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Preview: Dusk and Dawn

Dusk And Dawn

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Chapter 7:The second name


"Mother? May I speak with you?"asked Dawn as her fur touched her mothers pelt.
"Sure what is it about?"replied Misty
"Why Can't females get a second name?!"yelped Dawn
"Oh, well it's ancient wolf tradition ask grandma Trigger tonight she'll help you"replied Misty Calmly
"Okay mom thanks!!!"yelped Dawn"
"Okay Okay..."howled Misty.
"I'm going to talk to Dusk for a while mother I want to ask him some stuff."howled Dawn as she padded out of the den.

While walking towards the den where Dusk was sitting she seamed to notice Trigger materializing beside her.
"So I heard the talk with your mother."howled Trigger.
"Yeah, I'm going to ask Dusk about his second name"yelped Dawn
"Okay then I'm going to chat with Black Star see you tonight" replied Trigger as she waved goodbye.
Dawn crept into the den slowly making sure she didn't wake up anyone.She woke Dusk up and asked him to follow her out of the den.

"Hey um Dusk.I'm just curious what's your second name going to be?"asked Dawn
"Hmm I don't know but I'm super excited about the ceremony!!"Screamed Dusk
"Shuush Dude! I don't want to get caught.Okay then I'm just curious..."howled Dawn
"Your coming right? It would be really great if you'd come!"yelped Dusk
"Obviously I'll come I'm your sister and I love you dear."howled Dawn
"See you there I must go prepare now."howled Dusk as he padded of into the den.

Dawn sat at the edge of a rock peering at the wonderful sight of the territory of her pack remembering the fun she'd had on the day they first saw the wonderful view.She knew she wasn't going to be a wolf pup forever she would have to become an adult in 3 moons time.She only wished her brother wouldn't act so serious now a days.Out of a blue moon she was disrupted from her dreams.

"Dawn my darling stop thinking so hard about everything you've got to be happy for your brother."howled Misty as she sat beside Dawn.
"I just wish time would stop.I want the old Dusk back."yelped Dawn in sadness
"Don't be sad my dear Dusk is your little brother the same one you've known from birth."replied Misty as she stood up and padded of into the den.
"I wish"said Dawn in her head as she followed her mother to get ready for the ceremony.

Authors Note: oooo a ceremony?! I love those especially the ones which have food! hehehe....stay tuned!

Chapter 6: Training not Fainting


"Dawn?Dawn? Wake up lazy bones training is going to start without us!"screamed Flower as she started hoping on Dawn while Lily the new pup watched with confusion.
"Huh? wha-what? Training! Oh my goodness we better move!"yelped Dawn as she jumped out of her nest.
"See you there Dawn, come on Lily."said Flower as she padded of into  the training den.
Dawn ran crazily around the nursery den trying to have breakfast and groom herself,good thing she's a good at multi-tasking.As Dawn ran as fast as she could to the training grounds she realized Trigger was running beside her and smiling.
"Morning Trigger, I'm in a rush at the moment talk later okay?"yelped Dawn as she kept running.
"Okay, I'm coming to watch,and I'm going to talk to Black Star while he's there."replied Trigger as she began to fade.

"I'm here!!"screamed Dawn panting with exhaustion.
"Okay come we're going to practice hunting now target your prey."Ordered Grey.
Slowly each pup had eyed a prey of their own Dawn had eyed a young deer gazing in the grass while the others tried to stalk mice.
Slowly Dawn crept closer to the young deer, and as soon as the deer had sat down she pounced and bit it's neck so hard it couldn't breath!
"Mother! Father look what I've got today!"Screamed Dawn with delight as she dragged the young deer towards her parents who had shocked looks on their faces.
"H-h-h-how?"Asked all the other pups.
"I just got it."replied Dawn with a sarcastic tone of voice.
"Now, now calm down everyone.Today's training came with great success so stop fighting and let's go back for dinner."Ordered Black Star.

As Dawn carried her deer back by her self she began to notice Trigger materializing.
"Hi Grandma!" whispered Dawn.
"Nice catch you've got there, I see your good at hunting aren't you"said Trigger with a big smile across her face.
"Thanks."replied Dawn happily.
"Just remember never to boast okay?"warned Trigger
"I promise"said Dawn with a softer tone of voice.

As night approached all the wolves had eaten and gotten themselves ready to sleep.Dawn tried to make her nest comfy using feathers and cotton from the cotton plants outside the dens.
"Good Night Dusk."said Dawn yawning.
"Good Night Dawn."replied Dusk half asleep.
That night Trigger had arrived to be the night look out, for her pack.

"Awaiting tomorrow is another full of adventure, so be prepared my little ones."Said Trigger as the moon was up in the sky.


Chapter 5: As Dawn arises Dusk Falls


"Psst Dawn, I've got to go back to the stars okay? I'll be back tomorrow night okay."Said Trigger quietly without making any noise.
"Okay Grandma! see you tonight, I'll take care of Dusk."Replied Dawn as Trigger began to fade away into dust,Dawn gave one last sigh and went to see to the whole pack.
As Dawn arises Dusk falls, and the whole pack had awoken and ready for breakfast.

"Mother is Dusk okay? Shall I go fetch him water?"Questioned Dawn.
"He'll be fine we have Brown Claw and Star Pelt watching over him Leaf is taking care of his wounds at the moment."Replied Misty,"Oh and please do bring water."said Misty
"Very well mother."sneered Dawn as she padded of to the lake to fetch water using a little wooden bucket that the pack had found near the human camping site.

As she padded downwards, she could see Trigger's shadow walking along side her as Trigger began to materialise into a wolf form.Both of them padded towards the lake while watching out for the others pack just in case for their safety.
"Isn't that side of the lake lighting pack's territory?"asked Dawn.
"Yeah,your a smart pup aren't you."Praised Trigger as she fetched a full bucket of water.
Dawn smirked as she took the bucket and padded upwards the hill.
"You promise tonight right?"asked Dawn.
"Yes my dear now hurry your brother must be thirsty!"replied Trigger as she watched Dawn waltz up the hill happily.

Dawn gave one last glance at Trigger before she entered the nursery den,trigger gave her a nod and disappeared.
"Mother! Here is the water I'm going to talk to Black Star now."Yelped Dawn as she dropped her bucket in front of her mother.
"Okay"howled Misty.

"Grandpa? May I have a talk with you? I have some unanswered questions"asked Dawn.
"Come in my dear and ask away."Replied Black Star as he lay in his comfy nest made out of twigs and leaves.
"Well you see I met Trigger a few days ago and she's been helping me guard Dusk she told be she's your mate is it true?"asked Dawn.
"Yes my dear she protects us all from the stars I saw her last night too only the chosen ones can see wolves of the stars you, your mother and I are gifted with that power."howled Black Star.
"Thanks Grandpa I'll go rest before I go out for training in the evening."yelped Dawn as she padded out of Black Star's cave and entered the nursery to rest.

As she slept she wandered about the mysterious spirit of evil,and in her hopes she wished she and her brother could over come it.


Chapter 4: Mysterious Marks


"Wake up pups you've got training today hurry up have breakfast and let's move out to the training field!"Howled Grey.
Slowly one by one of the pups even though tired got up and ate and ran out of the den ready to spring for training, all of them except Dusk.
"Dusk?"said Misty curiously.
"Yeah mom? I'm Okay"said Dusk as he turned around his mother's face was full of horror.
As she howled for the medicine wolf  Dusk felt his tummy groaning in pain.
"Hang on tight my child don't touch that claw mark okay? Father has gone to get the medicine wolf and Black Star."Said Misty with worry in her tone of voice.
As Pool Pelt arrived he examined the wounds, and he covered them with herbs.Dusk turned to Misty with fear in his eyes.

"Mom will I be okay?"Asked Dusk before he had gone out cold.
Misty had given him a comforting lick and sat beside him in order to keep him safe while waiting for Black Star to arrive.
"What Happened to my Grand pup?"Black star asked curiously.
"Sir I believe he was attacked in his sleep by the spirit, is he the chosen one like Trigger?"Asked Pool Pelt.
Suddenly tears started streaming down Misty's eyes as she looked at her father and back to her kit.
"Please tell me how we can save him father I don't want my son to die at a young age!" cried Misty as Grey had returned with Dawn and the other pups.

"Dusk? Dusk?"Asked Dawn as she started crying.
All the wolves sat around Dusk wearily, in hope he would awake.
"Umm mother I'll go out and get some water for brother."Said Dawn as she ran out of the den.

"Trigger?"asked Dawn in the flower valley.
"Yes my friend?"replied the ghostly figure.
"My brother, he's been attacked in his sleep by the spirit my whole pack is crying over him can you help me save him?" asked Dawn
"I will try and don't call me trigger, call me grandma."before Trigger could have finish her phrase Dawn looked shocked.
"Yes,yes I'm Black Stars wife."replied Trigger.
"Very well then grandma, I will go comfort my brother now."Replied Dawn as she padded of to the river to fetch water for her brother.

Dawn carried a back plenty of water for her brother, because she loved him dear.
As she padded upwards to the den where her brother lay she could hear howling and whispering,
"I'm back, and I've got water for Dusk.."yelped Dawn as her mother padded to her and took the water for Dusk.

"Drink this my child."said Misty as she gave Dusk a sip of water.
"He will be better tomorrow right mom?"Asked Dawn.
"I hope, I hope."replied Misty.

As night approached all the wolves we're guarding Dusk's den and we're all fast asleep, only Dawn was wide awake trying to protect her brother with Trigger sitting beside her.


Chapter 3:A New Pup


"Flower?Flower! hello Flower?"said Dawn being very careful not to wake the others.
"Yeah what? How did you know I was taking a nap?"Asked Flower
"I just knew, now listen I over heard Star and Lion Claw are going to be having a pup today I think."whispered Dawn.
"Oh cool! I hope its a girl so then boys and girls will be even!"yelped Flower in delight.
"Okay now I'll go play outside with Dusk he's been quiet for a long time, okay bye!"replied Dawn as she padded out of the den.

While skipping around the valley of light she saw a weird figure of a wolf with an eye patch moving around in the darkness.Dawn ran towards the mysterious wolf and screamed 
"you are Trigger! am I right?"said Dawn
"Yes young one do you know anything about the Spirit? I've been trying to get rid of it even since, but I have a dark secret to tell you come by the same valley in 2 moons time, when you'll become a full warrior."said Trigger
"Okay bye Trigger and I promise not to tell anyone."replied Dawn as she carried on skipping in search of her brother she didn't mind anything suspicious about Trigger or even meeting a dead spirit.

As evening approached she finally found Dusk who was taking a swim with the boys when all of a sudden she heard yelping from the nursery den Dawn knew it was the pup coming she arrived back with Dusk just in time to see  the new born kit who was known as lily.Dawn ran to find flower to inform her of the good news.
"Its a girl, flower!!" screamed Dawn with delight not bothering about the rest of the clan sleeping.
"Finally!!!!"yelped Flower in reply to Dawn.
"Its Dinner let's go get some deer legs and rest tomorrow we've got training remember?"Replied Dawn.
"Okay let's go."said flower.

As they were finishing their deer legs they crawled up into bed dreaming about the next days training and weather they would be good at battle,medicine or magic.

Authors Note: Dear readers I hope your enjoying the story but the Lone Wolf story might get deleted because I'm not getting much comments. Thank you.


Chapter 2: The Story Of Trigger The Wolf


As Black Star raised in his tail in order to silence the crowd the pack silenced.
"Now I have an announcement to make an evil spirit has been taking over packs all over sunny village we might be next in a few moons we all must develop our minds to believe in good not bad in order to defeat this villain, is that understood?"said Black star.
"Yes, I guess so."said the whole pack of wolves. 
"Very well then meeting dismissed, you may all carry on with what you have been doing."Ordered Black star.
As all the wolves cleared the meeting den Bramble and Scramble began squabbling about who's going to eat lunch first.Dawn and Flower just rolled their eyes at the male kits for being so childish.

"Calling all pups! Come on it's story time and then you've all got to go take a nap okay?" Called Misty,Silver and Daisy flowers mother. 
"Coming"screamed all the pups as they ran into the nursery den."Okay now settle down, listen carefully, Long ago lived a brave wolf called Trigger she was a very good warrior until she was attacked by a evil spirit who took host over her body,she became a loner in order to keep the evil spirits away from her clan.She had lost her eye trying to fight the spirit out of her body but in the end she ended up falling into a pool of poisonous liquid and she burned away, it is said that trigger returns every 13 years trying to find the evil spirit to finish of her battle."said Misty, while the pups got up after enjoying the story went to rest, in her sleep Dawn wondered about Trigger thinking since it has been 13 years Trigger might return for her revenge against the evil spirit.

"I wondered if....."Said Dawn before she fell into a deep sleep.
She was awoken by a stunning noise.
"No its mine!"
"No mine!!!!"
"What The?" shouted Dawn at the top of her lungs in anger.
"can't a wolf get some sleep here!?" said Dawn in rage,
'Sorry....."said all the three male pups with their heads dipped down in shame.
"I'm going out to play with flower."said Dawn as she stormed of out of the nursery den in search of the friend flower.


Chapter 1: The Pack's Territory (continued)


"H-h-h-hi  I'm Dawn" said Dawn with a shy like tone of voice afraid she wait startle the pup,"Hi!    finally a girl pup I couldn't stand another day with those lousy male pups their completely annoying with their useless comments about us girls, shall we go play in the flower garden? Don't worry the humans who used to live here have left to another location come on!"said flower playfully, as they padded towards the beautiful, gorgeous and peaceful flower garden.

"Ain't it peaceful?"asked Flower
"Yeah, yes it is"  said Dawn with a nod of agreement.
"Shall we go climb up some trees?That would be jolly good fun wouldn't it?"asked flower with a surge of energy flowing through her small little body."Well?" she questioned Dawn.
"Yeah sure why not last one up the tree has to eat stale deer meat for a week!" screamed Dawn as she ran towards a tree with full speed.

Out of a blue moon, Bramble,Scramble and Dusk came running towards the two pups climbing up the tree.
"What is it you pee brains?"snarled Flower,while Dawn was stomping her paw on the ground impatiently waiting for an answer from her brother or his friends.
"We just wanted to say.....that......mother and father are calling everyone for a meeting, our pack leader is having an important meeting with the whole pack,were helping dad."said Dusk
"Okay then we'll be there in a minute we'll go get flower's mother and we'll meet you there okay?"replied Dawn.
"Yeah whatever"said Bramble rolling his eyes as he and Scramble and Dusk padded of to the meeting den.Flower and Dawn look dazed at each other wondering what would be so important to announce to the whole pack? 
As the woke Flower's mother up they three padded up to the meeting den preparing for the grand meeting with their leader who had been ill for a two moons.

Dawn had chosen a seat beside her brother and her mother, while awaiting for the meeting to start she asked her brother a very odd question.
"Brother? Why are is your fur Dark Coloured? When mother and I have a blond fur and dad has brown fur?"asked Dawn curiously
"I have no clue now hush! its starting!" replied Dusk sneering.

What would happen sooner or later?
You'll just have to find out!
Chapter 2 coming soon!


Chapter 1: The Pack's Territory


"Dusk! Dawn! Bramble! Scramble! come on outside and see our territory." said Misty with Silver the mother of Bramble and Scramble."Coming!!" said all the pups at the same time together as they ran towards the exit of the den at full speed."Woah Mama" said Dawn as she and the other pups gazed at the wonderful greenery of the hills, as both the mothers smiled at each other."Who wants to play tag with the mommy's and daddies?"asked Misty. "We do!!!"screamed all the pups with delight as the crouched down ready to spring and chase after their parents."Tag Dusk Your it!" screamed Crow Claw, Bramble's and Scramble's father as he ran fleeing in hope to not be tagged.Dusk ran as fast as he could aiming at Dawn with full speed, Dawn seemed to notice it so she climbed up the tree without any fear.

"Wow very nice Dawn that was good reaction to your brothers chase."said Misty proudly to her daughter."Thanks mom!" said dawn and she jumped of the tree as if she was a cat, and straight padded towards Dusk who was chatting with Bramble and Scramble ,"Am I the only girl here?"asked Dawn sadly, "No your not, there is another pup called flower she trains with her to become a warrior deep down the valley of light." said Bramble sneering at Dawn, as Dawn rolled her eyes pretending to ignore Bramble."I'll ask mom to take me there."said Dawn as she took one last glimpse at Dusk and Bramble and Scramble as she padded of to her mother, to ask if she could go to the valley of light to meet this pup called flower."Of course you may go, I'll howl to tell flower's mother your coming to meet her." said Misty with nod of agreement towards Dawn before Dawn had padded of towards the valley.

"This valley is so wonderful! So many flowers!" said Dawn as she covered her fur with colourful flower.She paused for a sudden when she noticed a odd shape walking towards her."You must be Dawn, this is my pup flower, go on flower go play with Dawn I'll keep an eye on both of you by that tree if you need me" said the mother of flower.

{To Be Continued}

Prologue: Dusk and Dawn


         Deep down in the dark forest lied a pack of wolves, as a couple slowly walked into a den of their own as the male left  the den and 2 other females came in, wailing had started from the mother wolf."Come on girl slowly now I see the head!" said one of the other female wolves as the other one brought water for the mother to drink."Okay one is out, wow she's a cute little one ain't she Silver ?" said the wolf awaiting the other pup to arrive"Drink up my friend you must be very thirsty"said the other wolf as the mother of the pups smiled with agreement as she licked up all the water."Okay he's out and what a strong looking one you've got! okay Silver let's leave Misty to rest." said one of them as they padded out of the den slowly.

Slowly Misty leaf began to try to feed her pups," I shall name you Dusk and Dawn." said Misty proudly, as she licked her too pups.A few minutes later the male arrived from hunting."How are they?"asked the male being very careful to not wake the pups up."Fine I think I should have some rest before they awake because when they do they'll be a little bit more harder to take care of" said misty to her mate"Very well then"said the male as he nodded and padded of into the adults den.

A moon later, the pups had awoken and were playing around with other pups in the pup den.
"Hey I'm Dusk and she's Dawn and you must be Bramble? and he must be Scramble?" asked Dusk very playfully."Yeah your right I'm the oldest,I'm guessing Dawn's the oldest here, well any ways shall we go have a snack from Black Stars hunting patrol last night? I heard they've got plenty of deer!" said Bramble with a hungry look,"Yeah Sure Let's go!"said Dusk as they both ran towards the fresh kill pile to get some deer legs.

"Dusk! Dawn! Bramble! Scramble! come on outside and see our territory." said Misty with Silver the mother of Bramble and Scramble.

Read More....on chapter 1
I Hope You'll have an enjoyable time here!!