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The Little Professor

Things Victorian and academic.

Updated: 2016-09-26T19:59:29-04:00


Brief note: Lovers' Saint Ruth's: And Three Other Tales


As a break from contemplating my participation on what are about to be five committees this semester--I seem to have missed the memo about full professors being able to say "no" to things--I decided to read some Catholic fiction. Louise...

This Week's Acquisitions


Robert Pollok, Helen of the Glen (Robert Carter, 1841). Two Covenanter orphans grow up and face various temptations, until the sister (of course) manages to bring her brother back to the right path on her deathbed. (eBay) Gabriele d'Annunzio, Pleasure,...



Now that I've relinquished my temporarily peripatetic existence (a bit of home renovation necessitating my exit), I'm back to work on my two companion articles--one at the formatting phase (as in, I've been formatting and reformatting it for hours on...

This Week's Acquisitions


The Daughter of Adoption, ed. Michael Scrivener, Yasmin Solomonescu, and Judith Thompson (Broadview, 2013). New edition of Thelwall's 1801 novel set in and after a slave rebellion in Haiti. More about Thelwall here. (Amazon [secondhand]) Sarah Perry, The Essex Serpent...

This semester's workload


It's always useful to know what faculty responsibilities are at different types of institution. This is what I'm doing this semester as a full professor at a small (8000+ students) regional comprehensive in the SUNY system: 1) Teaching: Three classes,...

"The Prospect Cards"


I first read Don Tumasonis' "The Prospect Cards" several years ago and have thought about it off and on ever since--perhaps because, even though the story is set in the twentieth century between the wars, so much of it resonates...

This Week's Acquisitions


Leonore Davidoff, Thicker than Water: Siblings and Their Relations, 1780-1920 (Oxford, 2012). Studies the history of the family not via parent-child relationships, but rather through the "lattice" of sibling connections in various guises (age, gender, after marriage, etc.). (Amazon [secondhand])...

The Procrastinating Professor: Or, the Unchanged Password. A Cautionary Tale


"But Mama!" wailed little Susan and little Joey, as they sat in their little chairs at their little table, playing with their iPad Minis. "We don't wanna change our passwords again! It doesn't have any effect on security!" Mama smiled...

In which I fail adaptation theory forever, or something


Surely adaptations of Charles Dickens always have the potential to be a good thing? Er, well... There are many things wrong with this proposal as described. Let us count the ways: “Twist” will explore a “sexy, contemporary” take on the...

This Week's Acquisitions


[Hesba Stretton], Fern's Hollow (RTS, c. 1877). One of the prolific Stretton's earlier novels, about a working-class boy suffering through multiple deaths and social humiliations. (eBay) Ruth Lynn, City Sparrows and Who Cared for Them (RTS, n.d.). A "waif" tale...

John Ward, Preacher


A few chapters into Margaret Deland's John Ward, Preacher, I exclaimed, "Hey, this is a reverse Robert Elsmere." Published the same year as Robert Elsmere, John Ward, Preacher similarly traces how the clash between heterodox and strictly orthodox beliefs affect...

This Week's Acquisitions


Margaret Deland, John Ward, Preacher (Houghton Mifflin, 1888). A nice but ultra-Calvinist clergyman marries a nice but heterodox woman, with increasingly problematic results. (eBay) Olivia Shakespear, Beauty's Hour, ed. Anne Margaret Daniel (Valancourt, 2016). New edition of this 1896 novella...

His Bloody Project


There is apparently no suspense at all about whodunnit in Graeme Macrae Burnet's His Bloody Project: Documents Relating to the Case of Roderick Macrae. Roderick tells us himself that "I have no wish to absolve myself of responsibility for the...

This Week's Acquisitions


"Mary Monica," Cottage Conversations (H. C. McGrath, n.d.). US reprint of an 1850 four-volume series of tracts in dialogue form, devoted to various aspects of Catholic life. (eBay) Agnes M. Stewart, Grace O'Halloran; Or, Ireland and Its Peasantry: A Tale...

The North Water


When readers think of whaling, Moby-Dick probably first comes to mind; when ice comes up, there's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" and Frankenstein. More recently, there have been a number of novels about the dangers of exploring frozen wastelands,...