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Preview: Robin Slick: In Her Own Write

Robin Slick: In Her Own Write

Updated: 2018-03-31T05:57:03.366-04:00


The day before....


I know how horribly I've neglected you, blog, but I am so happy you are here for me, especially when I feel like I am losing my mind. This country cannot elect the orange Nazi tomorrow. I'm so anxiety ridden I didn't know where to turn - Facebook is scaring me to death with its dire links and news blurbs - but here you are blog, my nice warm blanket. Anyway, this will not be a political post,

My new book


So I wrote a new book, it's called Suicide Blonde. Here's the elevator pitch: "A writer's offbeat, honest look at decades of living hard and her desire to delay senility long enough to bitch about it." Anyway, today Moon Magazine was kind enough to publish the only serious chapter in the book, though I hope you still have some laugh out loud moments, and you can read it right here. Let me

No, I am not single. But this post is one...

2014-08-21T12:49:20.545-04:00 which I find out I am no good on my own…. So sorry to mislead people on Facebook about my single life – I thought I’d announced it everywhere that Gary was going to rock and roll camp to see our daughter perform and too funny, I hear it was Gary who ended up being the performer one night when the whole group of campers gathered around a bonfire and sang Beatle songs, the setlist for

Back by Popular Demand


Hello. This photo was taken eleven years ago at where my daughter, Julie is performing at this very minute. That was one of the best times of my life. I had never been to Germany and I do not have the time or space to tell you about the magic that is Zappanale. I wish I had kept this blog back then but I think they were a fairly new invention in 2003. Anyway, I refuse to live in anything

Is this thing still on?


Testing, testing. Well, while I have been away from blogging world, they changed blogger on me. So now I have to take a tour and figure out what is new and exciting. As far as my life: Wow, a lot has changed since I last blogged. Since 2014 marks this journal's 10 year anniversary and reading the archives makes me realize I was happy once :), I decided not to let it die a slow painful death

Rembering George Harrison on his birthday


The most gorgeous song ever written and/or performed. I dare you not to cry. Happy birthday, George.

Dr. Dog Says: Control Yourself!


As a promo for their upcoming tour and new record, Be the Void, all of which (tickets, music, t-shirts, etc.) can be pre-ordered right here, please enjoy an amazing brand new Dr. Dog song, which you will find on the seven inch single in stores on November 25, 2011 in honor of Record Store Day but not on the upcoming release so get thee to a record store and (to paraphrase the lyrics)...just do it

Being the Void :)


Ho ho no... Sorry. I'm not in holiday mood or mode yet - wasn't it just summer? Perhaps some eggnog will help. Eggnog made with Jack Daniels. Don't knock it until you've tried it. Regarding the title of this post, Be the Void is the name of Dr. Dog's new record, and you will be able to pre-order it this coming Tuesday, November 29, 2011 right here. I don't have to Be the Void, I am the

Some people get to ride around in Danny Carey's Lamborghini


So yeah, that's my daughter, Julie, "tooling" around with drummer Danny Carey, who will be joining the Two of a Perfect Trio tour tonight through Tuesday. Unbelievably enough, tickets are still on sale for the show tonight in Santa Ana at the Galaxy Theater right here. Yeah, that's a Lamborghini. No wonder she's smiling. More later.. xo

Stick Men and Slick Women - continued


So here's something I bet you thought you'd never see...a crazed Arnold Terminator competition between drummer extraordinaires Eric Slick and Tobias Ralph. There's a history behind that. When Eric was still with the trio, there were long, ten hour drives some days and to break the monotony, Eric, Ade, and Julie would launch into various comedy routines. I am happy to say that Tobias has

Of Slick Men and Stick Men and Slick Women...a/k/a I'm Back!


I can't bring myself to declare this blog officially dead. So I won't. ETA: Fantastic interview by Anil Prasad of Innerviews with Tony Levin! Here'a link for the iPaid/Pod verson: Click! ETA 2 - ENCORE, ENCORE! Okay, back to the blog... It started in 2004 when Julie and Eric were 17 and 18 respectively and our family had just begun the amazing whirlwind that would come with their

Hey ho


Oh, happy 1st of May and oh, Mercury how thankful I am that you have gone direct :)In fact, here's how my May horoscope started out...I don't think I want to click on the "read more" part because the first paragraph on the splash page is good enough for me..."What an extraordinary month you have in store! May will be one of the happiest months of the year, and it will have none of the

Odds and Sods for Sunday, April 10, 2011


Morning, world.What's shaking? Anyone in the mood for a free book today?"What happens when a frustrated American artist-turned-soccer-mom and her overconfident and charming British cyber-lover plan a three-day tryst of erotic depravity at a hotel in New York City? Elizabeth and Richard are about to find out. Elizabeth is about to turn forty years old, facing empty nest syndrome, and wistful

Daddy Left Me Alone with God


ETA: Daddy Left Me Alone with God is now available for Kindle right here!Today I am ecstatic to announce that my novel, Daddy Left Me Alone with God, has a brand new publisher, a brand new cover, and hurrah, is now available in ebook format. Here's how it looks now...Cover art by Amanda Kelsey.I'm very, very excited about my new publisher, DLP Books.DLP is basically a small, independent

The Other Life by Ellen Meister


Morning! And Happy Valentine's Day!So if you've been a regular reader of this blog over the years, you know that I am friends with an astoundingly talented writer named Ellen Meister.Yes, I know. She's not only an amazing writer, she's drop dead gorgeous, too.Anyway, February 17, 2011 is a really special day for Ellen - it's the release of her third book, The Other Life. It sold at AUCTION,

It was twenty-five years ago today...


Hello, blog, remember me? No? Okay, then. I can see I have to refresh your memory and oh, man, do I have a lot to tell you.Let's start with the latest news and then I'll backtrack to my last post of...gasp...November 4, 2010? How is that possible? To quote Dr. Dog: Where'd All the Time Go?Speaking of that, Happy 25th Birthday to Ms. Julie Slick. Man, I am in shock over that one. In case

In Case you missed Eric Slick with Dr. Dog on Craig Ferguson last night...


Gah! I set the alarm for 1:15AM to watch this and naturally could not fall back asleep again.So today I am dazed and confused but happy. Craig Ferguson called Dr. Dog "brilliant". A big thank you to The Audio Perv for already posting the You Tube so that you can hear it for yourself:*Yawn*Later,xo

Tonight! All New! Dr. Dog/Eric Slick on Craig Ferguson!


Morning, morning:I do not want to discuss the election, especially as a Pennsylvanian, but at least "we" still have control of the senate.America? How dumb can you be.Sigh...don't answer. It's a rhetorical question, anyway.I should stick to talking about my family and music. Lucky Eric Slick is currently in San Francisco, where he will not only be fortunate enough to see the World Series

I've got some splainin' to do...


Saturday, October 30"So I've decided to blog. I haven't decided how I'm going to use this forum yet, right now I'm just playing around to see if I can even do it correctly. I may post excerpts from my novel in progress; I may whine and rant about my life; or I may just post my favorite recipes - what the hell do I know. All I know is, I'm doing it and whatever happens, happens. And now to figure

An e-Party for Susan Henderson and Up From the Blue


I am so excited about today's release of my friend Susan Henderson's debut novel, Up From the Blue, I feel like a little kid. For those of you on Facebook, you know Jessica Keener, Tish Cohen and I have an event announcement up, and we'd love it if you would join in today's celebration by blogging, commenting on Facebook, using The Twitter, The Tumblr, whatever! The reason for our party is to

More Random Blogging


Well, before I deluge you with some posts for incredible books I've read this summer, I have a few more random comments, photos, You Tubes, etc. to talk about.First off, from the amazing show I attended earlier this year, here's my brilliant son, Eric Slick, on drums, Tom and Jim Hamilton of the American Babies on vocals, guitar, and bass respectively, Aron Magner of the Disco Biscuits on

Odds and Sods for Wednesday, August 18, 2010


(I'm adding ETAs (edited to add) at the bottom of this post and I've already put in some links I neglected to put up in my original post today)Whoops, here's an ETA I want to put up front: Dr. Dog in The Huffington Post!Well, before I launch into my usual spiel of all that's been going on at Casa Slick, I woke up this morning to a very nice surprise: All About Jazz has an absolutely stellar

Crow by Martin Lennon


"Crow is an album of songs drenched in emotion – lots of pain and misery, sure, but also joy, passion and love. These songs are among the first I've written in over thirty years, and they have the added weight of a couple of decades of living and performance behind them. As a former member of a travelling party/covers band, this is my first album – perhaps not such a big deal, but as a 50 year

Urban Barbecue with Dr. Dog and Julie Slick is Homeward Bound


Yep, this is pretty much what you'd expect to see when you think of a barbecue with a slacker band like Dr. Dog: lush manicured lawns, shady trees, tropical plants... We gathered at a top secret location last Thursday night...I was going to Tweet a foursquare map an hour or so before I left the house but even I can't feed 10,000 people. And clearly, I am kidding about what has to be the

The Truth About Delilah Blue by Tish Cohen


Good morning and welcome to the first edition of the Celebrity Book Club.As I've been blurbing in previous posts, this is the beginning of a new feature at my blog, where once a month I will feature a book I've read that just blows me away, and I will invite the author and other celebrities in the art world to join in with you, the reader, for a discussion of the book in the comments section