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Gold Silver Down. ,Buy Crude Oil Long Term


Gold Silver open today on higher level, but over all day look down trend on MCX,gold traded at 27500 level and slip down side below 27396,

mcx crude oil traded above 3829 with loss of 29 point ,

बेस मेटल्स की चाल बेहद सुस्त है। कॉपर 412 रुपये के पास है, तो निकेल में दबाव है। एमसीएक्स पर निकेल 0.75 फीसदी की गिरावट के साथ 868 रुपये के नीचे आ गया है। एल्युमिनियम में 0.2 फीसदी की बढ़त आई है, तो लेड में 0.1 फीसदी की हल्की तेजी है और जिंक की चाल सपाट है।

Evening Session MCX Tips

BUY MCX GOLS ABOVE 27430 TARGET 27500/27570/27650 STOPLOSS 27350
BUY CRUDE OIL 3825 3845/3865/3900 STOPLOSS 3790
BUY SILVER ABOVE 39900 TARGET 40000,40100.40200 STOPLOSS 39750

Gold weak trend on comax, Sell mcx gold today 12 January evening tips


Commodity mcx gold trend for evening session look weak trend , now 5 pm evening time traded at 26864 while made recent low at 26851,
comax trend for gold today low down side, made recent high at $1231 and low side at $1217.2, open at $1223.46

Evening Trend update: sell mcx gold 26920 target 26850/26750/26700 stoploss 27030

Base metal and Crude oil look in down trend, keep short position in crude oil, copper and natural gas .

Commodity Trend update Gold silver trading news ,base metal down by weak china Data


Commodity Gold and Silver Weak trend today , mcx crude oil look in green mode after touch down side 3383, open at 3398 and made high at 3410.
MCX Gold trend: Gold open at 26698 and made high 26759 and low of day at 26670 , comax market range bound at $1184 to $1181 down side.

Intraday Gold Tips:
Sell above 26750 target 26700/26650/26600 stoploss 26820

MCX Silver Trend: mcx silver look in green mode on domestic market, silver open at 36051, made low at 36022 ,high of day at 36215

Intraday Tips: Sell Silver above 36200 target 36100/36000/35900 stoploss 36370

Base Metal Trend:
mcx Copper traded down at 398.5 , mcx Nickel 965.1 while made high 970.6 , and low of day at 962
Intraday Tips base metal:
sell copper 400 target 398/396/394 stoploss 402
sell Nickel 968 target 960/955/950 stoploss 975

Gold silver commodity update 2014


(image) 2014 में चांदी 43,870 रुपये से 15 .5 फीसदी गिरकर 37000 रुपये के स्तर पर आ गई है। जबकि सोना इस एक साल में 5 फीसदी गिरकर 28400 रुपये पर आ गया है। इसी तरह इस दौरान एमसीएक्स पर कच्चा तेल 6124 रुपये से 44 फीसदी फिसलकर 3400 रुपये पर आ गया है। नायमैक्स कच्चे तेल में 2014 में 42 फीसदी की गिरावट हुई है। 2014 में कॉपर में 15 फीसदी और लेड में 14 फीसदी की गिरावट दर्ज की गई है। जबकि इस दौरान जिंक और निकेल में 8 और 10 फीसदी की बढ़त हुई है।

LME inventory today , buy sell base metal tips 30 December


according to LME data Copper and Nickel look down trend ,while Zinc and Lead look positive trend, 
aluminium ,natural gas, crude oil , gold silver look in down trend,
mcx crude again slip down below 3400 while Gold traded below 26717, and silver 36470.
nickel trend today

LME Data today :

Date  : 30/12/2014,  LME Inventory  Aluminium: -6375 Copper: +400  Lead: -25  Nickel: +1896  Tin: +25  Zinc: +1500

  Evening Commodity calls  today :

Sell mcx copper 403 target 400/397/395 stoploss 407
Sell Nickel above 955 target 940/935/931 stoploss 960
Sell natural gas above 203 target 201/198/196 stoploss 205.5

MCX Commodity Trend Gold,Silver And Crude oil, Buy Gold and Crude today Sure tips


Mcx commodity Gold trend: on comax gold traded positive side $1196 above while open at 1194.2 and made high $1197.49

MCX market open at 27031 and recent high at 27058 while low of day at 27006 ,
Intraday MCX gold call: buy gold 27030 target 27065/27120/27165 stoploss 26900

MCX silver Trend: onnymax silver traded positive at $16.169 while open at $16.059, high at $16.225 and low at $16.015 , intraday trader make position above 37340 target 37500/37600/37700 stoploss 37150

MCX Crude oil : mcx crude oil prices looked positive cause of
crude oil prices look uptrend cause of production affected by Libya , buy MCX crude oil 3540 target 3555/3575/3590 stoploss 3520 or

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Intraday Commodity Trading tips, Crude oil , natural gas calls Update


(image) Mcx Commodity base metal trend:
copper traded down side below 405 with loss of 1.35,
Mcx Nickel was down below 980 with loss of 0.20%,
crude oil traded above 3600 support of weak rupee to help upside natural gas peices and cude oil prices.
Evening session trend:
buy crude oil 3590 target 3615/3625/3640
buy natural gas 201 target 204/206/208 stoploss 198
sell mcx copper above 405 target 403/401/398 stoploss 408

Live Commodity update: buy sell natural gas and crude oil tips


Commodity MCX market Update:

Natural gas traded under pressure on mcx while positive sign on nymax today, mcx evening session traded at 201 while day session made high 204.6, and low of day at 200.1.

best Strategy to sell above 201- 202 target 199/197/196 stoploss 205

Crude oil Trend: mcx crude oil traded range bound today, open at 3559 and made low at 3538 while high of day at 3594.
intraday trader can buy crude oil at 3540 keep target 3590/3620/3640 stoplsos 3510
sell above 3612 target 3580/3540/3520 stoploss 3640

commodity update: gold and silver call, crude oil trading tips


commodity gold and silver looked choppy in mcx market, gold traded below 26950 while silver 37000, copper ,crude oil ,nickel and zinc become positive trend,
crude oil increase 2% on comax cause of global trend,
natural gas huge down today more than 5% ,
(image) intraday trader can buy gold 26950 target 27000/27130 stoploss 26900
silver buy at 37000 target 37100/37200/37300 stoploss 36900
buy copper 409 target 411/413/415 stoploss 406
crude oil buy 3680 target 3700/3710/3730 stoploss 3650

Commodity Base Metal buy Trend with support of global market , buy copper, nickel


base metal copper and nickel ,look in buying mode, mcx copper made high above 407 and nickel 990 above,
zinc, lead aluminium increase 1% above with support of European Market .

commodity call today

buy nickel 986 to 980 target 990/995/1000/ keep stoploss 975
buy copper 403.5 target 408/410/413 stoploss 400
buy natural gas 229 target 235/237 sl 225

nicke and copper trading tips , sell silver gold 4 December commodity calls


Commodity market trend Evening session:

Gold fallen below 26300 with loss of 177 point.

silver fallen below 36150 with loss of 36128 point,
crude oil 4150 with loss of 35 point

base metal copper up side 402
and mcx Nickel 1145

sell crude oil 4150 target 4100 stoploss 4170
sell gold 26300 target 26150/26000 stoploss 26380
sell silver 36250 target 36000/36800 stoploss 36500


crude oil tips on mcx commodity, copper and nickel update today


crude oil fail more than 0.5% open at 4250 and made low of day at 4228, traded at 4269 , after OPEC decision crude fail from upper range.

Intraday trader can sell mcx copper above 4270 target 4240/4220 then 4200 stoploss 4295,
mcx copper and nickel also looked in under pressure due to expiry today, February contact positive trend for copper
buy at 400 target 405/408/412 stoploss 397

Gold demand weak December contact , sell crude oil today 27 November


Gold Silver weak trend today cause of global demand weak ,on mcx market gold traded below at 26250 while open at 26308, low of day at 26131, mcx silver open at 36454 and made low at 35802,now 2 pm traded at 36122,  intraday trader can sell gold at 26250 target 26100/26000 with stoploss 26350silver sell above 36200 target 36000,35800,35600 stoploss 36450crude oil tips and trend:crude oil looked under pressure before result of OPEC meeting , mcx commodity market crude oil down 2%above last two days,today open at 4566 and made low of day at 4474, now traded at 4485 with loss of 94 point, December contact should more down fall above 4450 to 4400 level. base metal copper and nickel look in green mode, intraday trader should be buy at 404/405 target 408/411 stoploss 401[...]

copper and natural gas trading tips ,commodity crude oil calls 26 November


mcx copper trend positive today open at 404.60 and made recent high 406.80 ,down side low at 401.60, other base metal trend negative , lead, zinc and nickel look in red sign.

Natural gas prices positive last two days made high above 276.40, and low of day at 273.40
today tips on NG : buy at 274 target 276/279/281 stoploss 272
buy copper above 405 target 407/410 stoploss 401
nickel update call for today:
buy nickel above 1005 target 1010/1018 stoploss 995

Gold silver trading tips today 25 november , base metal tips


Gold silver traded range bound today , mcx gold made high 25533 and open at 25492 while low of day at 25471, silver traded above 36458 and made low at 36350 while high of day at 36555.

global trend for gold and silver look negative before US DATA come at evening session,
mcx crude oil traded down side at 4716 while open at 4739 and made high 4740, low of day at 4705, pressure seen before OPEC meeting .
What should be do in crude oil:
trader can buy position on crude oil at 4700 to 4715 target 4730/4760/4790 stoploss 4680
base metal tips:
base metal copper and nickel look positive trend copper traded above 412.60 with gain of 2.40 point , mcx nickel traded above 1024 with gain of 1.80, Zinc and lead as well as aluminium traded in green mode today,
Natural Gas down fall stop at 263 level and now traded above 268.20 so keep buying positon on NG target above 285.
BUY GOLD 25480 TARGET 25600/25750 STOPLOSS 25380
BUY SILVER ABOVE 36450 TARGET 36600/36800 STOPLOSS 36300

Mentha oil down and base metal aggressive on commodity


मेंथा तेल में  तेज गिरावट आई है। एमसीएक्स पर इसका दाम करीब 2.25 फीसदी तक फिसल गया है और यह 688.70 रुपये के नीचे  रहा है। दरअसल हाजिर बाजार में कारोबार बिल्कुल ठंडा है। ऐसे में वायदा भाव पर दबाव बना हुआ है।

बेस मेटल्स में तेजी आई है। जिंक, निकेल और एल्युमीनियम में करीब 0.5 से 2 फीसदी की बढ़त पर कारोबार  है। सबसे ज्यादा तेजी जिंक में आई है। दरअसल एलएमई के गोदामों में इसका भंडार लगातार गिर रहा है। ऐसे में जिंक की कीमतों को सपोर्ट मिला है। रुपये में मजबूती के बावजूद एमसीएक्स पर जिंक का दाम 2.25 फीसदी की बढ़त के साथ 141 रुपये के पार चला गया है। वहीं एमसीएक्स पर निकेल करीब 1 फीसदी की उछाल के साथ 1015 रुपये पर  है।

natural gas sell on mcx today 21 november , commodity calls base metal


Natural Gas sell mode in mcx market after recent high of 280 today , prices drop 271 till afternoon time , intraday trader can sell above 275 target with 270/265/260/255 stoploss 285 after high storage inventory in US.


Mcx copper and nickel demand weak today so keep short position above in copper at 414.5 with stop loss 417 and target will be 411/408/406

mcx nickel sell out at 1015 target 1010/1005,1000 stoploss 1021.



Gold sustain highest on month November 26469, copper and crude oil trading tips


Comax gold price increase last Friday above $1194, mcx gold traded positive above 26364 and made high 26469, silver traded 35801 and made high 36284,

Intraday trader can buy gold above 26300 target 26350/26400/26450 stoploss 26250
Silver can sell below 35800 target 35700/35600/35500 stoploss 35950.
Crude oil down after opening at 4660 made low at 4616, intraday trader can buy above 4625 target 4645/4670/4690 stoploss 4590
mcx copper update: dure to weak data from China mcx copper fail from upper range 415 ,and traded above 413.35.
Commodity Eveing Call:
Sell mcx copper at 414.50 target 412/410/408 stoploss 416

Gold silver Rise on comax ,negative data from US , mcx trading tips tomorrow


yesterday mcx gold , silver taken huge recovery and increase more than 2%, comax gold high above $1192 and mcx gold made high at 26531, mcx silver made high 36266 and nymax silver made high at $16.280 , 
over all effect seen on market from US data , stock market of US decline and hope of cut production of crude oil from OPEC , that's cause increase crude oil from lower side.
base metal copper and nickel also increase 2%, crude oil close on positive side above 4662.
Tomorrow commodity trend and tips:
Sell gold December 26500 target 26350/26200/26100 stoploss 26700
Sell Silver above 36100 target 35750/35500/35350 stoploss 36450
sell copper above 415 target 413/411/408 stoploss 419
buy natural gas above 249 target 251/255/257 stoploss 247

mcx commodity calls update on 13 November, gold silver today trend


mcx commodity gold silver traded under pressure on upper level, gold traded at 28800 and mcx silver traded at 34700 with green mode, morning session gold made high at 25930 and down at 25802.

silver made high 34883 while low of day at 34692. on comax gold traded range bound $1265 to $1260 ,
crude oil and natural gas trend: mcx crude oil fail upper side at 4750 , and natural gas below 255.
commodity calls for trading today:
buy mcx gold above 25800 target 25850/25900 stoploss 25730
buy mcx silver above 34650 target 34800/34900 stoploss 34500
buy copper above 411.50 target 413/415/417 stoploss 409

gold ,silver support on US job data and ECB data , free mcxtips tomorrow


last night commodity market positive trend and gold silver prices rise on down trend , the most factor to support US job data and ECB data , global market under pressure while commodity prices up,
Gold trend : gold December contact made high 471 point at 25932 and silver made high 525 point at 34796.

calls for tomorrow :
buy gold above 26000 target 26250,26400 stoploss 25800

Gold Silver positive by ECB Factor today, Europ Cental Bank unchanged Interest Rate


Mcx gold silver Taken Recovery From Down side cause of ECB chairman announce to unchanged interest rate , Gold traded above 25400 while day session down at 25164, Mcx Silver taken recovery at 34254 while made low at 33491.

Base metal traded positive by good support of Europian Central bank Data, copper increase 2 point and traded above 412 above, while Nickel traded above 960,
Natural gas increase 7 point upside at 271 ,as look trend in NG should be touch 300 in this contact.

achche din ain all sector Commodity gold silver, crude oil huge down fall


commodity prices in India huge down fall cause of global market trend, gold and silver has slip year of highest low level.

today mcx calls : 
sell mcx gold above 26100 target 26000,25900,25800 stoploss 26300
sell silver above 35600 target 35500,35300,35000 stoploss 36000
sell natural gas above 240 target 235/232 stoploss 243

diwali offer on gold trading, mcx gold silver today tips


(image) commodity mcx market ,gold ,silver positive trend today, mcx gold made high 27412 at 4.30 pm , before evening session gold ,silver high and return buying position

intraday trader can buy gold 27350 target 27450 to 27560 stoploss 27280

positional trader can hold till tomorrow evening 27740 to 27850 upside and down side 27120
silver trader can buy at 38600 to 650 level keep target 38850/39100 down side stoploss 38400
positional trader can hold till 39450 with stoploss 28130
mcx crude oil trend today:
crude oil down evening session , if break 5050 then positional trader make buying position keep hold 5090/5130 stoploss 5010
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