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mypetjawa v. 2.0 (beta) "Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil." -- Thomas Mann

Published: 2018-01-22T08:38:48-05:00


Who's Interests?


A nice argument for why its not in the National Interest for the FBI to look bad. So therefore we shouldn't question the FBI because its important. Which sound kind of like the argument Stalin used in the USSR, you...

Where is Dr. Rusty Shackleford? Strippers And Blo Edition


He's, you know, on a fishing trip in NYC:A cardiologist who racked up a $135,000 tab during a three-night spree with four strippers at a New York City club is off the hook for the bill, a Manhattan judge has...

Meanwhile in Kabul


The Taliban have attacked the Intercontinental Hotel . Gunmen on Saturday launched an attack on Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, according to Najib Danish, a spokesman for Afghanistan's interior ministry. Special forces have arrived at the scene and are battling the...

Deso Dogg Finally Really Dead Jim!


12th time is the charm. Looks like for realz this time— J.M. Berger (@intelwire) January 18, 2018 1. BREAKING: pro-#ISIS Wafa Media announces death of Denis Cuspert (AKA “Abu Talha al-Almani” & “Deso Dogg”), stating he was killed yesterday...

75% US Terrorists Foreign Born


Gee that's a pretty high rate, I mean when you consider how small a population commits most all terrorist acts. Expect Liberals to be outraged by these racist facts. DHS:ASHINGTON – On January 16, 2018, the Department of Homeland Security...

American ISIS Head Chopper Identified as Zulfi Hoxha


Remember this dickhead. Yeah, hopefully Abu Hamza al-Amriki is dead by now, hopefully.The clues are out there, if you know where to look. Scattered across far-flung corners of the internet, there is evidence that Zulfi Hoxha, the son of an...

Sandcrawler PSA: I'm Going to Regret This Episode XCVII


SICK!— Nanabozoh (@Nanabozoh) January 13, 2018— Darth Odie (@darthodius) January 12, 2018...

Fell Good Story of The Day: Hamas Dude Offs Himself


Sometimes problems just solve themselves.One of our Top Ten “Fun” posts for 2017 concerned Muhammad Hemada Walid al-Quqa, the Hamas explosives chief who accidentally blew himself up. It’s what’s often called a “work accident.” There was just another supposed work...

John The Force Ghost McLaughlin


First Jawa Jihad Winner of 2018


About that one raid, you know the one.PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Sean Andrew Duncan, 21, is scheduled to appear in a Federal Court in Virginia on Tuesday after his arrest late last week at his home in Sterling, Virginia. Duncan lived...

Meanwhile in Tehran


Things look bad for Ali Khamenei. #IranProtests: Amazing sight of huge crowd in Qom chanting "We do not want an Islamic Republic!"— Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) December 30, 2017...

Anon Swatter Jerkoff Unmasked


Um, see you in 20 to 30... This guy looks like a real winner.— Patrick Poole (@pspoole) December 30, 2017 #BREAKING UPDATE: @LAPDHQ : 25-year-old Tyler Barriss, of Los Angeles, arrested in connection with deadly 'swatting' call in Wichita:...

Jawa PSA: Closed for Baby Jesus Birthday


Merry Christmas Jawas! Power Droids all around! We'll fix comments one of these days. Pixi has been notified but no telling when he'll get to it considering, you know, the importance of working on a comment server compared to drinking....

Up Side Down Side


On the down side, Jawa comments are down. On the Upside. McLaughlin Group is back! Thanks Charlie!— Darth Odie (@darthodius) December 22, 2017 Starring Tom Rogan as Dr. John McLaughlin, Elanor Cleft as Elanor Cleft, Clarence Page as Thor...