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Published: 2009-05-12T12:31:51-07:00


Mothers and Daughters


Mother’s Day was last Sunday and I sent my wife the best love letter I could for a beautiful mother of 3. She got to sleep in while I herded kids until 11:30 and then we took her out for...

I love walks to school with the kids


I had a chance to walk Sophia to school this morning, all by ourselves, and it was simply golden. She loves school and she was radiant in the weak Seattle morning sun. I’ve already forgotten what we talked about, but...

I'm in love with this goal


I’m finding time to write love letters lately. Sometimes good old fashioned pen on paper love letters and sometime new fangled text message love letters. My daughter and I are even sending email love letters. I am in love with...

New Title


I just changed the name of my goal here from “Remain close to my children” to “Increase the odds that my kids will still talk to me when they grow up”. I felt like the “Remain” goal was too static...

Total struggle


I’m still slogging away at Italian, but this week I almost gave up. I never make the time to do my homework and then I spend most of the lesson telling stupid stories in the present tense (and often in...

20 years later, The Fluid @ Moes


20 years later, The Fluid @ Moes Originally uploaded by joshp

The Book Arrives


The Book Arrives Originally uploaded by joshp

Dinner with the President


Dinner with the President Originally uploaded by joshp



Pigeon Originally uploaded by joshp

The military were called in to stop my son from chasing pigeons.


The military were called in to stop my son from chasing pigeons. Originally uploaded by joshp