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Published: 2017-11-15T23:02:34-05:00


Source of Lit - the Postman!


Got home to three packages this evening, all containing books purchased anywhere from very recently to some time ago: I Brake for Moose by Geetha Kothari via Braddock Avenue Books ordered a week or so ago. Have read good things...

Short Story Collections - 2018 and 2019 - updated as of 11/8/17


As many first quarter publisher catalogs start popping out, we've been able to track down a larger chunk of 2018 short story collections (and have received galleys for one already) and are up to 67 to look forward to--and we've...

Short Story Collections - 2017 updated as of 11/8/17


We are now aware of 240 short story collections that have been, or will be, published in 2017. This is 25 more than we found out about in 2016 (though that list increased by one this past week--our knowledge of...

2017 Writers' Awards from the Rona Jaffe Foundation


I've enjoyed writing from many past recipients of the Rona Jaffe Award and so plan on looking into the work of these women. The following is the Rona Jaffe Foundation press release. THE RONA JAFFE FOUNDATION CELEBRATES 23rd ANNUAL WRITERS’...

Source of Lit - the Postal Service! The Cuban Club by Barry Gifford


Got home today to a galley for an October short story collection---The Cuban Club by Barry Gifford! This will be published by Seven Stories Press. It appears to be an unintended sequel of sorts to his earlier The Roy Stories....

Short Story Collections to be Published in September


Eleven new short story collections that we're aware of to be published in the month of September and we've got galleys of one or two of them, have pre-ordered a couple from the smaller presses, and have a couple coming...

Supporting the Community


Yesterday I was going through the monthly (bi-weekly? weekly?) email from Small Press Distribution with 10 to 15 titles on it that they are suggesting people be interested in. It dawned on me that I use these emails quite often--sometimes...

Short Story Collections: 2017-2019 an update


As of August 9, we are now aware of 209 collections that have been, or will be, published in 2017. Along with that information, we know of at least 10 (I say at least 10 as i realize I've not...

Book Review 2017-012: Sonora by Hannah Lillith Assadi


Book Review 2017-012 Sonora by Hannah Lillith Assadi 2017 by Soho Press, 191 pages (I received a copy of the ARC of this from the publisher) In her debut, Hannah Lillith Assadi has given us an almost anti-coming-of-age novel in...

Book Review 2017-011: August Snow by Stephen Mack Jones


Book Review 2017-011 August Snow by Stephen Mack Jones 2017 by Soho Press, 312 pages (I received a copy of the ARC of this from the publisher) Stephen Mack Jones takes the ball deep in August Snow, his debut novel....