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Females - Toying with Idea of Suing Employer for X, Y or Z?


Okay, this is 2016. Former Fox on-air personality Gretchen Carlson successfully navigated a lawsuit against former company head Roger Ailes. Her allegation was inappropriate sexual behavior. She was represented by Ripp Media. The parent company settled for $20 million. But...

Dating App, Hard Boozing, Altercation - So?


Bad Stuff happens, especially when both parties had plenty of alcohol. Maybe that's what the 12-person jury decided in the murder/manslaughter case in Brisbane, Australia Supreme Court against Gable Tostee. It wasn't that they came to a snap decision. They...

Content Marketing - Long Form Dominates


Let's face it. Those public relations players who publish articles on industry newsletter O'Dwyer PR are engaging in content marketing. Sure, their how-tos and insights represent a kind of public service. There is a sharing of experience to help others...

If Trump Contests Election Results - Global Boycott of His Businesses


Money not only talks. It can strong-arm people into doing what's expected. So, a global boycott of Trump's businesses could be the efficient and effective way to get him to concede the election. As we heard last night at the...

Vanity Fair Does Requiem for a Heavyweight: Chris Christie


It's come to this: In Vanity Fair, Abigal Tracy essentially does a requiem for the one-time star in the Republican party: Chris Christie. His poll numbers are at the all-time low of 21%. He has been officially pulled into Bridgegate....

Drudge Report Poll - Almost 72% Indicate that Trump Won


So far, 17,197 have voted in the now-iconic Drudge Report poll. Almost 72% of those indicated that Donald Trump was the winner. A bit more than 28% hailed Hillary Clinton as the winner. Given past history of this poll, 28%...

Drudge Report - Should Headline Be Prayer to St. Jude?


Perhaps the Drudge Report should have headlined with a photo of the Roman Catholic saint Jude. Jude is the patron of impossible cases. His career not taking off, Danny Thomas prayed to St. Jude. The rest is history and a...

Female Lawyers Way Underpaid - So,Why Do Best & Brightest Females Still Enroll in Law School?


It's a much-touted stat: Female partners in BigLaw make about 44% less than their male counterparts. On Abovethelaw, lawyer-journalist, Kathryn Rubino, takes a look at this. Here you can read the analysis and commentary. One provocative question Rubino asks is:...

Content Marketing - Post-Election & Clickibait


For those of us whose businesses live and die by traffic, Campaign 2016 has been, well, a gift from the universe. As soon as we figured out the keywords for the subject head and first line of content, so much...

Choate-Rosemary Hall - Next Posh Prep School Which Will Have To Rebrand?


John F. Kennedy and Ivanka Trump - both are alumni of boarding school Choate-Rosemary Hall. Yes, it's that kind of elite socialization institution for the next generation of leaders. And, it might be added to the list of schools for...