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Notes on Living by Lauren Cerand

Published: 2015-03-16T14:14:49-04:00


On Wanderlust


I wrote about recent travels in Europe for the new issue of Faerie Magazine (print only):

Recent interviews


I answered my own "PEN Ten" in my final installment for the politically-inspired Proustian questionnaire series, which continues with new guest editors as I increase my leisure: Obsessions are influences—what are yours? Gaze, the hedonistic luxury of smoking, fur on...

From Showroom to Sanctuary


My old apartment was for entertaining, and at one point, I was cooking elaborate dinners for ten, by myself, every weekend. At the last one I hosted, though, there was a chef. I thought it would be useful for my...

On Ripples


Not too long ago, I was reading the website of a country psychic who spelled out, in admirable terms, his commitment to readings with integrity, and furthermore, his philosophy that what we struggle to cling fast to is not meant...

On Reckonings


There's something particular about the last week of summer, the way that it casually, lazy as the heat is, eager as it feels to squeeze the last drop of life from the one true season of possibility, sandwiched in between...

Cafe Society


Café Society has a mailing list, and you may sign up here. (Photo credit: Kirsten Major.)

On Dates


It's Saturday night and I'm at home catching up on deadlines. The first week back from the holidays, and it's a crush. In between projects, I fantasize about where to sneak off to for a very long weekend, entirely off-the-radar...