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Advogato blog for gadek

Advogato blog for gadek

Published: Wed, 28 Jun 2017 03:50:43 GMT


13 Dec 2005

Tue, 13 Dec 2005 00:33:20 GMT

SableVM SDK 1.13 released!

The most important change in this version is the update of the class library to the GNU Classpath 0.19 release. The difference in usability is huge, because SableVM SDK 1.12 used GNU Classpath 0.16 and since its release there's been plenty of improvements to GNU Classpath (Swing being probably still the most visible to a user). Way to go guys!

SableVM SDK is meant as a relatively complete replacement of a Java Software Development Kit. An important goal is also the ease of installation. To achieve it all the separate software pieces have been integrated into one source archive that (once its build-time dependencies are fulfilled) can be simply installed all at once.

Just a short reminder about what's inside:

  • SableVM and SableVM Classpath (based on GNU Classpath 0.19)
  • CP-Tools (javap, javah, serialver, ...)
  • Fastjar
  • GJDOC (javadoc drop-in replacement)
  • Jikes
  • LibFFI and LibPOPT (now part of SableVM)

Have fun with it! And don't forget to let us know of your experiences!

24 Nov 2005

Thu, 24 Nov 2005 05:50:33 GMT

SableVM SDK for Java is back with 1.13-pre1 !

Guess what---a new shiny prerelease of SableVM SDK suite for Java is out for you to have some serious fun with it! The main point of this release is getting new GNU Classpath 0.19 integrated. Tests show that with the updated class library Swing apps look waaaay better. Kudos to the GNU Classpath hackers and contributors!

Installation of SableVM SDK is as simple as it can be. As usual you need recent GTK and a few other libraries and tools available as packages for most distributions. The non-commonly used elements (like libffi, libpopt) are included in SableVM SDK to cut the hassle of installing it to minimum.

Basically all you need to do is to fetch the SableVM SDK 1.13-pre1 tar archive, unpack it, run ./configure && make and su; make install. With the default settings in /usr/local/lib/sablevm you'll find a fairly complete JAVA_HOME like environment. Enjoy!

And please let us know of your successes and problems by sending as an email to This will ensure future SableVM SDK releases work better for you!

In other news SableVM Project team has been silently working since many months on new JVM features that will start showing up in upcoming releases after 1.13. Stay tuned!

3 Jul 2005

Sun, 3 Jul 2005 05:14:34 GMT

SableVM SDK for Java 1.12-pre3 release needs testing!

This prerelease mainly brings us up to date with the just-released GNU Classpath 0.16. It also includes a few new bugfixes done after the -pre2 release.

But the real point of this release is to find and fix any remaining bugs so that the release could happen really soon. Ideally the final SableVM SDK for Java 0.12 will be identical to pre3, so if you're not a risky type you still can pretty safely try out this prelease.

Just a short reminder about what's inside

  • SableVM and SableVM Classpath (up to date with GNU Classpath 0.16 release plus bugfixes)
  • CP-Tools (javap, javah, serialver, ...)
  • Fastjar
  • GJDOC (javadoc drop-in replacement)
  • Jikes
  • LibFFI and LibPOPT (now part of SableVM)

Please give it a try, run Ant, Eclipse, Jetty, Tomcat, or your favourite app and just send a short mail to about how it went. Thanks in advance!

26 Jun 2005

Sun, 26 Jun 2005 01:44:52 GMT

21 May 2005

Sat, 21 May 2005 15:50:19 GMT

SNAP Platform with... SableVM SDK on board! - a vision of Harmony?

From the download section the SNAP Platform web site:

SNAP Platform is composed of SableVM SDK 0.9 "open source JDK replacement", Eclipse 3.0.1, Eclipse Visual Editor 1.0.2, Tomcat 5.5.9 integrated with SableVM and Jikes open source Java VM and compiler, and an Eclipse 3.0 workspace with example GUI and console applications written by the SNAP Development Center team of student software engineers.

From the main page of the SNAP Platform:

What is the SNAP Platform?

SNAP Platform is a comprehensive open source software development toolkit based on the popular Java language and API and the best open source Java-based tools. The SNAP Platform packages into an easy to install solution, the latest stable releases of an open source Java compiler, a Java virtual machine, a J2SE API, and various other open source Java-based development tools. The SNAP Platform offers:

  • a combined installer that manages the installation of all software packages;
  • an auto-launch installation, just place the CD into your computer's CD Drive, and the installer will do the rest;
  • full integration of the open source Java compiler, virtual machine, and API from within Eclipse, including support for in-line debugging;
  • desktop integration of Eclipse running on an open source JVM;
  • command line functionality that fully mimics the Java Development Kit;
  • the source code and binaries for eight (8) sample application written using the SNAP Platform.

I also found this article about SNAP and Harmony:

This release offers a vision of what Project Harmony could become. SNAP Platform is a comprehensive open source development toolkit based on the popular Java language, Java API and the best open source Java-based tools. The SNAP Platform packages into an easy to install solution, the latest stable releases of an open source Java compiler, a Java virtual machine, a J2SE API, and various other open source Java-based development tools. ....

Bootable SableVM SDK + Eclipse!?

Yes, you read it right. You can download a bootable image of KNOPPIX with SNAP -=> SNAPPIX!!! And these guys also offer support via... web forums!

This just rocks!!!

19 May 2005

Thu, 19 May 2005 07:33:12 GMT

SableVM SDK for Java -- preview 2, enhanced

I know many people tried out the the first preview release of SableVM SDK. I had a few days and some feedback (thanks!) and now the time has come for another one. Quite a few NEW things are in it:

  • Added GJDOC (javadoc equiv.),
  • Added CP-TOOLS (javap, javah, rmi*, serialver, and others),
  • Fixed all problems reported in the first preview,
  • Updated Class library to GNU Classpath 0.15.

And of course it includes all the software that was present in the first preview release (or prerelease):

  • SableVM
  • SableVM Classpath
  • LibFFI
  • LibPOPT
  • Jikes

How and where can you get it? Very easily. Just grab the tarball, then unpack it, ./configure && make, then 'su' and 'make install'. If you didn't specify a --prefix, in /usr/local/lib/sablevm you'll find the most commonly used tools normally found in a JAVA_HOME-like structure.

I have tested this new package with various compilation options, in differently configured environment, but there's nothing like real-life test. Have you spotted a bug, or you have an idea for improving this package - please let me know!

Have fun using SableVM SDK for Java!

16 May 2005

Mon, 16 May 2005 03:41:16 GMT

SableVM SDK is coming...

No more pain! - I think this should be the (cheap) slogan of SableVM SDK :-) The story would go like that.... Many users for years suffered from troubles of installing plenty of dependencies (with libffi and libpopt being among the worst ones) just to compile SableVM. Sleepless nights, torn out hairs (and all that). But then with the advent of SableVM SDK package everything became so simple...

Ok, enough. But the fact is, that this is (or will be) the fetch'n install type of package. The tarball of preview release of SableVM SDK contains:

  • sablevm
  • libffi
  • libpopt
  • sablevm-classpath
  • jikes

The "internal" versions of libffi, libpopt and jikes are used only in absence of system wide installations that could be used. The detection is of course automatic. So where can you get this beauty? Just grab it from here. And don't forget to let us know how it went.

Happy installing!

15 Apr 2005

Fri, 15 Apr 2005 02:40:41 GMT

Debugging with SableVM and Eclipse now possible!

Bugs in free java programs and libraries -- run for your life! The SableVM Project has just released a snapshot of SableVM with JVMDI/JDWP support. You can take a look at Debugging in Eclipse with SableVM in action while downloading the snapshot.

The Quick-start instructions included in the announcement should get you going within minutes. There is also a longer version available, containing the SableVM and Eclipse Debugging Troubleshooting FAQ and other interesting notes.

Many thanks go to Nizar Ahmouda who has been working on the implementation of JVMDI and JDWP since many months. We all hope that this completly unique among Free Java Virtual Machines functionality will serve well the Free Java Community, especially the GNU Classpath developers.

SableVM and GNU Classpath out-of-the box once again

There is finally a nice page that includes all necessary informations on how to run GNU Classpath CVS directly with SableVM. There's also some discussion with more experienced GNU Classpath developers about making the SableVM and GNU Classpath duo even easier to use.

In case you were wondering... SableVM's class library is over 99% GNU Classpath, the differences are pretty much only in the core, JVM-specific classes and we merge GNU Classpath CVS regularly. Still, for the people working directly with GNU Classpath CVS it might be more convenient to build one class library and test it with many JVMs.

Not to mention that this way one can actually debug GNU Classpath directly... with Eclipse and SableVM of course!

18 Mar 2005

Fri, 18 Mar 2005 03:41:39 GMT

21 Jan 2005

Fri, 21 Jan 2005 07:35:27 GMT

SableVM 1.1.9 Java Virtual Machine Released!

That was probably the fastest release ever, mainly to synchronize with GNU Classpath 0.13 code (the SableVM 1.1.8 contained CVS code ~10 days older than 0.13), which now allows for running Eclipse directly, without the need for external libraries.

On this occasion I also updated the instructions at to include a more automated Eclipse startup script. One only has to supply it with location of java-sablevm and Eclipse home directory, and it finds the rest itself.

Other changes between SableVM 1.1.8 and 1.1.9 include:

  • Improved error messages related to exceptions raised during bootstrap (such as binding to non-existent native methods).
  • Implemented some missing JNI functions.
  • Added some missing system-dependant Java properties.
  • Enabled by default the real life brokenness option to better handle native code not perfectly adhering to specifications (JNI, etc).
  • Improved cross-compilation support.
  • Updated the manual pages.

Debian packages of 1.1.9 in incoming

Big thanks go to Jeroen, who bravely sponsored the upload (it reminds me I need to finally get my new key signed; I feel bad as a DD w/o a valid GPG key; like a half-DD :-). The packages have already been built on numerous architectures and are available in incoming and should be sucked into the archive on next run (friday, after 9pm European time, 3pm East-America time). If everything goes fine, the packages should hit Sarge around Tuesday. I hope people will test and report any bugs and regressions, because this is most likely the version will have in Sarge, if the freeze happens in any reasonable future.

Moving... (or: how I'll love dial-up via 14.4k modem)

Well, not too far, only one floor down, to a bigger appartment, but even that means I need to get phone reconnected (55CAD go to Bell Canada for switching a switch) and then I'll wait 5 (!) days for my DSL service to be moved. I will probably be on a pay-per-hour dial-up for a few days, using an old 14,4k modem I still have from ancient times. Oh, I am sure this will suck...