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mypetjawa v. 2.0 (beta) "Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil." -- Thomas Mann

Published: 2017-07-21T13:09:05-05:00


Missing America Hostage Jeffery Woodke Still Alive


Its against Sharia to take monks or men of the cloth. Even Christian ones. But when did rules ever stop al-Qaeda. In October it will be a year since Jeffery Woodke, 56, an American humanitarian worker, was kidnapped from his...

Anons Stomp Snuff-O-Gram


If you click on the counter terrorism category at Jawa you'll notice a lot of activity of late. See there is this cell that is part of what the analysts call the Upload Brigades, this particular group runs a took...

Ministry of Irony: Facebook Bans Moderate Islamic Imam for Islamophobia


You just can't make this stuff up, Muslim banned from Islamophobia in a flagging campaign by radical Muslims who think he is the wrong kind of Muslim. Facebook gone. Even the account linked to my backup page has been blocked...

We Now Turn Over Jawa Report to This Muslim


I disagree with him in that let Linda speak, but also let this man rebut her. Update: He seems pissed off? Anyway we like open and honest blogging here. That qualifies methinks....

Where's Dr. Rusty Shackleford? Unholy Matrimony Edition


Hes out comforting ISIS widows. #1 regret? Marrying into ISIS!— DrRustyShackleford (@mypetjawa) July 21, 2017...

Juice Makes Parole


Well well well, JUST IN: #OJSimpson Granted Parole, Could Be Released October 1— Fox News (@FoxNews) July 20, 2017 Word is he's starting a blog. That should be interesting....

Attn: Twitter User Snuff-O-Gram @Hdnsok1Svil @NQoL4kUYiedGqcN


Please don't kill me. Also.... I have thousands of accounts~! Do tell? Bonus: Update: Your powers are weak. After another failed Twitter campaign by the daesh fandom, the old suggestion that they exploit YouTube comments is...

Meanwhile at Zion


המחבל שוכב כאילו מנוטרל, מתרומם ומתחיל לרוץ, שלושת הטרוריסטים ישראלים מאום אל פאחם, יהרסו להם את הבתים??— Yanki יענקי פרבר (@yankifarber) July 14, 2017...

Islamic State of RoadKill


ISIS is getting its ass handed to it, right this minute. Anyway this sad Nasheed is my fave so far. يا أمة الغثاء أنظروا من دافع عن أعراضكم بالموصل، قتلوا وأصابوا أكثر من ٣٠ ألف رافضي كانوا سيزحفون لهدم الكعبةولا...

Libya Update: Still FUBAR


But somewhat less FUBAR than last week, but not to worry next week they intend to UNFUBAR some more stuff.In an exclusive interview with PJ Media, the Libyan National Army (LNA) spokesman, Col. Ahmed al-Mesmari, says that President Obama and...

A Yazidi Primer


Stuff to read.The majority of publications on Yazidism also mention that Yazidi traditions are oral as opposed to written. Billy Hallowell of The Blaze states: “Yazidis primarily pass on their traditions orally, which makes pinning down all of the contemporary...

Sandcrawler PSA: Nevada Totally Out of Herb


Breaking! Utah stoners blow through entire stash in two weeks. 😱😱😱🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣— Papa Bear (@warrior5fdp) July 12, 2017 Damn dope fiends!...

Bad To Worse: Fighting For ISIS Captured by Tahrir al-Sham


When you fight for ISIS but get captured by al-Qaeda in Syria.(Zaman Al Wasl)- Tahrir al-Sham Islamist alliance on Sunday said it had arrested top ISIS commander in northern Idlib province after a series of ISIS blasts that rocked the...

Anti-Semitism The Glue That Holds Terrorists Together


Now I'm not all too sure that Tanya Gersh didn't pick this fight. But I was recently asked in regard to Islamic Terrorists in al-muhajiroun, "How do you tell which ones are dangerous?" My answer was, you can't tell which...

Abu Bakr al-Baghdeadi Totally 100% Dead


Damn the Russians killed him first. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIS) leader's death @dave_usmc— Gringo Suave 🇬🇺 (@2009superglide) July 11, 2017 This is the first direct admission from Islamic State that ISIS is decapitated....