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Iconoclast Blast

Random thoughts, articles, ranticles, and musings from an iconoclastic geek.

Published: 2014-07-15T09:40:12-08:00


Ditch Agile, Go With Common Sense


I am so sick of Agile I could puke. Agile "methods" and "processes" are often used as a bludgeon to enforce the great speedup, doing more, faster, with fewer resources. I see estimations forced into the PM or manager's demanded hard deadline, hours getting longer because of wasted time in meetings, and "rapid" deployment of garbage code that needs to be rolled back because no integration testing was done (eliminating QA does that to you.)

How To ***REALLY*** Advocate for the Customer


I occasionally see job ads for "customer advocates" or "customer evangelists". They all turn out to be sales and marketing, that is, advocating or evangelizing stuff to the would-be user. That is so ass-backwards that it makes me foam at the mouth.

Do's and Don'ts for Startup Operations


I've been at several mid-sized companies, post-startup acquisitions, or startups trying to grow and scale. All of them have had issues that could be prevented by thinking big while starting small. If you think about what your system will look like at hundreds of servers, you quickly realize that setting things up right to start with will save you effort if and when you grow and scale. Here are the first 20 of these recommendations

More Cloud Fallacy

2013-08-09T15:51:00-08:00 they outsourced, for example, to Amazon Web Services (server + network administration).
BZZZZT!!! Wrong!! You do not escape "server + network administration".

When The Only Tool You're Allowed...


I keep getting pitches for "Agile" this and "Agile" that. It's baloney. When the only tool you allowed is a hammer, and that hammer is pitched as the golden solution to all your problems, you are in serious trouble when it comes to installing screws or putting on nuts, nevermind polishing your work. When the only workflow a company will allow it's people to use is "agile" development, even in non-development arenas, you are just a slave to a management guru who sold you a bill of goods and your company will sink.

Linux, Non-profits, and Health Insurance


Last month, a retired volunteer for an Linux-based charity had a stroke. See this: When "minor" and "devestating" are used in the same sentence. Because of brutal, inhumane state and federal policies dictated by Wall Street, she is ineligible for...

Cloud Schadenfreude


By now it's been over a month since Amazon AWS East went down, hard, for five days and pulled the shine off of the cloud hype. Now that I'm not working again, I have time to comment on the stupidity....

Open Source Contributions


You know, it's really cool to work for a company that contributes stuff to open source, like this: zeromq input and output modules for rsyslog....

Age and Treachery


There is a tendency in the Silicon Valley to only hire "Recent College Grads" - this means young people, under 30, but with a politically correct gloss on it.

Peaking at "The Cloud"


OK, so "Cloud Computing" is a fancy way of saying hosted data storage, servers or applications. Your stuff on someone else's hardware, for a fee. They do the drudge work, you do the thinking and rake in the money, right?

Unemployment Issues


Silly companies, has no one told you that we are in a deprerecession? When you hire an H1(b) for a US job, you hamper the recovery. When you refuse to consider an unemployed applicant, you shoot yourself in the face....

Clouded Thinking


"Cloud Computing" is supposedly the next big thing in computing. "Everybody is looking to develop a cloud strategy", blah, blah. It's ninety-five percent hype. That's the nicest thing I have to say about it.

Wanted: A New Conservative Party


OK, we know that the Republican party has become the party of religious conservatives, corporate pandering and bellicose foreign relations. No longer fiscally responsible, they say "No" to any spending or tax cut for the middle class, and "Yes" to any and all spending and tax cuts for huge corporations and the wealthy. They want to get all up in people's private business, and push their pseudo-religious agenda onto everyone by force of law, but don't want a single regulation to touch their precious corporations and how they do business with the public. That's not a true conservative, IMO. It's a parody owned and operated by corporate and religious interests (that are often in bed together, too.)

Amazon Should Implement Granular "Safe Search"


Amazon recently got hammered over someone assigning any and all books with positive outlooks on homosexuality to the "adult" category, effectively stripping their page ranks. This was very scattershot, and seemed to have been happening "quietly" for a while. Needless to say, it hit both Twitter (#amazonfail) and various blogs and exploded.

Tax Spend Borrow Repay


The last 8 years of disastrous Republican fiscal policy can be best described as Borrow and Spend The next 8 or more years will have to be Tax and Repay.