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Biking and Hiking and Kayaking: Be Careful Out There

Ramblings of an outdoor person trapped indoors.

Published: 2016-10-23T21:01:59-04:00


Oh, The Urbanity!


For some reason, this ended up as a weekend of hiking and biking in cities vs. woods. On Saturday, Carl and I decided to eschew the Appalachian Trail and instead amble along the Carroll Creek Park pathways in Frederick Maryland,...

Perambulating the Pinnacles, Cycling the Creeper


For Christmas, Carole gave me a gift certificate for a 2 nights at the Damascus Old Mill Inn in Damascus, VA. Damascus is in southern Virginia and its claim to fame is that it sits at the intersection of the...

Guest Blogger: Chris Does the Entire Great Allegheny Passage Trail


I previously blogged about a two day cycling adventure (here) that Carole & I and June & Chris did on the Great Allegheny Passage Trail. We did about 125 of the total 150 GAP Trail miles and Chris became intrigued...

Cycling with the Biker Chix Convoy to York, Climbing to the Cliffs of Weverton on the Appalachian Trail


After a long delay, the weather is finally starting to change - making this past weekend a great one for hiking and biking. Started the weekend off escorting 3/5th of the biker chix on a York Heritage Trail Ride on...

Bicycling Battlefields Under the Blazing Sun


I'm a big fan of the metric system - a few times per year I get to claim I bicycled in a "Century" ride, which usually means 100 miles but the "metric" version is only 64 miles or so. The...