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USA Gymnastics Apologizes To Sexual Abuse Victims In Open Letter

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 00:00:01 +0000


Sadly, the beautiful sport of gymnastics has been tarnished by a problem that is pervasive when it comes to adults coaching young athletes. Incidents of unforgivable sexual abuse of young gymnasts often went unreported and action wasn't taken, USA-Gymnastics admits. They issued an open letter of apology for the many incidents that were ignored and the subsequent abuse that is simply unacceptable.

"60 Minutes" aired an expose on the role of USA-Gymnastics in silently facilitating years of abuse back in February of this year, based on the work of a few investigative journalists from the "Indy Star." They discovered that there were cases of abuse that were, like most sex abuse, unreported and buried under the mat. USA-Gymnastics, in a break from its past behavior of ignoring much of these incidents, has taken steps to adopt the standards of

Thanks to the courage of former elite artistic and rhythmic gymnasts who testified about their own horrific experiences in front of a Senate Judicial Committee, USA-Gymnastics has admitted culpability. USAG has taken measures to educate and protect its members from this type of trauma.

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Hannity Haz A Sadz Because Tinder Users Won't Date Trump Supporters

Wed, 28 Jun 2017 23:41:00 +0000


Sean Hannity is throwing a man-baby size tantrum over the fact that folks are refusing to swipe right on Trump supporting folks trying to find a date on the best online dating (hookup) site, Tinder. On his Wednesday show (aka, right wing cry fest), he whined:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Alright so I don't know if you have the same thing, what do they call this matchmaking thing, timber and all that other stuff that they got? Tinder and all that other stuff?

KATIE HOPKINS: Yeah, we have that.

HANNITY: OK so there apparently Donald Trump according to the Sacramento Bee is saying people will ask straight up do you vote for or do you support Trump. And if you did boom, that's it.

You know, I would never date a Trump supporter and I think that this is a SUPER valid question to ask of friends, dates, etc. Admitting you support Trump demonstrates, generally, that you are ok with:

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Jay Sekulow Demands President Obama Be Investigated Over Russia

Wed, 28 Jun 2017 18:34:00 +0000

Yeah it was a hoax and fake news mere moments ago, but hey! If Trump can blame Barack Obama for Russia hacking our election, then Russian hacking all of a sudden is real.

Investigate everybody, I say!

Most of Trump's tactics involve, "nothing is ever Trump's fault" and if it looks like it is then "blame everybody else." And nobody helps Trump and his surrogates push that tactic more blatantly than Fox News.

I'd love to get access to the email group of Trump surrogates, that's for sure. The daily talking points, the debates on what and how to use them. Because there's massive amounts of collusion between Team Trump, outside surrogates, and Fox News.

I can dream, can't I?

Jay Sekulow, a lifelong pro-life advocate and an attorney for Trump was the subject of a blockbuster Guardian story which reports, "Jay approved plans to push people to give to his Christian nonprofit, which then paid big sums to his family."

Maybe that's why Trump likes him so much, he's a chip off the ole block.

Some Fox News personalities, including Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity, have recently been pushing the talking point that Obama is really the one who needs to be investigated and put under oath over Russia hacking our election.

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Is Donald Trump Getting More Confused As Healthcare 'Debate' Goes On?

Wed, 28 Jun 2017 18:32:00 +0000


Anyone who thinks Trump's meetup with Republican Senators yesterday went well? Hear what one Republican Senator told the New York Times:

A senator who supports the bill left the meeting at the White House with a sense that the president did not have a grasp of some basic elements of the Senate plan — and seemed especially confused when a moderate Republican complained that opponents of the bill would cast it as a massive tax break for the wealthy, according to an aide who received a detailed readout of the exchange.

Mr. Trump said he planned to tackle tax reform later, ignoring the repeal’s tax implications, the staff member added.

In case you've been dead for a month, the reason the Senate healthcare bill was written in secret, the reason it's details are still foggy, the reason it cuts Medicaid, is because if the Republicans don't find the money for the massive tax cuts they plan, they'll come up against the tried and true deficit hawks in their own party. They found the money in Medicaid.

So they have to do the healthcare first to have the budget money for their tax cuts. Trump himself said so in April:

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Trump-Supporting Doctor On MSNBC Says The NRA Is The Solution To Health Care

Wed, 28 Jun 2017 17:40:40 +0000


Dr. Alieta Eck drew ridicule from MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle on Wednesday by suggesting that the way to give Americans better health care was to allow people to buy insurance through the National Rifle Association (NRA).

During a discussion with a panel of doctors who support President Donald Trump's effort to "repeal and replace Obamacare," Ruhle asked Eck how legislation could improve the health care system.

"If you were to sit down with Mitch McConnell and say, 'Leader McConnell, what you need to do to get this thing through,'" Ruhle wondered. "Speaking as a doctor, what would you tell him?"

"How about letting other groups form -- not just employer based," Eck opined. "So if a group like the NRA or some other group or a township..."

"How can the NRA create health care," Ruhle interrupted, rolling her eyes.

One physician on the panel reacted by burying his face in his hands while others cackled out loud.

"I'm going to go with a no on that one," Ruhle said.

Donald Trump thinks of himself as a Don Draper type. EWW.

[embed eid="24583" /]

Stephanie Ruhle and her guest Megan Murphy were disgusted. Video and transcript via Media Matters:

STEPHANIE RUHLE (HOST): All right, I have to, have to share with you the bizarre exchange President Trump had yesterday with a female reporter who came to the White House. She was in the Oval Office. Can you just look at this for a minute?


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Jim Acosta Throws Shade On Hannity's Unhinged Meltdowns

Wed, 28 Jun 2017 17:19:00 +0000

Sean Hannity's latest shtick is to run segment after segment trashing either Rachel Maddow for getting tremendous ratings or reporters and other media outlets who are aggressively questioning the Trump administration.

Hannity's latest target is CNN's White House correspondent Jim Acosta.

Hannity spent over four minutes attacking CNN and Acosta in particular as being hostile to his BFF - Trump.

And in Hannity's mind, Acosta is the "unhinged" one.

Hannity opened up by saying, "Over the past few weeks, CNN has really made great strides in solidifying their position as one of America's premier fake news networks."

"And one of its top pushers of fake news is none other than the so arrogant and combative and whiny, senior WH correspondent Jim Acosta," Sean said.

Hannity defended Trump for turning off the cameras during their press briefings and then said, "CNN's White House darling is really starting to become unhinged, kinda like liberal Joe!"

Hear that, Joe Scarborough?

Hannity claimed "Acosta is very much in line with his colleagues at CNN - led by Jeff Zucker - who are using fake news now as a political weapon against the Trump administration."

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Fox Anchor Julie Banderas Tries To Blame Democrats For GOP Revolt Against Trumpcare

Wed, 28 Jun 2017 17:00:01 +0000


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just delayed the vote on the Senate “health care” bill known as Trumpcare. There’s only one reason for such a move: lack of Republican support. But supposedly objective Julie Banderas, covering the news during Fox’s 2 PM hour, was a vision of partisan talking points as she fumed at Democrats over it.

While waiting for an announcement from McConnell, Banderas welcomed Fox Business host Charles Payne. Banderas immediately tried to blame Democrats for the Republicans’ failure to craft a bill its own party could get behind.

BANDERAS: I want to first of all talk about what the Democrats have done because they have scared the Bejesus out of a lot of Americans and rural Americans, basically saying millions of people, tens of millions of people are going to lose their insurance. People are going to die.

Believe me, if you are someone who relies on Medicaid or Obamacare guarantees of essential health benefits (as my family does), you definitely feel you could die. But don’t take just my word or feelings for it. There is solid research that validates such worry.

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CNN Host To Sen. Johnson: 'This Whole 'Fake News' Thing Needs To End And End Now'

Wed, 28 Jun 2017 16:54:00 +0000

CNN's Chris Cuomo stopped Sen. Johnson in his tracks after he claimed the media was using "distorted and incorrect information" to describe the CBO scoring of the Senate Trumpcare bill.

Sen. Johnson made the rounds on cable TV this morning and joined CNN's New Day after babbling to "Morning Joe" . He told the CNN host, "In terms of premiums, they won't be harmed. We need information, and the debate on this thing has been completely distorted using incorrect information."

Host Chris Cuomo took offense to his characterization of the media and Trump's consistent allegations that CNN is "fake news."

Cuomo said, "Two things about that -- First of all, one thing, I know you're not suggesting that I'm using misleading information, right?

Sen. Johnson replied, "No,no."
Cuomo continued, "You let me know what I'm saying that's inaccurate."

"This whole fake thing needs to end and end now. Tell me what I'm getting wrong," the CNN host said.

A mumbling Sen. Johnson replied, "Chris, I'm not accusing you. I'm talking about the fact people don't understand the 22 million and it was a wrong baseline."

Trump and his surrogates uses the term 'fake news" over and over again to attack the media over facts that do not support Donald or his many changing narratives.

If a member of the media makes a mistake, it's not fake, it's a mistake and it is not the entire media's fault.

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Mike Lupica: 'Health Care Is Complicated? Who Knew?'

Wed, 28 Jun 2017 16:00:01 +0000

Meghan Murphy from Bloomberg News told Stephanie Ruhle this morning that Mitch McConnell's options on the health care bill aren't many.

"I don't see a way through this that they can thread the needle on this. His reputation as a master strategist takes a hit," she said.

"Didn't we have this conversation in January and February?" Ruhle said. " 'Not going to happen, no way Jose' and they got it done.

NY Daily News columnist Mike Lupica chimed in.

"When he pushed back the date on this -- he'd like to put back the vote to the 12th of never," he said.

"Stephanie, look what happened when the boys finally came out of the back room... and they came out of the back room with a deal that's worse than the one they held the pep rally for in the Rose Garden not so long ago," he said.

"And I love when they say now that it's complicated. They sound like they're telling you that the ocean is deep and you want to say, okay, that's what your job's supposed to be. You've been yelling about this for seven years.

"And now they act like they're trying to define the infield fly rule. It's absurd."