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Kevin Gerich

Experiments in web developent and design

Published: 2015-10-19T22:19:23Z


Are you well fed?


Ben Ward has designed a cool t-shirt based on the semi-ubiquitous web feed icon with the caption “Well Fed”. The shirt is pretty comfortable; It’s not too flimsy or heavy. And the caption has an extra level of irony for those of us who are a bit, er, soft around the middle. Order from Spreadshirt […]

Pinstripe for Firefox: Now with 20% more Macintosh


This update to the stand-alone Pinstripe theme turned out to be more of a redesign than I originally intended. Stephen Horlander sent in a cool concept for the browser tabs. Check out the etched text on the inactive tabs. You’ll see some of the other details in the screenshot below. The theme has some rough […]

Firefox 1.x Classic themes available


The Firefox 1.x classic default themes, called Pinstripe on Mac and Winstripe on Windows, are available for your installing and downloading pleasure. These are simply stand-alone versions of the Firefox themes before the Firefox “visual refresh” landed. The themes require at least Firefox 2.0b1. I will work on them in the coming weeks to smooth […]

Firefox browser UI artwork released


Designer Stephen Horlander and I are pleased to announce the availability of the toolbar and UI artwork seen in Firefox on Windows and Mac OS X. Winstripe has been the default theme on the Windows version of Firefox for over two years. Man, how time flies. To explain the odd name, the Pinstripe project started […]

Web feed icon trademark, licensing and usage guidelines


I am encouraged to read Mitchell Baker’s posts (part 1, part 2) about the usage of Stephen Horlander’s web feed icon which is seen in Firefox, IE7 and on an increasing number of web pages. She suggests that Mozilla should work with the web community to set usage guidelines for the icon. This is a […]

Mac-like Form Controls for Firefox


The Mac-like form controls seen in Safari and Camino look nice, but tend to ignore CSS styling. I wanted to see if I could bring more flexible form widget styles to Firefox, while staying close to a native look as seen in Camino. Single select boxes were the most problematic. How do you fuse the […]

Thinking Different


A few days ago I took delivery of a brand-spanking-new Thinkpad T42. It’s a beast of a machine with the sex appeal of a brick, but it’ll do. Why a Thinkpad? I’d like to be able to build Firefox and Thunderbird on Windows and Linux. I’m very slow in getting to my Windows Firefox bugs […]

Pretty Widgets, Part 3


This is a third try at making Mac Firefox’s primitive-looking HTML widgets work with the design of Pinstripe. This time I took care to make the styles play well with others. For instance these styles won’t override CSS set by a web page in most cases. You’ll note that the styles have moved into forms.css […]

Firefox Preferences Rejiggery


Ben’s been working on making the Firefox preferences window more Mac-like and I slapped on a skin last night. Here’s a peek. The content fades in and the window slides open as you click from pane to pane. Someone tell me where I can get the Goats font.

Thunderbird’s Extreme Mac-over


After the Pinstripe theme landed in Firebird, icon designer Stephen Horlander and I dove in to a companion Thunderbird theme. We started in early November 2003 and finally hit the “let’s stop fiddling with it and get it out there” phase in March of 2004. I’ve gone through the messages that Stephen and I exchanged […]

Brief History of Mozilla on the Macintosh


Mike Pinkerton does a great job of summing up the history of Mozilla, Chimera, and Camino on MacOS. His post describes the various Mac project codenames and answers some questions that I see from time to time like “Why doesn’t Mozilla run on OS 9?”.

Our little ‘bird is all grown up


When I started using Thunderbird, I must admit that I had to force myself. Stephen Horlander and I were creating the Pinstripe theme and I was happily using Apple’s Mail program. A year ago Thunderbird felt unfinished (I can hear you say “duh”), but I needed that dogfood taste to inform the design of Pinstripe. […]

Firefox 1.0: The Beginning


Even though I’ve been working closely with Firefox and Thunderbird for over a year now, I’m amazed at the attention it’s receiving. Not actually surprised though. I’ve always thought of Mozilla as being full of potential. It’s great to see Mozilla technology being given its due. My own involvement with Mozilla has been very rewarding […]

MTBCP (Mean Time Between Cat Pictures)


It’s just a matter of time before any blog contains pictures of children or kittens. Here are two little ladies that we’ll be adopting after Thanksgiving. Any kitten-raising tips would be appreciated



A little over a week ago, Ben informed me of the decision to push back the Mac-specific Firefox work to a 1.1 release that would come out in March 2005. Firefox 1.0 was going to be released on Windows and Linux first. After the Windows version was out the door, we (meaning Ben and the […]