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David Tebbutt's sporadic posts early 2005 to late 2015

Updated: 2015-12-16T16:58:31+00:00




Finally, I'm closing this blog. It will remain online but may be unrecognisable from a design perspective. Typepad will apply a different theme and block some functionality. The 'Stuff for Guy' blog will disappear altogether. You can still reach me...

Elastic writing is all very well, but...


Blogs and other online writing platforms allow people to write as much or as little as they want. However, it shouldn't be about what 'they' want but about what the reader wants. A well-known blogger recently wrote a very long...

Make your website multiplatform in less than a day


Common sense (and Google) suggests our web pages should be accessible on all devices, from smartphones upwards. As the proprietor of a desktop-centric website, I decided to look for the quickest way to become 'multi-platform'. After many false starts -...

Journalists and robots - nasty dream


Just woke from a nightmare. I'd submitted a piece to the Guardian and, when it appeared, it contained all sorts of stuff I hadn't written. I was used to sub-editors gently straightening my prose, but this was wholesale wrecking of...

Time for (blog) retirement?


Hi Folks, I'm very seriously thinking of closing this blog. This one started in 2005, following some experimentation in late 2004 after hearing Adriana Lukas speak on the subject at a conference. As a writer for Information World Review at...

Help the reader and help yourself


No-one needs to tell you that the reader is the most important person in the world to a publication. Conventionally, the journalist is responsible for maintaining this focus. Sadly, a great deal of journalism these days, especially online, is 'churnalism'...

Do what you love. Love what you do.


I'm a lucky person. Not only have I enjoyed almost all of my work, I've also had wonderful things drop into my lap out of the blue. It happened in January this year. The circumstances were tragic. But the outcome...

A treasure trove for writers and communicators?


A slightly belated Happy New Year to you all. It occured to me that you might be interested in a lot of links that I've either created or found useful in my writing and training activities. I (loosely) maintain a...

Another giant:


A final thank you (not really belated, I found them after the previous post) to A flaw in my HTML mark-up was causing some screen elements to misalign on a few devices. Nothing really serious, it was just that...

Thanks to the giants upon whose shoulders I stood


Once upon a time (1966 was the first time), I'd learn a programming language and then apply this knowledge to whatever problems were chucked my way. As I've got older, I decide what I want, then go online for help...