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Published: 2016-10-19T11:38:09-05:00


Short Story Month 2017 - The Planning Begins #SSM2017


The EWN will be trying to make National Short Story Month 2017 be as big as possible this upcoming May. One thing we're working on is taking the collections published in 2016 and trying to work with as many of...

2017 Short Story Collections - Update


Up to 97 short story collections to look forward to in 2017 so far--somehow I'd forgotten to include Caitlin Hamilton's as yet untitled collection coming out from Fomite mid-year. Author Publisher Title Alomar, Osama New Directions The Teeth of the...

2016 Short Story Collections -- Updated


We are now up to 153 short story collections for 2016--now working on putting together contact information for as many of these authors as I can find as I'd like to do something very special for Short Story Month 2017...

Read Along With the EWN - Rails Under My Back by Jeffrey Renard Allen - Part II - Chosen - Chapter 5


To reiterate the idea behind the Read Along With...program here at the EWN, "Reading along with the EWN--where I'll begin to tackle these larger titles and do so in sections, to help push me to a) make sure I tackle...

2017 Short Story Collections - Initial Post


I've not really searched very hard yet--mostly things from Dzanc and books that I've received pre-production notices from publishers or from catalogs to date. If you've got something coming out in 2017 (short story collection) as an author, a publicist,...

2016 Short Story Collections - An Update


Found out that Archipelago Books had published a collection, and that I had a name of a person or title not quite right. We are up to 138 collections published, or to be published, during 2016. I'd be willing to...

The Last Hundred Years Trilogy - Jane Smiley - Some Luck - 1923


The first volume in The Last Hundred Years Trilogy (which seems to truly be one long novel, but more on that as I actually read the trio of books), by Jane Smiley, is Some Luck. Each of the three books...

Short Story Collections 2016


Thinking a lot about short story collections this last week and took some time to scour lists and publisher websites and that behemoth with a truly lousy sort mechanism and have put together the following list of 114 collections published,...

Book Review 2016-016: Dear Committee Members by Julie Schmacher


Book Review 2016-016 Dear Committee Members by Julie Schumacher 2014 by Soho Press, 2015 (pb) by Anchor Books 181 pages (I purchased this copy Friday night) Dear Book Review Reader, That's right--I'm going to review an epistolary novel by writing...

Book Review 2016-015: A Tree or a Person or a Wall by Matt Bell


Book Review 2016-018 A Tree or a Person or a Wall by Matt Bell 2016 by Soho Press, 388 pages (I received a galley from the publisher, as well as a final copy, and intend on buying about 5 copies...