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Last Build Date: Sunday, May 18, 2003 6:10:22 PM


Rubbernecking Michael
I can't find a legitimate reason to run this photo of The King of Pop in court yesterday:

The Register on Poindexter
The Register has a good screed about W's appointing convicted felon and anti-Constitutionalist John Poindexter to be in charge of the world's most invasive database. You can read William Safire on the same topic here. (Thanks to Greg Cavanagh for the link.

AKMA and Derrida:
AKMA casually mentions that he's going to hang with Derrida. Get Buddy Rich on the drums and you've got a group that will swing!

It's a Google Universe
Craig Allen points us to a science fictionish story by Paul Ford about how Google could become the center of the known universe.

Mad Magazine on Gulf Wars
Have a laugh. It may be the last one for a while...

Call Your Senator
The Homeland Security Act is the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution for civil liberties. Today and maybe tomorrow is the only chance you'll have to tell your Senator to vote AGAINST it. You can get your Senator's phone number here. (If you live in Massachusetts, Kerry is at (202) 224-2742 and Kennedy is at (202) 224-4543.

Adina on the Talmud
Adina discourses on the hyperlinked nature of Judaism's basic texts, saying in a couple of paragraphs what it takes The Talmud and the Internet an entire book to say.

Life in Jail for Hackers
From Declan McCullagh:

The Gatekeepers of Abundance
I gave a talk yesterday to a library association and managed to make it all the way into the Q&A session before uttering the word "doomed." We ended up talking about whether there can be librarians without books.

Why Spam Doesn't Work
Masha Geller of MediaPost thinks she's figured out why response rates to spam — um, "email marketing — are so low:

Quotable Panel
Last night's panel discussion at the Jewish Technology Business Network turned out well. This is remarkable not because of the caliber of the panelists (Larry Weber, Chris Meyer, Cliff Conneighton) but because we didn't have a topic. Moderator Scott Kirsner (columnist for the Boston Globe, contributing editor to Wired and Fast Company) did an excellent job of pulling the discussion together.

Garrison Keillor on Fire
Garrison Keillor is flaming. As one of our culture's best story tellers ever, and as someone who has trademarked a transparent gentleness and a genuine civility, this outburst is remarkable. It's short on particulars because, as the end reveals, it comes not from offended reason but from a broken heart.

USAToday Op-Ed
USAToday today runs an op-ed by David Isenberg and me about why the telcos ought to be allowed to "fail fast." This is based on the letter to the FCC a few dozen of us signed a couple of weeks ago.

Bush Binoculars
(Notice the lens caps.)

Among the Jews
I'm a panelist tonight at a meeting of the Jewish Technology of Boston Network (well, it's something like that) along with Chris Meyer, Larry Weber and Scott Kirsner. I think it starts at 7:30 at Temple Betha Avodah in south Newton. I don't know if you need to be a member, to be Jewish, to be Jewish technology or to have a Jewish member, but I'm looking forward to it.

21st Century Education
The Boston Globe has an editorial today about the MCAS, the standardized test required to get a high school degree. It gives two examples. First,