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Thinking by Peter Davidson

Ideas and Commentary on Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Technology and Culture

Updated: 2006-06-06T20:05:34-05:00


The Next 25 Years: Robots are the New PC


Witness this dynamic from a recent Wired News story: Lying in his hospital room, on a mattress designed to protect his fragile skin, 13-year-old Achim Nurse poked his bandaged fingers at an orange button on what looked like a souped-up video game console.... Candy, in the classroom -- to keep up with his schoolwork and his friends for the months he will be bedridden at Blythedale Children's Hospital in Valhalla, just north of New York City.

Marketing Smart Cars in America


Partner with builders and real estate agents and demonstrate how Smart cars can maximize garage space and even turn one car garages into two car garages.... Embrace and Support the Secondary Market - Develop a certified pre-owned Smart program that will encourage the trade and residual value of Smart Cars and thereby support the primary market by assuring buyers of the resale value of their vehicles and bring new customers to the brand through the ownership of a used vehicle.

Do You Wear Your Bluetooth Headset Around?


These things are truly useful when you are on as call but for a woman to just wear them around and visually scream "I'm a geek!"... Women, by nature use them because they are useful and practical but they are a bit of a barrier with face to face "copresent" interactions.


The new Sony Reader ebook reading device to be released this spring is poised to be the first widely successful ebook reader. I know first hand because I have one of the last generation of readers and the Sony Reader...


Robot Gossip reports that ABB has moved the headquarters of it's robot division from Detroit to China. ABB makes robots used in the assembly of cars. There are leading robotics companies in other parts of the word but this is...


Here's a cool way to enhance the experience of drinking a bottled beverage. Ipifini is looking to licenses the technology to beverage companies. Plastic buttons containing flavoring, color and even scent additives are placed around the bottle. Users are able...

Next Step For Roomba: Mesh Networked Mini Units


Sure they wouldn't hold much but they could regurgitate their collections in the middle of the room for the parent Roomba to clean up.... The parent unit would be designed to transport and recharge the smaller units, clean up the dumpings of the smaller units and return to the master charging station.


Pink Ladies is a UK hired car service by women for women. What a brilliant idea. This could work in any major city as the concerns for safety are almost universal. The company is not a traditional taxi company. If...


Yesterday, I was doing my grocery shopping at a local big box retailer. Not Wal-Mart. Even though I am a marketing guy I got tired of playing the loyalty card price discount game that the local grocery stores play. It's...


Here's a great idea that shows just the kind of thing that robotic technology is great for. Bug abatement. A team of undergrad engineering students have developed a system that utilizes a robot that follows a perforated tube around the...


The trend is clear "Tiny is the New Big" Automakers of all sorts are adding new models of fuel efficient tiny cars to their line ups. These designs are promising to automakers for several reasons. Not only do tiny cars...


If you are a trend watcher you no doubt have RFID tags on your radar. Specifically, we're keeping an eye on RFID tags to speed checkouts at retail stores. The idea is that product manufacturers will include tags either embedded...

If you are a trend watcher you no doubt have RFID tags on your radar. Specifically, we're keeping an eye on RFID tags to speed checkouts at retail stores. The idea is that product manufacturers will include tags either embedded or attached to their products. Retailers will use these tags to track inventory and facilitate faster checkouts for consumers. No longer will each item have to be scanned manually, entire car loads of products can be scanned simultaneously.

The RFID in Japan blog reports on a trial in a Japanese convenience store that reports checkout transaction times of 10 seconds per customer! Imagine the applications.

Is it any wonder that one of the most interested parties in the growth and development of RFID technologies is Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is constantly looking for ways to squeeze costs out of it's operations. Not only are there huge supply chain efficiencies to be gained but there are significant in-store ramifications as well. The greatest of these is of course labor savings. Even more customers can move threw fewer checkout lines. Fewer cashiers will be needed.

Don't think it will happen? Think the privacy wonks will delay the adoption of RFID tags? Automated RFID scanning checkout systems don't need breaks, health insurance or days off. More importantly they don't hire lawyers when they don't get those things. Wal-Mart's laser like focus on providing lower and lower prices will drive them to adopt the technology rapidly once the technology is ready(cheap enough)

If you work for Wal-Mart you best start planning for what you will do next once automation takes your job.


Reimagining the Grocery List

RFID Technology Needs Better Stories

RFID is Coming to Change Your World

Sushi Goes High Tech

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A few new books to recommend on the left sidebar. If you are using a newsreader I encourage you to click through to the blog and check them out. If you are interested in books that will stimulate your thinking...


Oprah opens "Angel Lane" in Houston, TX Wednesday on her show. The first 12 families are shown their homes that are full of goodies from show sponsors all coordinated by Oprah's supper designer Nate Berkus. I guess I missed the...


Is it just me or is the advertising on NBC's Olympics coverage far better than anything we saw in the Superbowl? Seems a far better investment for advertisers. My recent favorites- Exxon Mobil with the kids aspiring to be ski...