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The manuscript is done

Wed, 18 Aug 2004 22:13:15 -0400

The manuscript for "Subversion in Action" is complete, so whew. Time to hit the reset button and start looking at all the things I have been neglecting. Sure there will still be edits from proofreading, copyeditors, tech editors and so on, but hopefully the bulk of it is over. As I was writing the book, I tried to focus on how this great open source product can be used in any organization, especially corporations. But with a few exceptions, many if not most open source products are still having a hard time getting into "Corporate America". Are they afraid of the perceived lack of support, maintenance, accountability? Or even worse, is there still a perception that open source is a bunch of 15 year old wiz kids. You know, the same ones that write all the viruses. Obviously I am being unfair and grouping very high qaulity and well supported applications with hack jobs, but who out there is making the distinction. There are obvious ones, at least for people in the technical arena: Apache, Tigris, etc. But does the average CIO, or IT director know this? Maybe it is time to really focus on marketing before someone gives open source a bad name.