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This Week's (Belated) Acquisitions


Susan Rivers, The Second Mrs. Hockaday (Alongonquin, 2017). An officer's adolescent wife, left alone while he fights in the Civil War, may have committed infanticide during his absence. (Lift Bridge) Jean Giono, Melville: A Novel, trans. Paul Eprile (NYRB, 2017)....

Brief note: Eva; or, As the Child, So the Woman


I'm in the process of reading through Thomas Richardson's catalog of Catholic fiction, as far as I'm able. As his list consisted primarily of short(er) novels for young people, it's not a hugely onerous project. Alice Ismene O'Neill Daunt, the...

This Week's Acquisitions


Emma Leslie, Quadratus: A Tale of the World in the Church (Nelson & Phillips, 1875). Early Church historical novel set during the 4th century, featuring such luminaries as John Chrysostom, Monica, and a very young (and rather naughty) Augustine. (eBay)...

This Week's (Belated) Acquisitions


David Rocklin, The Night Language (Vireo, 2017). Historical novel based on the experiences of the very short-lived Prince Alamayou (Alemayehu) in England. (Amazon) Gregory Maguire, Hiddensee: A Tale of the Once and Future Nutcracker (Morrow, 2017). Yet another of Maguire's...

*Must* they have?


I am 2/3 of the way through a monograph which argues all its claims by reference to what X "must" have done, or "would" have done, or "may" have done, etc., etc., etc. But why assume that even a highly-cultured...

This Week's Acquisitions


(Several area independent bookshops were hosting a promotional tour this month, so of course...) Ismay Thorn [pseud. Edith Caroline Pollock], Jim (Darton, 1893). One of Thorn's many school stories for boys; this one has a Band of Hope prize label....

Brief note: The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage


At the end of The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage, Philip Pullman's new prequel to the His Dark Materials trilogy, Pullman quotes not Milton or Blake (the animating poets of the earlier novels) but Spenser. And indeed, most of...

This Week's Acquisitions


Jane Harris, Sugar Money (Faber, 2017). Two slaves owned by a Catholic order are ordered to Grenada on a secret mission to retrieve the order's other slaves, with terrible consequences. Based on a true story. (Amazon UK) Phillip Mallett, ed.,...

Howl! The Annual Horde of Halloween Horrors: Desert Island Edition


It's just you, a desert island, and ten nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century horror stories from the UK and Ireland. Which do you choose? I did my best to throw in a few more unusual choices, but some stories simply refused to...

This Week's (Very Belated) Acquisitions


Helen Oyeyemi, What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours (Riverhead, 2016). Interconnected short stories in which some things can be opened, some can't, and some shouldn't be. (Free copy) Jane Stafford, Colonial Literature and the Native Author: Indigeneity and Empire...

This Week's Acquisitions


The Weaver of Naumburg; Or, a City Saved by Children (RTS, n.d.). Translation from the German of a historical novel about Hussites during a plague epidemic. (eBay) Patrick McGrath, The Wardrobe Mistress (Hutchinson, 2017). During WWII, an actor dies at...

Friday Cat Blogging


Ozias Midwinter, Allan Armadale, and Lydia Gwilt doze on their favorite blanket in some of our rather unseasonable sunshine.

Beyond Jane Austen Investigates...


An exchange with a colleague about a new mystery that happened to touch on his research field reminded me that detective novelists these days could be more adventurous in their search for nineteenth-century inspirations. Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and Thomas...

Sherlocking Along


I'm teaching the Sherlock Holmes and adaptation seminar again this year, and we've now moved past selected Doyle stories and an example of Rathbone/Bruce into the core of the semester--works which engage not just with Doyle, but with the tradition...

This Week's Acquisitions


Chantel Acevedo, The Living Infinite (Europa, 2017). Historical novel about Eulalia of Spain and her global travels. (Lift Bridge) Jessica Anderson, The Commandant (Text Classics, 2013). Reprint of Anderson's 1975 historical novel set in the Moreton Bay penal colony during...