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More VoIPWatch Coverage of Enterprise Connect


Wrestlemania is less than a week away in Orlando, and you would think that in the battle for enterprise communications market share that at Enterprise Connect there would be more rumbling. But the news isn't from the challengers as much as it is from the established heavyweights.....HMMM. YAWN...That's why what was done at TadHack Mini was so important. It's about what's NXT..(a pun of sorts)..So with that, ring the bell and let's dig in... Cisco can't get away from hardware. It's in their aging DNA. So no matter how many new software companies they acquire, they still fall back to...

VoIPWatch Coverage of Enterprise Connect News


You have to love the conference industry. When one media company puts on a conference, the coverage from competitive companies is almost non-existent, despite the size of the advance press list. So be it. There is news coming out of Enterprise Connect and here's a summary of what I think is far. TadHack Mini-this is the future of Enterprise Connect. The companies that had the foresight to sponsor and engage with the developers who are creating new technology to serve their fellow man. Some very cool ideas so give a read to Michelle Burbicks summary. As for the rest--Genband...

Apple Really Only Does Two Things


Behind the big facade of their website, apps and very attractive stores what Apple does, and does better than all the other tech companies is two things. And only two things. They build hardware that everyone, including their competition, drools over. And they retail what they make. Sure you can talk about their developer programs. You can talk about how they have a platform to sell apps, music, movies and television content, or how they provide a route for universities to share lectures, and others to deliver podcasts, but at the end of the day all that "content" does is...

Collaborating Better


Long time peer and friend in the collaboration sector, David Coleman, best known for his Collaborative Strategies consultancy, has launched a new website, David is filling a few gaps in the collaboration sector with both news and insight, but it'z his testing platform that has me excited. With it he will help buyers understand which service is better and why, as well as assist companies in validating their claims. Two big hits are the real time Collaboration Tools database is a dynamite resource and not found elsewhere all in one place. Think of it as Product Hunt for Collaboration...

Got News? Voip? Mobile? Collaboration? Conferencing?


If you have news, I'd love to hear it. Please make sure you have VoIPWatch on your news release list.... VoIPWatch does not accept contributed articles so please don't offer them....As far as pitches, VoIPWatch honors embargoes and will take select briefings... Thanks, Andy Abramson

The Comunicano for Friday March 17 2017


MARCH 17 - ISSUE #45 Happy St. Patricks Day…are you green yet? So to not delay things, like green beer, a shot of Irish whiskey and more, let’s get on with the news, in today’s COMUNICANO. Here's why Irish entrepreneurs' eyes are smiling on St. Patrick's Day VENTUREBEAT.COM – Share There are a lot of mature and emerging tech hubs around Europe now. But there remains an unusually tight link between Ireland’s tech economy and Silicon Valley. Google Watch G Suite Update Alerts: Improving video file attachments in Gmail with video streaming GSUITEUPDATES.GOOGLEBLOG.COM – Share Google reduces JPEG file size...