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Facebook Mission - Reduce Polarization through Groups


The people of the world probably have never been more divided. Mark Zuckerberg, head of Facebook, has made his new mission to reduce that polarization. His goal is that people can connect through their common humanity. And one way that...

Extreme Heat - Turn Up Air Conditioning Is Like Let Them Eat Cake


If climate change experts are on the money, there could be less economic growth. Globally and for each nation. That's because of the consequences of the increased number of days nations endure temperatures of 95 degrees or more. At the...

Boris Becker - The Money Is All Gone (as with so many of us)


One-time tennis star Boris Becker had $63 million. This week he was in London Bankruptcy Court. He asked for a bit more time to get his financial house in order. But the powers that be said he had enough time....

Outplacement - 2017 Survival Guide


The lists layoffs. Your job may have already been cited. Or soon will be. The new normal is to be called into HR, then be directed to outplacement. That's the employer-paid service to help you, the terminated employee, transition...

Nancy Pelosi - Leadership in House in Play


The Drudge Report is making hay of the confusion and fear after the Republican win in the special election in Georgia. This evening's Drudge headline is that the knives are out for U.S. House Minority leader progressive Nancy Pelosi. But,...

Policy Makers Call Them "The Unbanked" - PayDay Lenders Call Them "Customers"


I knew to smile big. It would help that I was a five-footer female, I assumed. But, the two women manning the counter at the PayDay Lender shop were in no rush to buzz me in. With a moniker like...

Drudge Report - Karen Handel Win (How many Dems are giving up)


The conservative Drudge Report headlines with the critical win in Georgia. It had been a test of GOP strength - and, by extension, the hold of Trumpism on America. Republican Karen Handel won the U.S. House seat left empty by...

Travis Kalanick Out at Uber - Investors Factor in Organizational Culture


It was the investors in Uber who did in the ride-hailing company's founder - Travis Kalanick. Kalanick first took a leave. Now, he is out as chief executive officer. He will remain on the board. He was assessed as a...

June Chu Leaves Yale - Had Used Term "White Trash" on Yelp


Forever, June Chu will represent a warning to professionals to be circumspect on social media. When reviewing local businesses on Yelp, that now-former Yale dean of the Pierson College used the term "white trash." That didn't sit well with those...

National Litigation Firm, Boston - Director of Marketing (help wanted)


Here are details and how to apply.