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Updated: 2017-10-16T12:49:27-04:00


Mr. Trump's Magical Thinking


Another eye-popper via the Trump Administration. As lawyer-journalist Kathryn Rubino at reports, Donald Trump has made public that he is doing a death watch on the U.S. Supreme Court. He anticipates the "60-pounds" Ruth Bader Ginsburg (age) and Sonia...

Blockchain - Now, IBM Got on the Train


Recently, Brand Blockchain has been enhanced by the use of venture capitalist Michael Arrington and the endorsement of IMF head Christine Lagarde. Essentially, blockchain is a database which operates through peer-to-peer transactions. It can be significantly faster, lower cost and...

Woody Allen Needs Better PR Advice - Should Have Steered Clear of Weinstein Broadening Scandal


Woody Allen returned to the scene of the crime. Dumb. Either he likes having his career in play or he is receiving poor public relations advice. Decades ago, spurned former lover Mia Farrow managed to get Allen targeted for inappropriate...

Marc Kasowitz, David Boies Leave Us Puzzled - Are Their Brands Tarnished?


In urban machines, the bagman had been some lowlife. Yes, a male. Literally, in a paper bag, he would carry twenties or a jar of sauce made by the iconic chef at the local Italian restaurant. The recipients ranged from...

Manhattan Suicide Branding - Could Stephanie D'Aramon's Death Have Been Prevented?


Manhattan's tall buildings might come to be classified as a "fatal attractive nuisance" for the emotionally distressed. The analogue would be what an inadequately gated pool is for toddlers. Is it possible that families of suicide victims might have grounds...

Harvey Weinstein's Legal Dream Team in Play


"Top defense attorney Charles Harder is severing ties with embattled movie mogul [Harvey Weinstein] ... sources say ... [lawyer] David Boies had parted ways ... as well." - Emily Saul, "Harvey Weinstein's legal team continues to crumble," New York Post,...

Cash-for-Kidneys - 3 Reasons for Legalizing Those Transactions in U.S.


The economy is global. That includes the market to buy and sell kidneys. In Iran, those cash-for-kidneys transactions are legal and the exchange is officially overseen by the Kidney Foundation of Iran. It registers buyers and sellers and does the...

All Weinstein's Lawyers - Was Enabling in Their Job Description?


LawNewz headlines with what so many of us have been wondering about. That's the role of those brandname lawyers who represented Harvey Weinstein and/or The Weinstein Co. Over the years, just as at Fox News, for instance, there had been...

PR Agents for Celebrities Ducking "Megyn Kelly Today" - Will NBC Put It Out of Its Misery Before Holiday Season?


Celebrity guests are the key piece for the success of any programming which involves talk. So, the prerequisite for staying on the air and making it big is the ability to have publicity agents book on your show. Or, better...

Anatomy of a Comeback - Focus on Harvey Weinstein, Roger Ailes Died Prior to Starting on Way Back to Power/Influence


The game is about power and influence. Wealth as a stand-alone, at least in America, doesn't buy what it used to. There have been too many members for too long in the 1%. So, the question already in the media...