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Anders Jacobsen's blog

... because the Internet changes your life...

Published: 2008-08-22T15:48:01+01:00


Website usability: optimise the experience - don't ask users again for data you've already got


Clicking an online advertising banner for Nike ID recently, I noted something interesting: Nike already knew where I was and my language preference (supplied by either Google AdWords page context or Geolocation), yet they required me to take the time to give them the same information again in order to progress to their site. [...]

What people believe in depends on where they're born


science evolves and scientists of the (whole) world generally update their knowledge while religion is highly regional and individuals' beliefs depending mostly on where they were born: [...]

What is a NUF? - Norskregistrert utenlandsk foretak


Sponsored link: NUF

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Charlie Brooker on Dawkins' Darwin TV show Since Darwin's death, Dawkins points out, the evidence confirming his discovery has piled up and up and up, [...]. And yet heroically,...

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WordPress › Monotone theme Clever photoblog theme that changes colours based on the photo displayed. (tags: wordpress photo blogs) Photo blog, wordpress themefrom WP Glamour Pretty good looking WP...

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Why You Should Download Firefox 3 Right Now Webmonkey summarizes the benefits of new Firefox 3 (tags: web firefox) Help Firefox Set a World Record Mozilla aims for new...

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The day the music died [dive into mark] Why Microsoft's "PlaysForSure" is about to stop playing (tags: music, DRM)...

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Sam Harris: What Barack Obama Could Not (and Should Not) Say Very interesting and to the point about religion in the US today (tags: religion politics atheism) Christopher Hitchens...

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Reports of voting irregularities in Norway over OOXML standard approval (tags: microsoft standards technology openoffice Norway ooxml) OOXML approved as international standard? The Register reports on the debate following...

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Phatch a good-looking multiplatform batch photo editor (Windows, Linux and Mac) (tags: linux opensource photo software)...

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Useful list of Wordpress plugins (tags: wordpress blogs)...

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It’s Pronounced Dow Aaron Toponce aka John Dough beats "the system" (tags: hack privacy) Unintentionally funny product names (tags: fun funny)...

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Can an enterprise be completely supported by open source? (tags: opensource technology ubuntu openoffice)...

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Shamed 'alternative medicine' quack silences web critic | The Register Quackometer, run by Oxfordshire IT worker Andy Lewis, was shuttered by ISP Netcetera on Monday following threats to sue...

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Open source software free, open source solutions to most of your "I want to..."s (tags: opensource software windows linux) Baby Bible Bashers davblog points out a show I must...