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Updated: 2017-01-19T14:27:16-08:00


The Comunicano for Thursday January 19 2017


JANUARY 19 - ISSUE #4 Good morning from wet Los Angeles. We’ve had a good dousing of rain in the area, which in some cases is good, as we need the water. On the other hand, wet weather and Southern California are never really friends. Today we have news ranging from a look back at the Obama Tech Surge; how governments use app stores as the front line of censorship; a story I’m quoted in on what makes for a great extended stay hotel; and why threaded messages are going to be the new normal. Those stories, an infographic on...

The Comunicano for Wednesday January 18 2017


JANUARY 18 - ISSUE #3 It’s Humpday. So let’s help you get over it. Google is really working to be a major player in mobile phone service. The signs are all there. First cheaper phones. And more viral marketing of Fi. Qualcomm is in trouble. Again. FaceBook and France are Friends. Amazon patents the hiway. Evernote updates their app. Marriott takes you to their movies while Seinfeld marries up with Netflix. Google's low-cost Android One program may expand to the U.S. WWW.GREENBOT.COM – Share Android One has brought a set of hardware and software standards to budget phones in developing...

The Comunicano for January 16th 2017 Has Been Published


The Comunicano for January 16th 2017 JANUARY 16 - ISSUE #1 Presenting the debut 2017 Edition of The Comunicano. We’re on a new platform, Revue, and the approach will be a bit different too. There will still be at least eight stories a day to keep you informed, and there may even be some commentary. With each issue we’ll also be making some tweaks and changes so tell me what you think and most of all share the Comunicano. Top Tech Noise Top Tech Noise is what’s hot you need to know about today. Being a semi-holiday, not much is...

Unlimited Data Going Going But Not Yet Gone


You have to love it when the mobile operators entice you with "unlimited data" and then as demand creeps up on them, they start to roll back on what you get, and raise the price too. Over the past two days, both Verizon and AT&T have made announcements impacting the grandfathered "Unlimited Data Plan" holders. Makes you wonder if this is coincidence or collusion at times. I don't think it's either. It's likely just more reaction to what T-Mobile is doing. The reality is it's nice that the carriers are finally coming clean on "unlimited" not being that, with speed...