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Published: 2009-09-09T17:23:36+02:00


David Denby's 8 Principles of Snark


It's not big and it's not clever It is sly, knowing and often downright nasty. Politicians and celebrities are its prey. And it attacks, under the guise of wit, without proof or reason. David Denby goes on the hunt for...

US Army's love-hate relationship with social media


here are two sides to the military’s foray into the freewheeling world of the interactive Web. At the highest echelons of the Pentagon, civilian officials and four-star generals are newly hailing the power of social networking to make members of...

New approaches for analyzing influence on Twitter


New Approaches for Analyzing Influence on Twitter By Alex Leavitt with Evan Burchard, David Fisher, & Sam Gilbert Using a new methodology based on the content and responses of 12 popular users, we determined measurements of relative influence on Twitter....

Facebook takes over the world


via Indeed! Posted via web from Allan Jenkins

How much CO2 do computers emit? As much as airline industry...


How much carbon dioxide do computers emit? AVIATION has long been blamed for its share of anthropogenic global warming. Indeed, some travellers now ask themselves whether their flight is strictly necessary and, if they decide it is, salve their consciences...