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Irony, Thy Name Is Jeff Zucker

Fri, 23 Mar 2018 02:00:01 +0000

I know there's a lot of crazy in the media world these days, but this news really has my head spinning.

Jeff Zucker, who's the president of CNN, attacked Fox News at an industry conference today, calling them "really state-run TV. It is a pure propaganda machine and I think does incredible disservice to this country."

"There are a handful of good journalists there, but I think they are lost in what is a complete propaganda machine," said Zucker, who also said Fox "has nothing on" TASS, the official Russian News Agency.

He said he didn't really think of Fox as a news channel.

Jeff Zucker, the guy who hired Corey Lewandowski as a campaign analyst while he was still being paid by the Trump campaign? After he signed an NDA that he wouldn't say anything negative about Trump?

The same CNN chief who gave millions of dollars in free air time and very little critical coverage to Trump?

The guy whose network slogan is "The most trusted name in news"?

Maybe they should change it to "Look over there, they're even worse."

Rep. Eric Swalwell: 'Mueller Has Trump On Obstruction, Money Laundering'

Fri, 23 Mar 2018 00:34:00 +0000

Chris Matthews asked Congressman Eric Swalwell to come on out and say it: what the hell is wrong with Donald Trump? And boy, did he deliver.

MATTHEWS: Congressman, I'm going to ask you something you don't want to do, a little psycho babble. What the hell is going be on with Trump? He's like a kid throwing his toys, I want to get out of this playpen, I want ice cream, I want everything. I want my kind of lawyer that does what I want him to do. I want to be the lawyer. I want to be the Chief of Staff. We also got word today he was thinking of firing Kelly. It sounds like one situation with this guy in every direction. I want it my way, I don't like it your way.

SWALWELL: The problem is not even the lawyer. Clarence Darrow can save this guy, but the problem is a client. He's an overexposed client in terms of criminal liability. He should sit down in the chair, go through the examination and come clean with his relationship on Russia and allow us to move on. He's just playing games right now and I think it's because he's afraid to get in the chair and what this Bob Mueller --

MATTHEWS: He doesn't want the lawyer who will put him in the chair.

SWALWELL: I don't buy it.

MATTHEWS: You think that's a phony front?

SWALWELL: I don't buy it at all. He knows if he puts himself in that chair, they are not going to come at him unprepared. They will come at him with everything they have.

MATTHEWS: Do you think they have collusion, do you think they have it?

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Sinclair Demanding Local Anchors Read Their BS Now

Fri, 23 Mar 2018 00:00:01 +0000


There is increasing public concern about the political manipulation of Facebook and Twitter by private corporations and foreign actors, and it’s certainly warranted. Social media, especially Facebook, are increasingly mediating their users’ realities in ways that traditional broadcasters can only dream about. But millions of Americans still rely on television news, and they probably give it more credence than they do to random strangers on the internet.

That’s bad news, because there’s fake news on your television, too. And there’s about to be more of it, unless something is done to stop an upcoming merger.

Fake News Network

Sinclair Broadcast Group is a hard-right – perhaps even “alt-right” – corporation that imposes its views on the local television stations it owns. It is closely allied with Donald Trump, whose administration has loosened the rules governing media conglomerates like Sinclair.

Sinclair is privately held by the descendants of Julian Sinclair Smith, who started the network of 193 stations at Baltimore’s WBFF in 1971. Smith’s son, David, who was the CEO until last year, apparently shares more with Trump than just his politics. Smith was arrested for the solicitation of prostitution in 2004, and reportedly forced reporters at a Sinclair station to do some of his court-ordered community service work.

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H.R. McMaster Out; John Bolton In As National Security Advisor (UPDATED)

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 22:59:00 +0000


You read that right. HR McMaster is out as National Security Adviser and NRA-bridge-to-Russia John 'New Era of Freedom' Bolton will take over his duties.

Yes, that John Bolton. The one we just featured in another post selling some guns-as-freedom crap to Russia (video above).

Here is John Bolton calling for mayhem in North Korea:

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[clmediameta nid=127307]

Yes, the John Bolton who, with a straight face, suggested that the Russian hack of the DNC was probably a false flag operation engineered by Hillary Clinton.

John Bolton was a member of the Groundswell gang, so he will join fellow-in-crime Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III as well as the many others in the right-wing parade through the White House. His SuperPAC has been the recipient of many Billionaire Bucks.

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Facebook Founding Director Peter Thiel And Pal Erik Prince Funded Cambridge Analytica Data Scam

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 20:22:00 +0000


While Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg is apologizing for allowing Cambridge Analytica (CA) to use and abuse its members private information, he's not the only one who is deserving of scrutiny. Why is no one looking into Peter Thiel? After all Thiel is still on Facebook's Board, he donated to Trump and according to this article, he has bragged about having unlimited access to Trump.

And then there's Thiel's involvement with the Make America #1 PAC. Peter Thiel gave $1 million. As Caroline O. (@RVAwonk) pointed out on Twitter, Erik Prince and Peter Thiel were both major donors to the Make America #1 PAC after Trump became the Republican nominee.

Sen. Warren Rips Ben Carson: Blocking Anti-discrimination Rules 'Is Scandal That Should Get You Fired'

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 17:48:00 +0000


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Thursday blasted Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson for delaying rules that are intended to decrease housing discrimination.

At a Senate oversight hearing, Warren asked Carson why he had effectively killed a 2015 HUD rule on housing discrimination by delaying it until 2020.

"When I look at your track record at HUD, I just see you headed in the wrong direction," she explained.

Carson argued that "dozens and dozens" of cities had petitioned HUD to delay the rule because of costs associated with it.

"Excuse me, Secretary Carson," Warren interrupted. "Let me just remind you. This is a question about following the law. The law clearly says 'affirmatively further fair housings.' It doesn't say cut back on that because you're concerned about compliance costs."

"A lot of people are criticizing you for spending tens of thousands in taxpayer money on fancy furniture," Warren continued. "And don't get me wrong, I think scamming the taxpayers is a scandal. But the biggest scandal of your tenure is your unwillingness to do your job and enforce the laws that reduce housing discrimination and segregation across this country."

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WATCH: Trump Pal John Bolton's Creepy 'New Era Of Freedom' Video For The Russian Gun Industry

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 16:24:00 +0000

The NRA, John Bolton, and Russian oligarchs. Where have we seen this before? Ostensibly sent to help loosen Russia's more restrictive gun laws, but there's likely more to this sordid story.

Source: NPR

Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton recorded a video used by the Russian gun rights group The Right to Bear Arms in 2013 to encourage the Russian government to loosen gun laws.

The episode, which has not been previously reported, illustrates the common cause that Russian and American gun rights groups were forming in the years leading up to the 2016 election through former National Rifle Association president David Keene. Keene appointed Bolton to the NRA's international affairs subcommittee in 2011.

Russian politician Alexander Torshin helped establish The Right to Bear Arms and cultivate ties with American gun rights groups including the NRA. As a Putin ally, Torshin served as the deputy speaker of Russia's parliament for more than a decade, and also spent time on Russia's National Anti-Terrorism Committee, a state body that includes the director of Russia's internal security service.

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In Unsurprising Move, Trump's Attorney Jumps Ship

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 16:03:00 +0000

When even someone like Trey Gowdy yells at you on national TV, "if your client is innocent, act like it!", then maybe it's time to go. Wapo:

The resignation came Thursday, according to three people familiar with the decision.

In an email to The Washington Post, Dowd wrote, “I love the President and wish him well.”

Dowd’s departure was a largely mutual decision made after the president lost confidence in his ability to handle special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation and Dowd became frustrated with Trump’s recent efforts to bring on new attorneys, they said.

New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt made this significant comment to Stephanie Ruhle in the video above:

The president is channeling his George Steinbrenner here. He believes there is a silver bullet and that a new lawyer, a new head person, will have the magic sauce to get this problem of Bob Mueller away from him. Legal experts will tell you it is a bad idea and a bad strategy, but it can't be that surprising, considering how the president has handled his own White House Chief of Staff, his own campaign. He often has turnover. why would it be any different with his legal team?

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Now PA Republicans Want To Impeach State Supreme Court Justices

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 14:34:00 +0000

You may have caught the news last week that EVEN SUPREME COURT JUSTICE SAM ALITO turned down the Pennsylvania GOP's Hail Mary pass to block the new redistricting map.

You probably missed this followup the next day.

A dozen GOP Pennsylvania lawmakers filed legislation on Tuesday to impeach four Democratic state Supreme Court justices who ruled the state’s congressional map was unconstitutionally gerrymandered and replaced it with a new one.

The Republicans moved to impeach Justices David Wecht, Christine Donahue, Kevin Dougherty and Debra McCloskey Todd, all Democrats who found the state’s congressional map was designed to favor Republicans and must be replaced before the May primary. Justice Max Baer (D), who also voted to strike down the map, but said it could remain in place until 2020, wasn’t mentioned in the impeachment resolutions.

And here's the thing. While I'd love to write this off as the cheapest of political tricks, the legislation may have a shot. I can't believe they got even 12 supporters -- but they did. They're desperate to maintain control, so who knows?

Gov. Tom Wolf (D) released a statement:

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Louie Gohmert Hits A Double

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 14:00:01 +0000

Louie Gohmert, the the congress varmint from East Texas, is running around with his shoelaces tied together.

He had a two-fer in one day!

First, he insults Cesar Chavez just out of meanness.

Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert on Tuesday filed a House resolution to declare March 31 “National Border Control Day.” The date marks the birthday of Cesar Chavez, the revered Mexican-American labor leader who co-founded the United Farm Workers union.

Gohmert totally twists Chavez’s words and the resolution is called “a disgrace” by fellow members of congress. I’m pretty certain it’s not the first time they have noticed.

And there’s the icing on the cake. Standing on his own on thin ice, Gohmert calls for the firing of Robert Mueller.

“I think Mueller should be fired,” Gohmert said, according to video captured by CNN. “He should be. He should never have been appointed, and he should never have accepted. He should be fired.”

The “only reason” not to fire Mueller “in actuality,” Gohmert said, is that “some establishment Republicans” have said such an action could result in the President’s impeachment.

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