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classical antiquity, medieval studies, Latin language and literature, Celtic studies, classical tradition


Victoria's Secret, some Julio-Claudian emperors and the U.S. presidential election

Wed, 2 Nov 2016 10:01:00 EDT

I always enjoy references to classical antiquity, especially when they occur in the least expected places.

California Celtic Colloquium extends call for papers

Tue, 1 Nov 2016 12:01:00 EDT

Eve Sweetser at the University of California, Berkeley, has sent a message extending the deadline for abstract proposals for the next California Celtic Colloquium.

Getting back to blogging

Tue, 1 Nov 2016 11:01:00 EDT

Apologies to visitors to over my lack of blogging during the past few weeks. Amid deadlines for a couple of projects, the Jewish holiday season and our Texts and Contexts conference, I just didn't have the time.

My encounter with Gennifer Flowers

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 11:01:00 EDT

Gennifer Flowers is back in the news after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tweeted that he was considering inviting Flowers to attend tonight's debate between Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Food on Friday: My new favorite neighborhood spot

Fri, 16 Sep 2016 08:01:00 EDT

Last month, a new grocery store opened up in my neighborhood. Now this might not typically be a cause for celebration, but the Giant Eagle Market District Express is not a typical grocery store.

A lot of good it did me

Tue, 13 Sep 2016 11:01:00 EDT

I don't really put a whole lot of stock in the college rankings by U.S. News and World Report, but their top 4 U.S. schools are as follows

CFP: Dindsenchas conference at DIAS

Mon, 12 Sep 2016 12:01:00 EDT

Our friends at the School of Celtic Studies at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies are hosting a conference on the early Irish tradition of placename stories known as Dindsenchas (or, in another spelling convention, Dindshenchas).

When hiring and tenure decisions get messy

Thu, 01 Sep 2016 13:31:00 EDT

I've recently become aware of a couple of incidents over the summer involving messy hiring and tenure decisions at various institutions.

See you on the radio

Mon, 29 Aug 2016 12:01:00 EDT

Charles Osgood yesterday announced he was leaving his duties as host of CBS News Sunday Morning next month after 22 years.

Food on Friday: Home-grown tomatoes, better late than never

Fri, 26 Aug 2016 16:51:00 EDT

I'm finally...FINALLY...starting to harvest tomatoes from the garden.

Zero-sum thinking

Thu, 25 Aug 2016 12:01:00 EDT

While envy is as old as human nature -- see, for example, the Tenth Commandment -- it seems to have come to the fore in this political year.

Petition against faculty layoffs in Celtic at Ulster University

Mon, 22 Aug 2016 12:01:00 EDT

Professor Ralph O'Connor at Aberdeen is organizing a petition to protest planned job cuts in Celtic studies at Ulster University.

Illinois exhibit, symposium on reproductions of medieval Irish artifacts

Thu, 18 Aug 2016 11:01:00 EDT

The Spurlock Museum at the University of Illinois next month is hosting an exhibit of late 19th- and early 20th-century reproductions of medieval Irish artifacts, and during the exhibit's run, a symposium will be held on these reproductions and their connection to the Celtic Revival movement.

Food on Friday: The serendipity of mint iced tea

Fri, 12 Aug 2016 12:01:00 EDT

Gardens, like life, are often disorganized and overrun with what had been left behind by others. And, as in life, sometimes we find joy in our gardens' unintended remnants.

Regional economic disparity and a common currency

Mon, 1 Aug 2016 09:01:00 EDT

In the wake of the British vote to withdraw from the European Union, additional attention is being paid to the economic disparities among the nations using the euro, and the degree to which the common currency is exacerbating those disparities

Food on Friday: Garden cucumbers

Fri, 29 Jul 2016 00:01:00 EDT

Blackberries are almost over in the garden, but now the cucumbers are starting.

Are junior faculty stuck as renters?

Wed, 27 Jul 2016 00:01:00 EDT

At one time, it was not unusual for colleges and universities to assist junior faculty with the purchase of a home, both in smaller communities where housing options were limited, and in larger cities where housing near campus was either unaffordable or undesirable.

Deadline approaching for 2017 AIA annual meeting in Toronto

Tue, 26 Jul 2016 00:01:00 EDT

The deadline for submitting open-session papers, workshops and posters for the 2017 Archaeological Institute of America annual meeting is a week from Sunday, 7 August.

A small detail

Mon, 25 Jul 2016 00:01:00 EDT

I neglected to mention another change that I had made to the recipe for the Cranberry, chocolate chip, polenta cookies that I blogged about on Friday.

Food on Friday: Cranberry, chocolate chip, polenta cookies

Fri, 22 Jul 2016 00:01:00 EDT

I'm a huge fan of the weekly "Cooks Corner" feature in my daily newspaper, The Columbus Dispatch. For decades, readers have sent in requests for recipes, and other readers respond.

DIAS symposium on courtly love poetry of early modern Ireland, Scotland

Thu, 21 Jul 2016 00:01:00 EDT

Our friends in the School of Celtic Studies at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies are hosting a symposium on Saturday 17 September 2016 on the danta gra, the courtly love poetry of early modern Ireland and Scotland.

Food on Friday: Hawaiian chicken

Fri, 15 Jul 2016 00:01:00 EDT

To mark the publication of The Book of Lost Recipes, a new cookbook containing recipes from restaurants across the country that closed years ago, Columbus Dispatch food editor Lisa Abraham reprinted a recipe for Chicken Pineapple Kahiki from the Kahiki, a legendary Tiki restaurant that was less than two miles from my home growing up.

CFP: CSANA at Kalamazoo

Thu, 14 Jul 2016 00:01:00 EDT

Prof. Fred Suppe of Ball State, himself a former Celtic Studies Association of North America president, is again organizing our panels for next year's International Congress on Medieval Studies, to be held 11-14 May 2017 at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.

Elaine Fantham

Wed, 13 Jul 2016 00:01:00 EDT

I was saddened yesterday to learn of the death on Monday at age 83 of the esteemed classics scholar Elaine Fantham, who was a teacher of mine three decades ago when she first arrived at Princeton from Toronto.

Am I living large?

Tue, 12 Jul 2016 00:01:00 EDT

After two years of paltry harvests from the blackberry bushes in the back garden, it looks like we'll finally have a decent number of berries to pick.

Food on Friday: Blackberry recovery

Fri, 8 Jul 2016 00:01:00 EDT

After two years of paltry harvests from the blackberry bushes in the back garden, it looks like we'll finally have a decent number of berries to pick.

Food on Friday: Blackberry recovery

Fri, 1 Jul 2016 00:01:00 EDT

After two years of paltry harvests from the blackberry bushes in the back garden, it looks like we'll finally have a decent number of berries to pick.

North American Journal of Celtic Studies

Wed, 29 Jun 2016 00:01:00 EDT

Our friends at The Ohio State University Press have a page with full information about the new journal they're publishing on behalf of the Celtic Studies Association of North America, the North American Journal of Celtic Studies, or NAJCS.

My new career

Tue, 28 Jun 2016 00:01:00 EDT

Those who know me, or have heard me during the past few years give a lecture on my research on the history of dog breeds, are aware that I have a Basset Hound.

Food on Friday: Strawberry-rhubarb pie

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 00:01:00 EDT

A friend of mine this week told me she made a strawberry-rhubarb cake, as both are in season right now. And that prompted me to put both strawberries and rhubarb on my shopping list, with the result that I've made a strawberry-rhubarb pie.

Contrasting narratives

Wed, 22 Jun 2016 00:01:00 EDT

The unconfirmed and highly unlikely story about a niqab-attired woman speaking Welsh has spread across media both social and traditional, and it got me thinking about how much of the news in our highly polarized society is given contrasting narratives that serve to confirm the pre-existing biases of their audiences.

Far too long

Tue, 21 Jun 2016 00:01:00 EDT

I would be the first to admit that I haven't been blogging much of late.

So much work, so little time

Fri, 8 Apr 2016 00:01:00 EDT

Postings on (and on my Twitter account) have been quite sparse of late.

Food on Friday: Cheap wine

Fri, 18 Mar 2016 00:01:00 EDT

Consumers of kosher wine are well aware that the additional supervision involved in its production, along with the production rules themselves, can significantly increase its cost.

Nearly four weeks early

Wed, 16 Mar 2016 10:01:00 EDT

For the past couple of years, I have been noting the day on which the daffodils in the front yard first bloom.

Food on Friday: Khreyn harvest

Fri, 11 Mar 2016 08:01:00 EST

A late winter snow has chilled the surroundings, so I decided I needed to give the kitchen a quick warm up. Making applesauce fit the bill nicely.

W. Robert Connor on college endowments

Wed, 9 Mar 2016 00:01:00 EST

The ever sagacious W. Robert Connor, a strong advocate for the humanities who has served as director of the National Humanities Center and president of the Teagle Foundation, always has interesting things to say about higher education.

Deadline approaching for workshops/colloquia submissions for 2017 AIA

Fri, 4 Mar 2016 11:01:00 EST

A week from Sunday, 13 March, is the initial deadline for the submission of member-organized workshops and colloquia for the 2017 Archaeological Institute of America annual meeting, to be held in Toronto on 5-8 January with the annual meeting of the Society for Classical Studies.

Food on Friday: Warming the kitchen

Fri, 4 Mar 2016 08:01:00 EST

A late winter snow has chilled the surroundings, so I decided I needed to give the kitchen a quick warm up. Making applesauce fit the bill nicely.

Food on Friday: Forgotten holidays

Fri, 26 Feb 2016 00:01:00 EST

John Switzer, in his Columbus Dispatch newspaper column last week, decried the amalgamation that created the Presidents Day holiday and obliterated celebration of George Washington's birthday.

Food on Friday: Planning the garden

Fri, 19 Feb 2016 00:01:00 EST

I'm not particularly optimistic about my garden this year as the critter population at the house has recently doubled. But I dutifully plan nonetheless to plant vegetables yet again in the raised beds.

California Celtic Colloquium

Thu, 18 Feb 2016 00:01:00 EST

The program for next month's California Celtic Colloquium is now available online.

Blog: Palaeography summer programs in St. Gall, Wolfenbuettel

Mon, 15 Feb 2016 00:01:00 EST

Prof. Michele Ferrari of the University of Erlangen has informed me of two upcoming summer programs he's organizing for those interested in manuscript studies.

CFP: Transmaritime Transactions in the Celtic World seminar

Mon, 1 Feb 2016 00:01:00 EST

The Department of English at the University of Denver is hosting a conference on seafaring peoples of the North Atlantic during the Early Middle Ages on 3-5 November 2016, and the conference has an unusual format.