz Bruggeman.

All Alone


Happy Veterinary's Day to every one. You might have the day off of work or school because I do I'm just sayin this cause my Dad hasen't posted today. He might have gotten an full night of sleep he hasen't done that in awhile. ( I just hope Steve Jobs diden't snipe him :) All though my Mom diden't get the day off now theres a choice. I can go to daycare where they have windows 98 computers "gasp" and you only have 20 minute turns " NOOOOOOO!!!!!"or I could stay home..(let me think)...home. The one problem with staying home is being alone no brothers or sisters. So here I am just siting hear waching The Hitchhikers Guide multiple times but thats ok cause of my computer.

what's up here


Here's what's going on right now. I just finished with my geometry homework, now I have to do a science experment on water and ice, and how water expands when frozen. My orange cat just cut me when I tried to get him off the old chair thing in the living room because he was scatching the chair. Now here's a question have you ever had a penpal?because I do she lives in Japan, I just wrote her on friday. That's what's going on right now. : )

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile


This is a short one, go to It's funny. :)

my podcasts


Time for the question of the day(but I'm running out of ideas for questions so I'm working on a new segment or two that will put an end to the question of the day I'm thinking that reviews might be a good idea)well heres todays question did you like my podcasts with my Dad?should we/I do another? Because I thought I kinnda sounded like a brat in those things ;).Thanks Patrick