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Published: 2016-09-30T08:29:40-07:00


Can you write a novel in 3 weeks?


For most of us it takes a considerable amount of time to write our novels, but Anthony Burgess took just 3 weeks to write A Clockwork Orange. Sure, NaNoWriMo writers may generate a “novel” in the 4 weeks of November,...

Flogometer for Lyn—are you compelled to turn the page? Updated.


I've removed the post about the opening chapter submitted to FtQ by "Lyn." I heard from the writer who said this: "I DO mind another writer messing with my work and writing it his own way, out of the character’s...

Flog a BookBubber 44: Raymond Benson and The Black Stiletto


There are treasures to be found on BookBub. Today is a bit of a shout-out for a series I found there. The price then was 99 cents, but it’s back to $14.72 for the whole series. I don’t know if...