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Happy Antipodean

A blog by Matthew da Silva since 2006

Updated: 2017-07-19T23:15:44.134+10:00


A hot bowl of noodles


This morning I went out and after stopping to get a button sewn back on a pair of trousers I dropped a book off at the post office, before making my way to the psychiatrist's office. He asked me about my dieting because that is a health issue and he is interested in my health. I said that I had cinched my belt in another notch, but that things were happening slowly these days in terms of

Buying a washing machine then lunch


With a basket of clothes to wash I decided to put on a load of laundry this morning but the washing machine decided not to start. I phoned the repairman, who I have used before with the same machine, and he told me that I should buy a new one, so I went down to the shopping centre this morning. Before leaving home I tweeted my plan and the retailer replied, sending a link to their web page for

A trip to Crows Nest


An appointment at lunchtime got me out of the house late this morning, and I headed into the city down Harris Street. "It was like another main road," said a man in fluoro clothes to his companion as they walked down the street. I went across the bridge and onto George Street, heading for Wynyard Station. "Everything 70 percent off," said a woman standing outside a basement discount store, as

A Caesar salad


After visiting the post office to buy a stamp and mail a postcard I headed down into Darling Harbour, aiming for the eastern suburbs where there is a restaurant I had seen on another day and had wanted to try out. Near the shadow of the bridge two women were sitting on the wooden benches lining the foreshore a few metres apart and taking selfies of themselves. I passed by the temporary ice

Back to country


Very early this morning - well before nine o'clock - I headed out because I had an appointment with the therapist in Bondi Junction. I headed down to Pyrmont Bridge and crossed with the morning foot traffic: what seemed like thousands of people walking eastward into the city with its towers and glass windows. It was brisk out and I went up Market Street then made my way to Martin Place, where

To Newtown for coffee


Because I needed to buy coffee I decided earlier than usual this morning to walk to Newtown, and I went out the back of the building and up through Victoria Park. On King Street there was a man walking toward me wearing a black beanie with "Uni Pro" embroidered on the band. I went across Missenden Road and bought coffee at the Campos cafe then when I came out I walked down King Street, passing

Another busy day


After I did the laundry and the grocery shopping this morning I left home and headed across Pyrmont Bridge eastward. On the bridge there was a woman taking a photo of her small son with her smartphone. "Mummy!" said the boy as I walked past, looking resentful. Soon afterward I saw a man walking two grey Afghan hounds on leashes. On Market Street there was a woman in a short skirt walking west

A busy day


At about 11.15am I ventured out to get to a meeting with a friend in Newtown because we had organised some time before to have lunch together today. I went out my building's back door and down past Channel Ten to Miller Street. At the lights were two men, one wearing a sleeveless fleeced top and the other, who was shorter than the first man, a leather jacket. My coat was buttoned up against

Winter morning's walk


This morning I went out earlier than usual and met with the office workers on Harris Street going out for their mid-morning coffees. "It's, like, if you woke up a bit earlier could you leave a bit earlier?" said a woman to her female companion as they walked down the street, passing me on the footpath. I headed down to Darling Harbour and walked southeast toward Chinatown. I passed a woman in

Taking coins to the bank


This morning I got up early as usual and decided to bag all the silver coins I had collected over the past five or so years. The coins were in tins and jars in my sideboard as well as in drop-in bowls on top of it. I put the bagged coins in grey singlet bags for easier transportation, and when I drove the car down to the electronics store to drop off my faulty PC for repair I took two of the

Up the Cross


This morning I went out early at around 10.30am and stopped at the dry cleaner's to drop off a knitted throw rug that mum made and that she used to use but which has just been sitting on the floor in my apartment since I brought it home with the other things from the nursing home. After getting my docket I headed down to Darling Harbour and went up the stairs to the walkway that goes to

A walk to Darlinghurst


This morning I went down into Darling Harbour as usual. Underneath the Western Distributor two trucks were moving, one forward heading in the direction of Haymarket and the other reversing at the same time in the same direction behind it. I headed up the stairs that lead to Bathurst Street and passed by the office building that supports the pedestrian walkway. It leads to a bridge that passes

Egyptian for lunch again


This morning I set off shortly after 11am on my walk, which took me through Darling Harbour as usual. On Broadway near Central Station there was a young woman wearing a blue denim jacket with "1966", "666" and "Bad Acid" printed in red and white ink on the back. She was walking along arm-in-arm with another woman, who wore a tan coat. Down near Wattle Street next to UTS a young man wearing a

Walking home at dusk


Today a friend and I went up to Newtown for lunch and we had some Thai food. After leaving the restaurant we walked south on King Street and I saw a young woman with pink hair wearing a white long sleeved shirt and a rainbow coloured bow tie. My friend and I stopped at Parliament, a cafe near Alice Street where there's an old 70s Ducati 750 stuffed into the fireplace and a church pew for

Getting a pair of shoes fixed


Today I left home at around midday to go for my walk and it was still quite cold, the sky overcast and nacreous with lighter and darker bands of cloud visible toward the horizon. I went down under the Pyrmont Bridge onto the promenade and there were quite a few people about despite the uncomfortable weather. A man in his 50s wearing shorts and a white singlet jogged briskly along in my

To Enmore for lunch


It was fine out so I planned a longer walk than normal but my route took me down to Darling Harbour as usual. Outside the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel at the traffic lights a glossy dark pigeon walked between my feet to peck at something on the pavement. Later, near UTS where the construction hoarding is installed, a woman came up to me and touched me on the arm, asking if I could help her. "What's

Back to sunny skies


For the first time in many days I went outside today without an umbrella because of the blue skies. My route took me as usual down into Darling Harbour. There was a four-year-old boy chasing an ibis around one of the planter parapets shouting "Shoo, shoo, shoo!" and pointing at the unfortunate bird with an outstretched finger. Children in the Darling Harbour quarter frequently chase birds.

Baffled by bookshops


The other day I came across an article in the New Yorker on my Facebook timeline about a photographer of the American subculture named Nan Goldin. It was a great read. There was something so redolent with significance for me in the figure of Goldin and in her history, which takes in what is for me a great but under-observed era: the 1980s. I wanted to know more so when I was out walking today

Crisis in opinion poll industry


Now that the UK general election has played itself out we're seeing a lot of people aim criticism at the media for getting it so wrong. Rupert Murdoch is reported to have stormed out of a meeting when the exit polls came through because he had used his newspapers to campaign strongly for the Conservatives but they had done relatively poorly in the election itself. An oracular Jeremy Corbyn of

ABC's Guthrie not keen on the limelight


Writing as usual for The Guardian, Amanda Meade interprets in print an interview the ABC's managing director Michelle Guthrie did with Jane Hutcheon, who runs the broadcaster's One Plus One program. As Meade notes it's the first time Guthrie has appeared in the media in such a candid fashion and many people will take an interest in it. Meade highlights the way Guthrie seeks to distance

A hung Parliament doesn't have to mean poor government


Here's an unflattering photo of the British PM from the Guardian website. The media are already on the hunt since the results of the UK general election came in today revealing a big swing to Labour and a reduced contingent of MPs for the Conservatives. PM Theresa May will form a government with the assistance of the Democratic Unionists Party, a Northern Irish mob of social conservatives, but

Book review: Nikki Gemmell, After (2017)


Euthanasia is a politically fraught subject but one that has resonance within the community. You can see how important some people view it by considering the work done by Andrew Denton last year. Denton was interviewed a lot following his researches but nothing has happened on the legislative front in Australia, probably because of the fact that we still have a conservative government in

The public sphere feedback loop and the internationalisation of media outlets


I was having a quiet beer with a friend yesterday at a bar overlooking Darling Harbour. We could hear the rain thundering on the metal roof of the building and see the water outside dimpled during the intermittent downpours. At one stage the conversation veered to a friend of his who is prone on similar occasions to repeating the tropes we are used to hearing from the mouths of radio shock

May high on pre-poll testosterone


You hear it all the time when there's a terror attack in one of our cities. Politicians come out and encourage residents, visitors and citizens to go about their daily business as usual. It's like a mantra out of the pollie's playbook when this kind of incident occurs. Senior police are accustomed to say similar things when they're dragged out before the microphones in the aftermath of a mass

Why do people just put rubbish on top of things?


The note is gone unfortunately. If I had made time to take this photo a day or so earlier it would have been there. This is the protective stanchion at the exit to our building's parking garage and there was one resident of the building who would repeatedly put his or her used disposable coffee cup on top of it. It was annoying another resident so much that they - the other resident - stuck to