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Impact on our community


Isn't it interesting how we have such distrust in our politicians? They have control, you say, but we are a free nation, it says so in our constitution and in our songs and in our pledges. How funny? Humans like control, but embrace freedom. So okay, some of us remember politicians, leaders of countries, maybe a congressperson or mayor, but it seems as if the people we truly remember are people who impact us directly. A friend, family member, teacher, coach, lover, coworker or that homeless person you decided to talk to on the bus.
How can we trust our politicians if we don't feel connected to them on some level? We spend countless hours discussing "big issues" and politics with friends and family. Sometimes with hope of change and sometimes with disgust. Then time goes by and your life changes, your views change, perspectives changes, the world changes and it seems it was all for nothing.
Changes??? Maybe it isn't about trusting our politicians, it is about positive impact. Is the person I elected creating a positive impact on me and my community? Wow, that's a huge responsibility for one person. Are our politicians up for the job? Can someone who chooses to run negative campaign ads impacting the community with a positive light? Does power currupt?
I have decided it would be virtually impossible for any politician in this day and age to maintain there positive light and energy without tons of help from the universe and internal conviction. Have you ever been in the presence of someone with grounded pure positive energy, like a child? I get for some reason we feel we must have rules to have our freedoms and to protect our society. We seemed to have lost sight of our individual ability to create freedom from within in any situation. I think true change comes from within and our personal impact on everyone we come in contact with. Impact - we have it all day long every day in many forms.