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Wood, mold and Japanese architecture
Dan Lyke:

Wood, mold and Japanese architecture. Some really cool notes on why Japanese buildings and carpentry have evolved as they have.

Dan Lyke:

OH: "people trying to deny sexism exists resulted in advancing statistical modeling techniques by an order of magnitude."

Via MeFi
Dan Lyke:

Bob Hoover, legendary pilot, dead at 94. Back when I was a wee lad I saw him do his engine out in a Rockwell twin turboprop routine. Complete with the 8 point roles. Amazing precision.

Via MeFi

Football Alters the Brains of Kids as Young as 8
Dan Lyke:

Football Alters the Brains of Kids as Young as 8. If you have kids playing (American) football, it's time to stop. It's really time to stop football altogether.

NIJ Research Report: Case Studies in Use of DNA Evidence, June 1996
Dan Lyke:

NIJ Research Report: Case Studies in Use of DNA Evidence, June 1996:

Every year since 1989, in about 25 percent of the sexual assault cases referred to the FBI where results could be obtained (primarily by State and local law enforcement), the primary suspect has been excluded by forensic DNA testing. Specifically, FBI officials report that out of roughly 10,000 sexual assault cases since 1989, about 2,000 tests have been inconclusive (usually insufficient high molecular weight DNA to do testing), about 2,000 tests have excluded the primary suspect, and about 6,000 have "matched" or included the primary suspect.1 The fact that these percentages have remained constant for 7 years, and that the National Institute of Justice's informal survey of private laboratories reveals a strikingly similar 26-percent exclusion rate, strongly suggests that postarrest and postconviction DNA exonerations are tied to some strong, underlying systemic problems that generate erroneous accusations and convictions.

Thirteen things I wish I'd learned before choosing non-monogamy
Dan Lyke:

Kitty Stryker: Porn didn't ruin your sex life. Sorry.

It’s frustrating because we’re so quick to demonize porn for ruining sex, but don’t think nearly as much about how media ruins our ideas about romance.

Toxic masculinity is present in almost every romantic comedy, but it’s seen as cute, not problematic. I swear men learn how to kiss from movies, and it takes a lot of unlearning that kind of stage performance, but no one is shaking a finger at Hollywood for destroying make out sessions. Why is authenticity so demanded from porn while it’s completely ignored at the box office?

And a plethora from Lola Phoenix, the first one is good, the other two are included because I had the browser tabs open and might want to go back to them for reference because of who and where I got them from:
Dan Lyke:

I realize that everyone has pointed to the Buzzfeed piece on Julian Assange, but it really is worth reading:

Dan Lyke:

(image) Android 5.1 audio, backup camera, nav and forward DVR installed in the truck.

Dan Lyke:

Wow. @evgonetwork needs to work with their credit card processor. Anti-fraud calls, and I still couldn't make their charger work on my car.
Dan Lyke:

Oh this is a fun little web toy: Type in C++ on the left, get x86 assembly on the right. Particularly neat is to add -O3 and watch all the pre-compute happen...

Dan Lyke:

(image) Human doing make device broken is not on warranty

Building inspector came by and checked
Dan Lyke:

Building inspector came by and checked off the permits for both solar and the electric car charger. Yay!

Currently installing a backup camera
Dan Lyke:

Currently installing a backup camera with replacement stereo console in the truck. Car manufacturers are assholes.

Jailed 96 days on bogus charge: It is no one's fault?
Dan Lyke:

Missouri loves company they'll incarcarate ya in order to keep ya: Mississippi woman jailed 96 days without seeing a judge or lawyer.

ACKERMAN, Miss. — Pulled over for traffic violations, Jessica Jauch was held for 96 days in a Mississippi jail without seeing a judge, getting a lawyer or having a chance to make bail. She was charged with a felony based on a secretly recorded video that prosecutors finally acknowledged showed her committing no crime.

Jailed 96 days on bogus charge: It is no one's fault?

It's unclear from these articles exactly what was going on here, apparently the traffic stop was incidental to some grand jury charges that seemed to stem from a DA gunning for her, because the grand jury charges were dropped once an Assistant DA saw the video that the charges were supposed to stem from, but dayumn.

Careful near Missouri.