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Looking for lasting concepts in changing media

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Stepping out


Alright, time to close this one down, but here are some other places to stay in touch: Twitter  @tkell for me @UHMCOM for the University of Hawaii School of Communications  Official profile at the University of Hawaii  I'm also pretty easy to find on Facebook (for friends), LinkedIn,, Pinterest,, Google+, etc.

Richard Branson talks PR theory (at least how I see it)


This Q&A with Richard Branson about Virgin Atlantic's "social relations team" is a good case illustrating some points from theory and research.real interaction (i.e., contingency interactivity)"As a first step in addressing your problem, make sure your site is set up not just to handle transactions, but also for communication – and that when customers leave comments or send emails your team

Editors' thoughts on social media issue of Journal of Public Relations Research


Karen Miller Russell serves as editor of the Journal of Public Relations Research. I don't use the word "serves" lightly here, especially after taking on the job of guest editor for a special issue on social media. The issue is slated for publication later this year as volume 22, issue 3. She and I are now cross-posting to both our blogs on the experience from editors' perspectives. This is a

Just missed the front page


We're all glad the tsunami was a non-event. But we just missed making the front page of The Honolulu Advertiser today. At least Miles and Bud and I know we were in good company!

John Temple, Editor of Peer News, to speak to COM 201 Students


In COM 201, Introduction to Communication, we spend a lot of time talking about how technology and demographic trends are challenging the functions of journalism and communication that are so important to our democracy. Indentifying the problems is the easy part. Finding solutions is a little harder. One of the most interesting ideas on the solution side is Peer News. John Temple was hired as

CDC's tips on using Twitter

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Thanks to Guy Kawasaki, I'm going to show this in COM 201 in discussing multimedia


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Spam Musubi @UHPRSSA bakesale


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Testing posterous


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Internship Availability


Begin forwarded message: Aloha! I hope all is well!  We haven’t talked in a while about internship opportunities.  Please pass this along to your students.  We have a few new updates for McNeil Wilson Communications, and some great opportunities for students this Fall semester.  Please note the new details and contact below.  We are always looking for bright minds and new talent. CONTACT:

Balancing Voice with Professionalism


In the Public Relations Tactics class today, we'll discuss online profiles. The tricky part for professional communicators at any stage of their careers is how to speak with a real voice and stay relaxed with social media while also the avoiding pitfalls of mucking up your online presence. A couple of links for discussion:CareerBuilder Launches Applicant Explorer Tool to Streamline the Online

Special Issue of JPRR on Social Media -- More details


Manuscripts for the special issue are due to the Journal of Public Relations Research manuscript central site at by September 1, 2009. (See prior post for call for submissions.)If you've been invited to serve as a reviewer, please enter "social media" as a keyword when you create/update your reviewer profile.If you are submitting a manuscript, please note at

Special Issue of Journal of Public Relations Research on Social Media


Stoked. Last week Kaye Sweetser mentioned that Karen Miller Russell may be interested in running a special issue of Journal of Public Relations Research on social media next year. A few tweets later (with @kaye and @KarenRussell), it appears I'm lined up as guest editor.Any public relations researchers out there want to help? I'm already looking for reviewers and trying to get people thinking of

Forrester Report on Blogging & Trust


Forrester today released a new report on corporate blogging and trust (registration required, but free). I'm glad to see they ask, "Is a corporate blog worth doing?" Rather than just assuming that everyone should be blogging, Josh Bernoff and his co-authors actually acknowledge that some blogs are not worth the effort. Of course, that's a hard point to ignore when they report that only 16% in the

ZDNet series on how Fortune 500's use social media


Jennifer Leggio at ZDNet is doing a series on how Fortune 500s are using social media. Her latest entry on Newell Rubbermaid features an interview with Bert DuMars, VP of of e-business and interactive marketing.Our strategy is to listen to our consumers first, understand how they would like to engage with us and/or how they would like us to engage with them... This has led us to start small,

NYT on corporate blogging, bad news and PR


In an article from this morning's NYT:"Unlike more traditional firms, many of today’s Web companies were built on the mission of creating transparency for users. Executives have lived that mission, blogging about company successes. Now that bad times are coming, some of them feel the need to make that public, too. A blog post also comes across as more heartfelt than a press release with canned

UH PR Tactics Class Samples SMPRs, Yogurt


We've been working on our social media press releases (SMPRs) in COM 459, Public Relations Tactics. This is part of what has turned into a multi-week assignment. For the first part, we wrote traditional news releases for a local yogurt store that just opened across the street from campus. (News releases for class use only, not for real distribution.) Then we discussed the difference between

Issue tracking via Twittter


Got a call and e-mail last week from a reporter at one of the local dailies who was working on a story about the very public debate over building a rail transit system in Honolulu. (Just Google "rail transit system Honolulu" if you're wondering.) She was particularly interested in how pro- and anti-rail groups are using online media.This sets us up well for a discussion of our title topic for our

"More journalists moving to PR"


It's sad to hear my hometown paper (The Palm Beach Post) is cutting back, but I'm not surprised at the other angle mentioned by Sarah Schewe of Editors Weblog - more journalists switching over to public relations.With Web 2.0, the skill sets of journalism and public relations may overlap even more than they used to. The values, however, are still different (i.e., public relations people do

ICA paper presentation on Slideshare


Kelleher ICA 2008 From: tkell, 1 minute ago | View | Upload your own Tom Kelleher's ICA presentation on experiment with organizational blogs and public relations contingencies (for ICA on May 25, 2008) Key finding: Not all PR people are hyped on social media. SlideShare Link

School's out


Just posted my out-of-office reply. Kenny Chesney lyrics ringing in my ear:School's out and the night's roll inMan, just like a long lost friendYou ain't seen in a whileYou can't help but smile

Speaking of the diffusion of social media....


...Kaye Sweetser invited me to join PROpenMic on Friday. I signed up on Monday. Robert French welcomed me to the group about 11 minutes later, telling me that I was #209 to join the group in 7 days.

Diffusion of Social Media


Working in small groups, students in my Building COM Theory class last week went out and surveyed 10 people each. Although the sampling is unscientific and the data was only collected to set up a class discussion, we found something worth mentioning. The gap between awareness and adoption appears to be much narrower with social media adopters than it is with adopters of other innovations.Below



The UH PRSSA students have a blog now, which is pretty cool considering their faculty advisor hasn't posted to his in about two years!

Guardian Unlimited article on Conversational Approach


From an article in the September 18, 2006 Guardian. [Registration required, but free.] Know anything about wikis or dark blogs? How about web 2.0 or SEO PRs? Thought not. But anyone considering a career in marketing and PR is going to have to acquaint themselves with these terms and learn all about the brave new world they apply to - or perish... ..."Online marketing is about engaging the