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Last updated 2017-04-25 17:03:50.747096+00


a cycling safety video that was abruptly stunning
Dan Lyke:

Ouch. Shadow forwarded along a cycling safety video that was abruptly stunning...

Not sure I totally agree with its statistics, but the end point is the same whether the cyclist fucked up or the driver did.

How far we've come
Dan Lyke:

How far we've come: "top" is listing the resident RAM usage of my process in fractions of a terabyte.
Dan Lyke:

Introducing the Kitty Hawk Flyer (YouTube)

Looks like the first commercially available n-copter I've seen. This one's a recreational fly over water in the ground effect toy, but that looks like up to 20' AGL.

The random quarter that landed Life magazine in court
Dan Lyke:

The random quarter that landed Life magazine in court.

And a good reminder that the forces of "decency", the anti-pornography crusaders and the like, are just anti-feminists in drag.

RT Allyx Davison‏ @MyNameIsAllyx
Dan Lyke:

RT Siobhan Thompson‏ @vornietom:

The numbers for the Science March seem high but we won't know until we compare it to the numbers at the placebo march that's also happening

RT Siobhan Thompson‏ @vornietom:

I honestly feel bad for the people on the Placebo March who thought they were at the Science March but double blind testing is important

RT Jeremy Cape‏ @jeremydcape:

There's hardly anyone at the homoeopathy march but they say that's how it works.

RT Allyx Davison‏ @MyNameIsAllyx:

I heard the placebo marchers feel like they're making a difference even after they're told they're at the placebo march

Dan Lyke:

(image) Artisanal phat beatz
Dan Lyke:

NSA leak includes binaries, thousands of 5kr1pt k1dd13s run them on their machines. #raisedeyebrow
Dan Lyke:

Your Brain On Drug Policy | Rachael Leigh Cook (2017)

Square Dancing notes of the moment
Dan Lyke:

Last night Charlene and I went to the Petaluma Arts Center Idea Lounge with Scott Lowrie and Laura Sunday. Laura is the driving force behind Taste of Petaluma and the Great Petaluma Chili Cook-Off, and attributes her abilities to run those events to discovering roller dancing, 20 years ago, when she was 50.

One of the things she talked about was being the grand dame of roller dancing in Golden Gate Park now, only one regular dancer older than her (85 to her 70), how the activity was being filled by younger dancers. Given that in Modern Western Square Dancing she'd be about mid-range in age, I went up afterwards and asked what she thought was dragging in the kids, and a few notions stuck:

Her first association with square dancing (and most people's) was "well, these are urban kids, they don't go for that kind of music". Good point, we need to work on more modern and relevant music. This is complicated by the issue that MWSD really needs lyric-less music, because we're all about the choreography.

She also commented that in Sundays at Golden Gate Park there are huge swing dancing groups, so it's not like modern music is everything. Though Postmodern Jukebox, The Basement Jaxx, and similar have helped keep the swing music revival going.

She made a comment about breaking traditions, and new paths. As much as I love what CALLERLAB has made square dancing, having standardized calls means that innovation only happens with new calls (choreography has largely been "done", especially as we look at how much of what used to be called back in the '60s and '70s as "bad flow" or worse). So the institutional rigidity has pretty much stopped innovation and adoption from other dance styles.

She also commented, as most people do, "Oh yeah, I did that back in grade school". Which, of course, brought to mind Pappy Shaw's admonition (from the nineteen teens or twenties: "Please do not teach these dances to little children. Grade-school pupils may enjoy them but it will mark the dances forever in your community with the stigma of "kid stuff.""). And is something I need to think about as my club talks about bringing in home school students.

On The Turing Completeness of PowerPoint (SIGBOVIK) (YouTube video)
Dan Lyke:

On The Turing Completeness of PowerPoint (SIGBOVIK) (YouTube video)

... It requires asymptotically fewer autoshapes than when implemented in alternative slideshow editors...


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Dan Lyke:

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