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Preview: Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

How-To on all aspects of effective communications

Updated: 2017-01-24T17:18:23-05:00


Judge Bailey Moseley - Made about 4.6 Million Enemies Around the World


What was he thinking? On Facebook, Republican Texas 6th Court of Appeals Judge Bailey Mosely quipped this: Donald Trump had only been in office a short time and already he got a million Fat Women Walking. Here are the details...

Elizabeth Warren - Megawatt Celebrity Doesn't Necessarily Mean Electability


Elizabeth Warren, like Hillary Clinton, has achieved megawatt celebrity status. Just about everyone knows her name. But stardom doesn't necessarily translate into electability. Clinton lost Campaign 2016. And Warren could lose her 2018 run to being re-elected to the U.S....

Books & Bookstores - Where Time Slows Down


The influential Vanity Fair devotes its prime "real estate" space on "Hive" to a bookstore. Yes, a bookstore. Not another aspect of Trumpism. In the article by Francis Wheen we have confirmed for us what we bookstore browsers and committed...

Kellyanne Conway = New Hillary in Bad-Photo Game


Drudge Report was in the front lines of media posting unflattering photos of Hillary Clinton. That kind of attack resonated more than it probably should have because Clinton had a JD from Yale. That should have entitled her to long-term...

Aging, Looking for Work on a Gray Day


Maybe it's because so many of us Baby Boomers spent our youth in an era of protest. Our political causes ranged from ending the war in Viet Nam to more people of color admitted to universities. So, it's no surprise...

Pulling Out of T.P.P. - Blowing Off Lessons from Smoot-Hawley?


A key cheerleader for Donald Trump, the conservative Drudge Report made an unusual move this evening. In its headline, it linked to The New York Times article by Peter Baker. That presents the possible negatives associated with the new president's...

The Worker Bee U.S. President


The conservative Drudge Report spent most of the weekend on football. But today, Monday, it got back to covering the dynamics of Trumpism. And what a day it has been. The Drudge headline is: First Monday of Trump. Here you...

Getting Ahead Professsionally - That Might Take One or Both Your Kidneys


SNL has insight into subjects other than the dynamics of Trumpism. Surprisingly, the folks at SNL also understand the arbitrary criteria which determine who becomes partner and who doesn't in a law firm. No, at least according to SNL, the...

Cover Letters - 5 Must-Dos


The cynical searching for jobs, contract assignments or clients/customers for their business assume this: It's a numbers game. So, they mindlessly send out tons of cover letters weekly. When they don't get a response they send out more. After all,...

E-Learning - Technology Better Fix This Problem


Online education or e-learning has yet another challenge. Some of the standard ones range from low-completion rate to the learners' need to engage with a real human being in-person. The latest wrench in the works is that there are vendors...