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Gluing passing thoughts to foregone conclusions

Published: 2014-09-16T11:29:34+05:00


Setting up Xubuntu in Lenovo Flex2 14D


Steps to do to get a working Xubuntu release on this laptop. (532 Words)

How to beat workday blues?


My tips on how to actually feel good doing work. (568 Words)

Bangalore Coonoor on Royal Enfield


Quick view of my bike ride from Bangalore to Coonoor on 2014-04-03. (388 Words)

Bash infinite loop script


A template script if you need to weakly emulate the Cron like behavior (537 Words)

Remove duplicate jars


Quick hack to get rid of a small pain (164 Words)

Quick Ref: Linux Mint 11 #1


Been using Mint Katya on my new Toshiba C640 laptop that shipped with no OS installed. Fixes for some annoyances that keep bothering me. (59 Words)

Quick Ref: SVN command line


There are times when you need to use SVN rather than GIT. Command line is actually much more easier for SVN than many other graphic tools. (92 Words)

Git with Dropbox


Git'ing with Dropbox (104 Words)

Quick Start: Git for personal use


Manual is too damn long for Git. If you've this problem, here is a quick recipe. (386 Words)

Quick script to maintain a diary


This is easy in bash; posting it to help people stuck in Windows XP. (212 Words)

Bicycle Diaries - I


After 17 years of deskbound job, decided to add some fitness activity to life. First scrum lessons learned. (1002 Words)

Simple MongoDB+Java example


Starter Java code to use MongoDB. (337 Words)

Cisco's new urbanism


Part of Orwell's 1984 is now finally happening in 2015 (39 Words)

Labelling in Outlook 2003 ala Gmail


Extend Outlook 2003 to easily categorize mails. (279 Words)

Quick Bazaar on Windows over SSH


Easy notes on Bazaar+sftp (176 Words)