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Updated: 2016-12-10T10:55:33+00:00


I don't always tell dad jokes


But when i do, he laughs

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TIFU: Dating app "Tinder" is not without risks for young professionals


I am a young, college-educated male who is fortunate enough to have a desirable job in the financial field. Being that I'm single, overworked and from out of town, I use tinder to meet women. I have an agreement with a buddy that when we come across profiles of particularly attractive and fun ladies, we recommend them to each other to increase chances of a desirable match. Unfortunately, when you use the "recommend to a friend" feature on Tinder for iOS, the app sends a regular text message drawn from your entire contacts not just your Tinder/Facebook wingmen. I accidentally recommended a bikini-clad blonde to an owning partner at my firm, which might not have been so bad if his phone was in his pocket. As it was, his phone was sitting on a counter at home where his wife saw it first. Evidently, they had a huge fight, she now suspects him of infidelity and just threw him out of their McMansion. I expect to be fired shortly, or at the very least my prospects of advancement with this company have gone from very strong to non-existent. If you are a career minded Tinder user, please take special care or avoid using the "recommend to a friend" feature because you could lose everything!

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