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Preview: From the Frontlines of PR

From the Frontlines of PR

From the Frontlines is a blog written by Ian Lipner on public relations. Also included here is a regular column aimed specifically at providing tips for getting the most out of the junior professional role that appeared in PR NEWS magazine, published by A

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Reader's Choice = Marketing Measure?


A number of technology publications have Readers' Choice awards. This is where companies nominate their own products, the magazines do a basic vetting of the applicants and then open up the voting to their readers, via the Internet.Most companies then make sure they send the link to the voting mechanism to customers, partners and other allies, encouraging them to pull the lever for them.

I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday


Morgan McLintic has delivered a favorite among PR bloggers this week with his how-to list on ways to be a bad client. His last point, on paying late, is one I was just discussing with a friend in another service business the other day. He does foreign language translation work, and he runs into the same problem - companies that think it's okay to pay their bills whenever they feel like it.It

Stay Hoaxy,


There were two strange stories this week about people using a free "newswire" service called to distribute bogus news. One was that Will Ferrell died. Which is both false and fortunate for me in providing a relevant reason to post a picture of my favorite fictional journalist on this blog.In another hoax, a 16-year-old Google fan was able to get a fake press release announcing his

Yuppiest Over-caffeinated Rant Ever


I have been resisting the urge to rant about Starbucks on this blog pretty much since I started writing here. It is mostly because my relationship with Starbucks makes me feel ashamed. It is like the bad girlfriend I cannot leave. (Apologies to my wife.)First of all, the vision of my 30-something, light blue dress shirt-wearing, Blackberry-clutching, groggy ass standing in the same Starbucks at

Social Notworking Site


A bit of snickering from the back of the classroom at - I couldn't help but pass on this hilarious parody of Friendster-type social networking sites. Pardon the R-rated language on the linked site.You have to admit that despite the potential value of online networking, the fact there are so many different "networks" subtracts from the appeal of each. Every week, I get invitations or

Social News Reading Overview


Kevin Kelly's "Cool Tools" section of his blog has a nice overview of the various offerings that are similar to Digg in enabling navigation of news based on popularity or user feedback. I touched on Digg a few weeks back, but Kevin uncovers a few more (i.e., Reddit, Newsvine and Fantacular) with some useful insight about the development of the genre, which he calls "consensus tools."

Dig into Dugan's Flickr Hacks


Kevin Dugan over at Strategic Public Relations has provided a great list of ways to use photo sharing service Flickr creatively to benefit your organization. Lifehacker even swallowed its pride by linking to a flack and tipped its hat to Kevin for the post, who's been providing this kind of useful commentary online to the PR community since June 2002. Brainstorming, event promotion, recruiting

Google Beta Launch Lasts Four Hours?


Google announced today a Beta launch of its new Google Page Creator, a WYSIWYG application intended to make it easy for individuals to create a hosted Google website. Hadn't seen much buzz on it in advance of today's announcement but people listening closely heard rumblings as early as July. For those in the industry for whom the new service could present a threat, this is another example of why

Venti Map a Frappr-ccino


About a year ago, I was looking for a free online resource that would allow me to automatically map the locations of YoungPRPros members, but couldn't find anything that didn't require a technical understanding of SQL databases and the like.A few months back, Frappr launched just that type of service, incorporating Google Earth's full functionality. Plus, members can add their own photos, which

Ten Clicks for PR Kicks


Okay, so this blog fell silent for awhile there. Not surprisingly, the industry was able to hold itself together without my commentary.In fact, recent estimates place the number of PR bloggers at 350. That's a whole heck of a lot of flacks with an opinion. It's gotten to the point where you better have a few favorite PR bloggers whose opinions you've decided are most worthwhile or you'll spend

YoungPRPros nears 3000th member


The online group I started for junior PR professionals, YoungPRPros, is coming very close to another milestone - 3000 members. If you or someone you know could benefit from joining a free community of peers in their first 10 years of public relations, look our way.The 3000th member gets a free T-Shirt (pictured).

Time Warner Marches Upon Blogosphere


Okay, so that headline is a bit much, but today's development is one of those that makes me a bit nervous because it represents Big Business taking control of the undercurrent - in this case, the blog world.AOL announced today it bought Weblogs, which owns Engadget, Autoblog, and 85 others, for $25 million.So, that means that Time Warner now has control over: leaders in mainstream media (i.e.

Google Blog Search Debuts


Google's Blog Search Beta debuted today - so far it's not as comprehensive as Technorati, the leader in blog search at the moment. Will be interesting to see if Google moves quickly to overtake or if this is just a place-holder tool in advance of more significant new functionality. Thanks to Greg Brooks for pointing this out on YoungPRPros.Technorati tags: search, blogs

Recruiting and managing interns


It’s easy to tell when the summer’s almost over. It’s getting darker earlier. Clients and executives are coming back from their vacations with to-do lists in hand. Spiral notebooks become startlingly inexpensive. And your intern chair is empty.While classes are out during the summer, intern candidates are plentiful, especially in larger media markets. Managing interns during the school months,

Flacks working for government scientists - Liberals bristle, PRSA defends


In a July 18 story, the New York Times reported that the government's Office of Research and Development at the EPA was "seeking outside public relations consultants to polish its Web site, organize focus groups and ghostwrite articles 'for publication in scholarly journals and magazines.'" (Please note the writer's nearly visible "finger-quotes")The article was placed against the backdrop of

Oh. So we're just nerds.


According to a Pew Internet study conducted via telephone, 87% of Internet users don't know what podcasting is, and 91% don't know what RSS is. Lee Rainie, director of the Pew project, called the results of the study "a sobering reality check." I'm not sure that this necessarily means podcasting and RSS is overblown and won't eventually go wide. I'd bet 91% of Internet users didn't know what an

Washington Post to Monetize RSS?


For awhile, people have been wondering whether there's a wayto make money off of RSS today announced that it will introduce advertisingin its RSS (Real Simple syndication) feeds, making it the first majornews site to offer ad units in its syndication streams.Jeremy Pepper is spot on with his comment: This is great that the first large media site is going to push ads via

Print version of dailies aggregated online


NewspaperDirect has launched an online tool called PressDisplay that allows the user to view online the print versions of 270 newspapers from 50 countries. The list of newspapers in their database is impressive, if not yet comprehensive. What makes this interesting is that this isn't just text and photos in HTML, but the entire publications in their original formats and layouts, delivered

Editors as Chefs


Last evening, I was dining at one of my favorite local restaurants when a thought occurred to me.Often, people enjoy a particular restaurant because of that restaurant's specialties. Great steak, delicious key lime pie, unbelievable gnocchi, etc.But I think one of the things that makes a great restaurant is a chef who really understands the best interplay among flavors and textures and then

LA Times Yanks Wikitorial


The LA Times attempted to use Wiki to create an interactive online editorial feature this weekend. They started with an editorial urging a better-defined plan to withdraw troops from Iraq, and readers were invited to add their thoughts. Some did constructively, but soon "some readers were flooding the site with inappropriate material." On Sunday, editors decided to remove the feature, apologizing

PR Compensation and Job Satisfaction Survey


YoungPRPros has launched its first ever Compensation and Job Satisfaction Survey, focusing on North American practitioners and customized by work environment.Take part now for access to a great resource when it comes time for your next career move or salary review. Respondents will receive the results free.Technorati tags: PR, compensation

New Firefox Extension Expands Google Search


Released yesterday, this is a cool new extension for Firefox that enhances Google search results by adding links to Yahoo, MSN, Technorati and Feedster search results, among others. If you're searching for client web hits or client topic-related material, it's a good way to assure you're getting results from blogs and company RSS feeds as well as MSM websites.It also incorporates the Google

Fleishman-Hillard Execs Hit Low Water Mark


The LA Times has reported that a federal grand jury indicted Douglas R. Dowie, 57, of Los Angeles, on 15 felony counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy. Dowie routinely ordered subordinates at Fleishman-Hillard, an international public relations firm, to inflate the number of hours they worked under contracts with the city's Department of Water and Power and the Port of Los Angeles, as

BlogPulse enhances trend tool


Intelliseek/BlogPulse has added a neat feature to its trend tool I wrote about a few weeks back. You may remember that the tool graphically presents the prevalence in the blogosphere of any search term over time. Now you can click anywhere on the graph it generates and it will show you the relevant blog search results for that point in time.For example, looking at the search term ["video search"

Life in the Blog Age


Technorati tags: blogging, satire