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Loud ramblings of a Software Artisan

Published: 2016-09-28T21:45:59-07:00


Introducing gudev-rs


A couple of weeks ago, I released gudev-rs, Rust wrappers for gudev. The goal was to be able to receive events from udev into a Gtk application written in Rust. I had a need for it, so I made it and shared it. It is mostly auto-generated using gir-rs from the gtk-rs project. The license is MIT....

Modernizing AbiWord code


When you work on a 18 year old code base like AbiWord, you encounter stuff from another age. This is the way it is in the lifecycle of software where the requirement and the tooling evolve. Nonetheless, when AbiWord started in 1998, it was meant as a cross-platform code base written in C++ that...

Exempi 2.3.0 and Rust...


Last week I released Exempi 2.3.0. It adds a couple more APIs and fix a few bugs. Also I have now released my first Rust crate, that provide a Rust API to Exempi: exempi-rs. Short of rewriting the whole parsing in Rust for safety — the core of Exempi is Adobe official XMP SDK written in C++ —,...



Over the last holidays I plunged and started learning Rust in a practical way. Coming from a C++ background, and having a strong dislike of the whole concept of checking the correctness at runtime, like in, say, JavaScript, Rust is really promising. With Rust, you get: raw performance since it is...

No Flash 0.5.1


I released No Flash 0.5.1 to fix a few bugs: Identify more YouTube embedding corner cases like youtube-nocookie (Issue 44) Update the SDK to fix issues with recent Firefox (44 and up) It is available on AMO now....

Let's encrypt all the things


Now that letsencrypt is more widely released, I took the opportunity to generate the certificates and install them manual on my hosting. In the future I will flip the switch to force HTTPS here. For now I made sure to avoid mixed-content as much as I could. This was long overdue. PS: I forgot to...

No Flash 0.5 - still fighting the legacy


Last week I released No Flash 0.5, my addon for Firefox to fix the legacy of video embedding done with Flash. If you are like me and don't have Flash installed, sometime you encounter embedded video that don't work. No Flash will fix some by replacing the Flash object with a HTML5 video. This is...

I was at Guadec


I was at Guadec in Strasbourg - thanks to all the volunteers who helped making this event possible.. For those who don't know Guadec is the annual Gnome User And Developer European Conference. I hadn't attended since 2008 — such is life — but I reconnected with people I hadn't seen...

Going to Guadec


For the first time since 2008, when it was in Istanbul, I'm coming to Guadec. This time it is in Strasbourg, France. Thanks to a work week scheduled just before in Paris. I won't present anything this year, but I hope to be able to catch up a bit more with the Gnome community. I was already at the...

Github tracks you by email.


That's right. Github tracks you by email. Each Github notification email contains in the HTML part a beacon. Beacons are usually one pixel images with a unique URL to know who did view the email or not - triggered by the HTML rendered downloading the image to display. Two safeguards against that...