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Creating Transparency in the Pre Employment Screening Industry

Updated: 2012-04-12T15:46:22.092-07:00


500 Free InfoUSA Sales Leads


If you are looking to do sales prospecting for your B2B lead generation efforts, cold calling is the traditional way to grow your list of clients. In order to be successful at cold calling you need several unique skills, along with a specific set of tools. Some of the characteristics you will need are perseverance, patience, and persistence. In terms of cold calling tools, you will need a

Theft Prevention in the Workplace


One of the many benefits of background screening is theft prevention. By screening your employees for criminal backgrounds before (or shortly after) they are hired, companies can significantly reduce the chance of theft and fraud from within.In a recent article in Newsday, John Case, owner of noted that employee theft costs U.S. businesses approximately $50 billion a year. In

Benefits of Background Screening


Online Recruitment has a nice article about skills testing and online screening, in which they cover the benefits and challenges of background screening online. Of course, a real criminal background check should be carried out offline. But this Web posting covers the basics of screening your employees for talent. Once they pass that test, then they can submit to a more serious backgound screening

Criminal Background Checks in Schools


In compliance with Megan’s Law, candidates to be hired at any school in the United States school must undergo criminal background checks prior to employment. The law was named after a 7 year old girl who was molested and killed by a neighbor in New Jersey. The killer was a convicted sex offender. In 1996, President Clinton ratified the law, which requires the release of relevant criminal

Port Security - Employee Background Screening in the News


Recently, their has been a great deal of media coverage about the transfer of cotrol of several US ports to a UAE (state-run) company. After 9/11, the US government focused on bolstering security at airports. However, security experts note that most freight coming through U.S. ports is never screened. Critics believe that the port deal will create even more security concerns. One of the

Background Screening - Radio Shack CEO Quits Among Resume Fraud Allegations


David J. Edmondson, (former) CEO of Radioshack, claimed that he earned degrees in theology and psychology from Pacific Coast Baptist College in California. But the registrar of the school told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that records showed Edmondson completed only two semesters and that the school never offered degrees in psychology. He resigned before further investigation into the

Screening Companies - Employee Background Checks


If you've been using a third-party background screening service for your employee background checks, but are not 100% confident in the accuracy of the reports, you should be concerned. Employers are liable in the case of negligent hiring lawsuits and workplace violence, and having inaccurate or out of date information can be incredibly costly. At Inquest Screening, we know that we provide the

Hiring Good Employees - Background Screening


Every business knows the importance of hiring good employees. It's not only one of the most important things a company can do, but it is essential to a business's success. Good employees are what make a company profitable. Bad employees, on the other hand, can just as equally affect the success of a business and in many ways.Employees that do not have the right experience, skill set and

Border Patrol - Employment Background Screening Changes


Oscar Antonio Ortiz, a Border Patrol employee, was arrested last month when he was discovered to be an illegal alien. As a result of the arrest, the Border Patrol has made changes to its employment background screening process to prevent an event like this from occurring again. Prior to the changes, applications for Border Patrol positions would be sent to the Office of Personnel Management, an

Hiring The Right Employee - Employment Screening


Hiring the right employee is critical to any company's success. However, companies can no longer afford to simply take an application at face value, and most businesses know that it pays to do some background checking. They also know it pays to make sure their employment screening service is one that is reputable and can work well with their existing internal processes.At Inquest Screening, we

Pre Employment Screening - FBI Database


There has been a recent proposal for federal legislation which would allow employers to access the FBI database for purposes of background screening. The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) commissioned a study to be conducted by Craig N. Winston, professor of criminal justice at Sonoma State University on the effectiveness of such legislation. The study showed

Pre Employment Screening - Schools


School Probe Reveals Lapses In the State of Maine, a recent investigation revealed that South Portland's former special education director made it possible for a woman who had been convicted of assaulting a child to work in city schools without going through the state mandated pre employment background check, according to an investigation by the Maine Department of Education. Deborah Wolfenden's

Pre Employment Screening - Ports


Bill requires criminal background check for SC port workersThe House of Representatives in South Carolina has given primary approval to legislation that would require pre employment screening for workers at South Carolina's ports. A spokeman with the South Carolina Ports Authority said the agency currently cannot search for previous criminal convictions for people who are not state employees. The

Background Screening - In The News


Dinner, Movie, Background Check Herbert Vest, founder of, a new online-dating site, wants laws that would require screening prospects. Vest has been pushing several states to pass a legislation mandating that all online dating sites do criminal background checks on their members or carry a disclaimer if they choose not to., Yahoo, Microsoft, and many others argue that Vest is

NAPBS Annual Conference


Inquest Pre Employment Screening was excited to participate in the second annual conference for the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) . The conference, which was held in San Antonio, Texas last week, was a clear success. Attendance was up by 75 percent, with over 400 representatives from 255 pre employment screening industry firms participating in the conference.

Pre Employment Screening - In the News


The LA times featured an in-depth article, Did ChoicePoint End Run Backfire?, about Choicepoint's recent (and not so recent) controversial strategies and the resulting firestorm of negative publicity that the company has endured (so far). The widely unregulated pre employment screening industry now faces increased government scrutiny. However, companies that are closely following more strict

Pre Employment Screening - In the News


Excerpt from:Banking body lists security breaches amid data fearsBy Holly YeagerAmy Friend, of the OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency), stated that the agency has “directed a large bank to improve its employee screening policies” after determining that the bank had “inadvertently permitted a convicted felon, who engaged in identity theft-related crimes” to become an employee.Identity

Pre Employment Screening - In the News


An article by Jeff St. John of the Tri City Herald speaks to some of the issues with pre employment screening. Of particular interest are the issues surrounding privacy rights.Tena Friery, Research Director for the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a consumer education and advocacy nonprofit notes that "(Privacy Rights Clearinghouse is) not opposed to background checks. We think they're necessary in

Pre Employment Screening - Drug Screening


In her article, Employers' use of drug screening is tapering off, Dana Knight of the Indianapolis Star reports that costs, legal liability, and privacy concerns have deterred testing at many companies. Facing cost-cutting pressures and a tightening labor market, employers have decreased the usage of drug screening as a condition for employment. Drug testing in the workplace peaked in 1996, when

Pre Employment Screening - Hazmat Drivers


In a recent Washington Times article, it has been revealed that Figerprinting and Pre Employment Screening will Soon be Required for Hazmat Truck Drivers. Trucking and transportation of hazardous materials has always been regulated by the government. However, since September 11, the U.S. government has increased scrutiny of the transportation industry significantly. Rencently, the TSA has made a

Pre Employment Screening - New Survey


A Survey recently released by the Society for Human Resources Managment (SHRM) showed that 96% of comapnies surveyed were engaged in some form of pre employment screening, including background and reference checking. I-9 verifications (confirming eligibility to work in the United States) was the most commonly used screening tool, though only 85% of respondents said they always verify the SSN.

Pre Employment Screening - India


Pre Employment Screening Now a 'Best Practice' for Employers in India India Times Reports that Screening Industry in India is Rapidly Growing As resume fraud and the use of fake education certificates continue to grow in India, so does the market for pre employment screening. The two articles above claim that the market has grown to 250 crore, which (if my math is right) amounts to about $55

Pre Employment Screening - In the Courts


Lack of Pre Employment Screening Leads to Employer Liability (court ruling) (subscription required for this one) The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that a college student is allowed to continue with a civil lawsuit for negligent hiring and retention against a janitorial staffing service after she was allegedly attacked by

Volunteer Background Checks - In the News


In her article Background check? So?, T Keung Hui of the News Observer reports that schools throughout North Carolina are using background checks to screen out volunteers with criminal records and/or poor driving records. So far, roughly two hundred people with criminal records or bad driving records have been prevented from driving students or having unsupervised access to students. Inquest

Employee Background Checks - The Applicant Perspective


About.Com's job searching guide, Alison Doyle, posted a nice article on the applicant's perspective of pre employment screening. The article covers why employers want to check into your background, what's included in an employee background check, what can't be included in an employee background check, and how to prepare for the pre employment screening process. In a side note, Cary Duke has