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Sense of Soot

A hazy, lazy eye on the flotsam of art, science, and culture. A voice crying out, "But what about..?"

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Today's a Palindrome


Dig that and ponder, if you will.01022010

Quit Hitting Snooze After a Year and a Half


And I'm back!Of all the things I hadn't expected to do in a blue moon (which occurred last night on New Year's Eve, by the way) returning to this relatively antique blog ranks right up there. However, I'm herewith using this blog purely as a place to offload mental miscellania and stuff that's too darn fringe-y for elsewhere. (I guess it wasn't ever any different.) Enjoy it, weirdo

A Morsel of Astound


Thanks to Noelle in Michigan for this astounding story which screams for wider attention. It is an amazement and a delight to all. Savor please.Man in Wheelchair Takes Ride on Semi's Grill. Hell-to-the-yeah, he's a Pepper, too."The driver did not believe them until he stepped out of the truck and saw the man still sitting in his wheel chair."Now that I think about it, I've heard this one

Joey Chestnut Broke My Hibernation


This miscellaneous guy is not a champion, merely a devoted patriot and wiener-eater.Not hibernation exactly, more like estivation, that being animal dormancy during a hot or dry period. Many reptiles burrow down into coolness and cheese it in the summertime, so I'm not alone, even if I still haven't found a new snake den to call my own. But this news shocked me out of my posting torpor.JOEY

Memorial Day Weekend- I Just Do Like It


Lots of nice things have happened to me and other fine folks I know at this time of year. Most recently, I've been racing around looking for a new reef to call my own, and so neglecting absolutely all duties administrative. But even if my whizzing head is void of rage and novelty, shouldn't there be cute pictures anyway? Thanks, Bonnie for sending this one along, and I hope that it gives you

Insurance Rants Abound, Oddments at Top and Tail


I refuse to explain how my search for sexy insurance pictures led to this site for mirowaveable food, but it did, so here's HeatEatReview. They treat the foodstuffs to taste tests and in-depth discussion, and the lower the ratings, the funnier they get. Too bad, Gardenburger Margherita Pizza Style Veggie Wrap- one star.I've not posted here in so long. I've been on the run, but wanted to give

Have I Spilled the Existential Beans?


A quickie. I'm in frenzied preparation for a houseguest, two actually, in series. I'm advising them not to dig too deeply beneath the surface tidiness, which has been steam blasted and sanitized, to the deeper archaeological rubble of persons beneath. Dark corners should be feared, obviously. Every 6 year-old knows that.Here are a couple of sites to help moderns make philosophical sense of

Eat, Drink, Overflow Your Bookmarks


I haven't completely adapted to the new math of my blogging. I'm group blogging over at Women of Mystery, which I continue to flog for obvious and silly reasons. But that's not really the place for the odd, thematic collections of pages I somehow continue saving. Here's where I've learned to unburden myself of those items, and still find myself enjoying it. Onto the goodies.1) A food writer

Here's Where


I remind you and myself not to Borrow Trouble. You know what I mean. If you follow every horror that occurs somewhere, many of which we only now discover in real time due to the successes of technological civilization, you'll spend (okay, I'll spend) days following coverage of nothing else in a torpor of morbid empathy. But plenty enough people will be weeping today. If you don't have

At Least One New Place For Posts


Though posting through Firefox is better, recently I've been posting most frequently at a new group blog for female crime writers called Women of Mystery. I'm only obliged to post once a week, but there are enough people to create a steady flow of fresh entries. You may guess for yourself which one I am. No prize, since it's not that big a secret. Yes, there's much less of an odd-news focus

WHO AM I????


Image from here.If you're like me, you spend a fair bit of life piddling away spurts of your own actual potential, taking quizzes to figure out what you're really like when you already know what the answer is: LAZY BASTARD.In that spirit, via Bonnie, here's a detailed quiz by actual dog show people to discover what kind of dog you are, personalitywise. According to them, I'm a Golden Retriever,

Go For the Hoax, Redoax


Newest Hoax: That "updating" my template per the new Blogger would help the awful HTMLriffic posting I have to do myself now, part of the reason I blog so seldom lately. didn't work. New blogs ahead, I promise again, but I still mean it and things are still happening.Here at the Museum of Hoaxes you can see many famous foolings- which makes me feel slightly better for being faced

Bummer, I Warn You, but Cathy deserves the Props


Cathy Seipp, one of those contrarian non-smokers with lung cancer, has died at 49, five years after her diagnosis gave her only six months. Though current postings at her blog are filled with sympathy from myriad friends she never met (I met her once in 2005, so there!), her archives are a great place to discover her unique, funny, and well-reasoned perspective on LA life and media. Besides, it

BLAMMO, Einstein, and Og


Update: I never did get the Og pix figured, but this post now provides a handy spot to park a miscellaneous Hamburglar picture I needed. Don't ask.Through image search, I think I've learned that 'og' means 'and' in German. It also clearly means something in Japanese, something occasionally tagged on NSFW pix. This captures the spirit of Og as I intend him. It'll all make sense by the post's

I Find Today a Fine Day to Exist


Can flocked wallpaper be so bad it's good? Well, ahem, someone (I'm pointing down the page) doesn't see it that way. Things do seem black and white to him, I guess. But definitely not a groovy swirl of overlapping and constrasting moments, just unrelieved black mostly. The black of nonbeing so unbeen that it might even be lavender.Sure, it's just my opinion, but I do prefer being to the

A Not-Fake Ubercute Tiger Cub Story


Bottom AP photo by Achmad Ibrahim- don't sue, please.As you may recall, I've highlighted the fake grieving-tiger-raising-disguised-piglets-in-California story, which turns out to be the case of some well-meaning folks subverting natural wild animal behavior. The Thai tiger in question there was raised with and by pigs, so that plunking some into its cage later didn't excite predatory

Holy Day Yawns, Sunglasses, and Man Boobs


Today's Ash Wednesday, so I salute all those dusty ones who shall return. And if the following image of the current champion, Don, doesn't cultivate 40 days' worth of pensive humility, item 3 has the link for more.1) I was reading the following item from "Yawning is an involuntary action that causes us to open our mouths wide and breathe in deeply. No one knows for sure why we

Super Sexah Valentine's Ya'll


What else is there to say? Except that I'm waiting amid a snowstorm with freezing rain for furniture delivery, which seems stupid, so I tried to talk the companies taking the old stuff and bringing the new out of it, but no dice. Yet. In the meantime, enjoy the hotness.

Joining the Club While On the Road


I'm currently in Ventura County, California. I've been visiting family and risking my life on Grimes Canyon Road, but today I'll be flying out to Seattle for the Left Coast Crime convention of mystery writers, fans, adoring hangers-on (as if).Here's an article about the doings with links to the conference homepage.,

Dunking's Too Retro and Exhausting!


And think of what we'll save on redundant neon!So, this lazy bastage still hasn't set up the new blog home page and referred over to it, but it's still happening. In geological time, you won't be able to sense any delay. Although, now Blogger's dangling a new template change which will wipe out my current look but offer better editing, they say. We shall see. Got less to lose now that I'm

Magic 8 Ball Says Migration Time


I have a few things I'd like to post about, but I can't stand the ongoing and absolute lack of response to, even acknowledgement of, the amputation of my Compose mode which forces me to deal in HTML code or nothing. I hope to get this thing switched over to a friendlier domain next week- at least getting the home page redirected- if the archives won't be transferred yet. In the meantime, I

Still TRYING- NO Help Forthcoming


I can easily post this pic, but not link to where I got it, but it's an all Russian language site, so maybe no big deal.OKay- Now that Blogger Beta (to which I will remind you I was extremely reluctant to migrate) is now simply Blogger and not working right, I'm experiencing the unparalleled service I have every right to expect with a free product. Since it's been free for me to use, I try not

National Bird Day


I can't seem to post anything but raw text and pictures (still no links yet or easy formatting) in the new version of Blogger, so you'll get this uncredited picture of other eager birders while I'm trying to get my functionality back. You can look up the "holiday" to your own satisfaction. Cheep. Cheep. However, many new online offerings are in the clockworks behind my lazy posting. As I said

2006: You Were Awesome, Smell Ya Later


Well, Blogger's pushing me to switch to their new version by hobbling the old one, and I'll be forced into it. Even posting this holiday-themed photo of the skyline from our balcony has been a nightmare. I'll conform. Tomorrow. But posting today, for the last time this year, I'm using my Christmas laptop for the first time! Surprisingly, my five year-old one doesn't really stink, but this

Nogs and Logs


Just a few more items that won't wait:1) The story behind one of my favorite new-old chestnuts, The Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth sung by Bing Crosby and David Bowie. I'm with Bowie. The inane, nonsensical repetition of the original starts to make me feel deranged by the second verse, but this version I like.2) A manly man and his dreamy, homemade Christmas wreaths. Got a problem with that?3)