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Preview: Behind The Spin

Behind The Spin

Public Relations: Students + Practitioners + Academics

Published: 2006-11-12T16:58:29+00:00


Snap happy or picture perfect


Joseph Sharp says that getting the right photograph needs as much careful planning as other aspects of a PR campaign Pictures can provoke a number of emotional responses: fear, anger, pity, admiration, lust and desire, to name a few. For...

Global warming changes attitudes to nuclear power


Dorothy Seed (left), Head of Communications, Corporate Affairs, BNFL, says that growing public understanding of the impending energy crisis has reduced hostility to nuclear power It is a memory that still remains with me. As our holiday flight prepared for...

See it right


Heather Smith does a consumer test to find out which websites are accessible to the two million people in the UK with sight problems Jamie Oliver grates nutmeg on to a bowl of pasta and Sainsbury's report an increase in...

Getting Students to Get Out


Eileen Jones, who heads the PR course at Huddersfield University, was impressed by recent Behind the Spin articles on Blogging (here, here, here, here). But she says there are dangers in students spending too much time at the keyboard. Firstly,...

From Soap Box to Soap Opera


Television, Politics and the Dumbing-Down of the Electorate There has been a good deal of speculation in recent years concerning the negative impact of the media, especially television, on politics and political culture in British society, writes Liam French. Poor...

The Road to Eden


Chris Hines, the founder of Surfers Against Sewage, is now Sustainability Director of the Eden Project in Cornwall. He spoke to the Behind the Spin conference about the steps individuals can take to improve the Environment Sustainability impacts on every...

Spread the word about China's secret


Behind the Spin reader Hazel Tan writes: I have just started up in business with the support of the Prince’s Trust. China’s Secret aims to turn tea drinking into a visual and aromatic experience – through our unique handcrafted flowerball...

What happens when the “new media” isn’t new enough?


Guest editor Kevin Overbury welcomes you to Behind the Spin Issue 13... Just a year ago – certainly two – few PR professionals would have really known what was meant by the terms blogging or RSS feeds or podcasts. They...

Citizen media or the death of journalism?


Journalism has long been a professional career with set regulations and standards. Now citizens can act as journalists, writing anything they desire either through internet news pages or blogs. Katrina James describes how the PR industry will be affected. It...

New media and old skills: the way ahead for PR


Weblogs and other social softwares are changing PR - and staying ahead of the game can offer opportunities for students looking for first career break. If PR is about projecting a reputation, a showcase blog can be a help, writes...

How the UK's top student blogger made his name


Knowing that blogs exists and will change PR is one thing. But getting your hands dirty and starting one yourself is the real way to face up to the changes ahead. Sunderland University PR student Stephen Davies provides a first-hand...

IBM: Big Blue blogging


Jodie Cooper finds how IBM, one of the world’s biggest companies, has turned blogging into something its employees do naturally – both internally, and on sites for the world to see. Web logging or blogs as they are known, are...

Turn on, tune in and soak up the images


Television is about presentation, entertainment and amusement – and today’s politicians know that it’s overwhelmingly the best way to get through to a generation of young voters turned off by House of Commons debates. Sadie Phillips looks at the implications...

Tinseltown shows its serious side


Six Oscars, six different films – and not a blockbuster in sight as this year’s main Academy Award winners put thoughtful, serious movie-making at the forefront. Matthew Cook looks at how the big-budget spectaculars were ousted, and what’s on the...

When the Talkies come to town


Talking films soon ousted the silent movies. But despite our ability to add sound to every medium from websites to mobile phones, the PR industry has yet to give its clients’ publics anything worth listening to. Reginald Watts explains why...

Graduation anecdotes


The excitement of graduation and the world of fulltime employment with benefits, and a fantastic social life is immense during the final academic semester, writes Mercy Kaggwa. Many do not have a clue about what they are going to do...

Speed Dating with PR professionals


Bournemouth University CIPR representatives Victoria Goddard and Amy Ashworth enter the daunting world of event organisation to arrange a ‘speed dating’ evening with PR professionals. A chance for students to go “speed-dating” with PR professionals proved a major success at...

Why PR degrees need PR


Work in a bar, or get a PR degree? According to some in the industry, when it comes to jobhunting one is as good as the other. Christina S. Holm explains why they are wrong. Wouldn’t you hire a qualified...

Making a podcast out of a crisis


Chatrooms, podcasts, blogs, webcasting, RSS, digital interactive TV, 3G mobile telly-phones, vidcasts, blackberry, broadband, wi-fi – the list goes on. The range of gadgets and electronic communication media that have exploded on to the scene in the past five years...

Get up to speed - or miss the bus...


New media – even in the form of today’s rudimentary internet – is opening up a new way of communicating that we just cannot ignore. Gitanjali Diwan reports. We may hold very different ideas about the nature of society, communication...

Blogs: answer to voting apathy?


Do you know what your local councillor does? Well, one easy way for them to keep you informed –and help to boost electors’ interest in local politics – is to start a blog. And it’s an idea that works, reports...

Gagging for gossip


The higher they climb – the harder they fall. And as Ros Jones reports, there are plenty of celebrity magazines around to ensure we get a chance to see our objects of desire turn into objects of ridicule Walk into...

Regulation can be about being fit, fabulous and 40


The General Teaching Council for Scotland turned 40 in 2005 and needs to look long and hard at communication and the challenges it poses for a regulatory body. Glenise Borthwick reports. Professional Regulatory bodies do not make for good Press...

Communicating risk


Making sure people really understand the risks involved in things they elect to do is not easy – but it is essential, says Alison R. Sammut Communicating risk is not to be taken lightly and it becomes even more difficult...

Better late than never


Starting a degree course is daunting enough for anyone. But being a mature student juggling uni life with the ironing mountain and trying to forget that your fellowstudents are the same age as your children adds another level of stress...

Why charity should begin in PR


With competition between charities to raise funds getting fiercer by the day, public relations could offer the edge some of them need. But, asks Amy Martinez, should charities be wary of a profession that could potentially give them too much...

How and why PR should sharpen up its focus


The business community views public relations with uncertainty and even mistrust – a situation unlikely to alter as long as too many definitions of PR allow too many types of practitioner to cluster under a single umbrella title. What is...

Media studies: a Mickey Mouse degree?


Media is vital to our lives, so it should be studied properly. And anyway, media studies graduates have a better-than-average chance of landing a job – so why are media degrees sometimes so scorned? Will Duffield reports I enrolled at...

One-woman campaign goes up on the roof


Dorothy Skrytek was so angry at plans to re-develop an Art Deco bus station that she spent five months in a one-woman publicity campaign living on the roof. Siobhan Curtis reports. How long can one woman live on the roof...

Back off lads, he’s got a guitar


Since the first time a caveman picked up a mammoth bone and started banging it on a rock in a vaguely rhythmic manner, the political song has been part of our lives, writes Will Blake. From the ancient Greeks singing...