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The worlds first weekly podcast on Irish Family heritage, history and genealogy. It is hosted by Michael C. O'Laughlin, the most published author in the field. Topics include: rare books; traditional music and dance; research and travel. Interviews with

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FamilyTreeDNA Test R1B Dooley Donegal

Mon, 25 Jun 2007 08:00:00 CDT

Bennett Greenspan interview painless DNA testing Todays interview is with the founder of FamilyTreeDNA, Bennett Greenspan. Bennett describes the DNA operation, and how it applies to specific Irish Families. Which test to take and how much to pay for it ! You can link to his DNA page from I'm Mike O'Laughlin, your host. Call me anytime and leave a message at: 816-256-3360 Be sure to listen to our sister podcast on the History of the Irish in Amerca, just go to my web page at or subscribe for free here on iTunes. Please do leave feedback if you enjoy the show !

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Puff Daddy Browne Oldest Irish Store

Mon, 16 Apr 2007 09:00:00 CST

You are invited June 16, 2007 to Brownes Anniversary Party. Mike O'Laughlin, is your host for this episode. 1) Reach me on my web page at, where you can: 2) Check out the complete written shownotes on my blog. 3) Search all of our podcasts by typing in any search term. Yes, another FREE service from the Irish Roots Cafe. 4) Phone 816 256-3360 to leave your comments (or your family search) on my recorder.... TRY IT YOU'LL LIKE IT ! If you are serious about finding your Irish ancestors, try the newest tool in Irish Genealogy, the Irish Roots audio message board. Just call in and leave a brief family search, we'll do the rest. We will also be adding an audio feature to our blog soon 1. Where is the oldest Irish business in North America, and maybee the world ? (bet you don't know and can't even guess..). 2. How did Sean 'Puff Daddy' Combs earn a place of honor there? 3. The name of the week is Browne and Brown, in honor of our guest today. Our interview today is with Kerry Brown, proprietor of North Americas oldest Irish business. See our blog for complete show notes.

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