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Modern Contemporary Design

Published: 2017-07-26T13:51:55Z


Blur is a constantly evolving low table.


Created by Tokyo-based studio we+, designers Hokuto Ando and Toshiya Hayashi have coated the table’s top with a thermo-sensitive ink that reacts to machine-controlled random temperature changes. Say the designers, “Blur is a constantly evolving low table. Infused with blue, appearing like water soaking into soil, its appearance continually transforms. The static immutable furniture displays […]

INTERVIEW: with Allan Chochinov on how design, now, needs to be performative.


Guests to Wanted Design engage with “Panic Room”- one of six roving interactions that explore politics and design If you attended last month’s NYCxDESIGN 2017, New York’s annual design week, and visited the Wanted Design venue, chances are you ran into TRIAGE, an ambitious roving exhibition that “reframes contemporary urgencies through the lens of design.” […]

Small Steps rethinks waking rituals.


Designers Rui Pereira and Ryosuke Fukusada have rethought how we wake from sleep and start our days with a series of objects and an integrated bathroom unit. The goal is to make the transition smoother and more enjoyable, a series of “small steps”, daily rituals that start with that first look in the mirror… Say […]

Blow Me Up is an inflatable glowing air hose.


Blow Me Up is an inflatable glowing air hose, literally a blow-up balloon that can be rolled up and stored in a can. Made of plastic and metal and designed by Theo Moller, Ingo Maurer and his team, the light can stand up and simply lean against the wall or be fastened to the ceiling […]

Viride exploits advances in artificial lighting to help plants thrive inside.


Viride (from the latin green) is a collection of experimental luminaries by Goula / Figuera Studio that brings together two omnipresent elements in the domestic landscape: artificial lighting and plants. Viride DOS: has two led panels with different degrees of orientation and a wide container for plants with a greater need for soil. The container […]

An apartment in a former factory incorporates its industrial bones.


After a long search for an apartment located in central Prague architect Klara Valova SMLXL studio‘s clients jumped at the opportunity to buy one in the former ETA Regula factory. All wasn’t per the original plan says the architect, “Upon our first visit of the apartment, we faced an unpleasant surprise – the windows. The […]

A renovated flat uses colour, texture and materials to delineate spaces.


A renovated flat by BONBA Studio in Barcelona, Spain uses colour, texture and materials to delineate spaces in a more open, light-filled space. The brief called for the interior renovation of an 80m2 family flat in Barcelona. The owner of the apartment wanted a radical change that would involve broader, and more intimate, space. The […]

5 most liked of February 2016.


We regularly post design on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. As part of our 2016 year in review here are the five most liked posts, by you, for February 2016. 5) From the Waterscape exhibition by Architecture for Dogs. 4) Model suite for Cabin Condominiums by Mason Studio. 3) #Topography #Sketchbook by architect Victor Clayssen. 2) […]

5 most liked of January 2016.


We regularly post design on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Here are the five most liked posts, by you, for January 2016. 5) Furniture collection by Kino Guerin, a master at bending wood. 4) 2Seat by 201 Design Studio – a chair with two faces that invites you to interact in a new manner. By simply […]

Super Quality Indian Snack Bar is a small and vibrant restaurant in Montreal.


Details: Architect David Dworkind has created a small and vibrant Indian restaurant in our hometown, Montreal, called Super Quality Indian Snack Bar, which we hope is a reflection of the food not just the design. The restaurant, from the owners of Cook Caravan, a small food business focused on catering tiffin packed recipes originating from […]