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Public Relations + Social Media + Ethics: Philip Young

Updated: 2014-10-08T10:25:53+01:00


What has NEMO achieved?


Next week sees the third - and final - NEMO conference (Friday, October 17) and our second NEMO academic conference (Thursday, October 16). The project has been running for nearly three years and I have been working at Campus Helsingborg...

Deflection, Obfuscation and Magic: PR in Fiction


Effective PRs are often skilled magicians. They know how to make their audiences look in one direction, when the real action is happening elsewhere. The polite description is "moving the story forward," which is understandably seen as preferable to identifying...

PR in Fiction: The Church press officer


‘Roger Holden. I’m the diocese’s press secretary. I’d be happy to help you with any questions you may have.’ (Det Insp Jack) Carrigan stood up and shook his hand, flinching slightly at the unexpected pressure on his fingers and the...

This blogging business


Stephen Waddington has put together a useful collection of articles, The Business of Blogging, in which people who regular comment about communications consider its contribution and relevance. I was flattered to be involved, but also a little uneasy. I think...

The #AskBG reputation meltdown...


It really was great fun to watch the tweets flooding in after British Gas celebrated a hefty price rise by launching the helpful #AskBG hashtag. But, although it is hard not to see the tag as disaster waiting to happen,...

A History of the Future: Concepts for telling the story of online PR


Here is the abstract for the paper I will present at the 2013 Euprera Congress in Barcelona in October. I am trying to argue that the language of PR bloggers is influencing the way the discipline presents itself to the...

Conferences: Image and Reputation, or the Undead and the Unsaid


Inspired by Toni Muzi Falconi's reflections on the academic conference season (PR Conversations) here are a few thoughts from my experience to BledCom2013, BCN Meeting PR in Barcelona, but also Ragan's International Social Media and PR Summit in Amsterdam. This...

PR in Fiction: Time to pay Attenzi?


In the next couple of weeks I will present two papers that draw on my ongoing interest in how PR is represented in fiction. At BledCom 2013: Trust and the New Realities, I will join with Lund University Campus Helsingborg...

Defining Public Relations. Again


Defending the indefinable: Richard Bailey is right to draw attention to the fascinating joust between CIPR leadership hopefuls Jon White and Stephen Waddington, two strong candidates whose contrasting views help propel debate over the future of public relations. Although I...

Where next for PR?


When I started talking about "all PR being online PR" it was a hard sell, and the idea was often dismissed out of hand. I still do these sessions, but it increasingly it seems to be merely stating the obvious....

PR's Confidence Crisis: ReadList