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La Coquette

Don't hate me because I live in Paris.

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Five of the Best Alice Munro Stories


So it has happened. On Tuesday, Alice Munro’s daughter Jenny accepted the Nobel Prize on her mother’s behalf, and I admit I was a bit giddy watching the ceremony online (I never thought another person winning a prize could make...

Lauren Elkin’s Une année à Venise


My friend Lauren’s delightful debut novel begins with some reasons why a person might flee their comfortable life in New York to experience one that is more alienating and unfathomable and rich and gratifying in Venice. You could imagine that...

Soirée Faber Castell


My presence at the party was in no way mandatory. Denis was invited to work there, drawing guests at the anniversary party of Faber Castell, an art supply company that has been around for 250 years (in other words, about...

Fair Trade


A friend called me "reclusive" recently (I'm writing my thesis!), but I did make it out Wednesday night to the book swap party at Le Carmen** – a new literary event in Paris where you bring a book to exchange...

Recently Read: Anne Marsella’s The Baby of Belleville


In Anne Marsella’s* warm and funny The Baby of Belleville, hierarchy is put to rest, making room for an all-inclusive Paris, a Paris where equal time is given to French feminist philosophers, aristocrats, plumbers, DJs, shepherdesses and kung fu experts....

Pray for Japan


Olympia Le-Tan is working on brooches soon to be sold at colette.

Joanna at The Wellcome


If you’re in London this weekend, it’s the last chance to see Joanna’s amazing installation at the Wellcome. It’s called The Art of Dying, and it’s beautiful.

Optimo Hats


Recently I've been working on web content and crafting newsletters* for Optimo Hats in Chicago (I've written about master hatmaker Graham Thompson before in Chicago magazine). And the day has finally come: their new site has launched. Gorgeous! I especially...

"Le discours d’un roi" n’est pas "Discours du récit"


In the Paris 8 lit department, they're mad for Gérard Genette, so I’ve ended up reading Discours du récit for a few of my classes. So much Genette love, addling my noodle, that when I saw this poster in the...

Bonne Année!


I wish you all a happy and healthy new year! The happy new year card my boyfriend Denis sent out. The painting is his own. He's done trees that seem to be glowing in several paintings lately; he calls them...

Dream Gift Guide #2, colette


Ideas from the colette newsletter... Hugues Lawson-Body’s Jeunes Parisiens Happy Socks! (Available here in the US.) Discolette

Dream Gift Guide #1, Département Féminin


We’ll start with Départment Féminin, best edit of any luxury multimarque anywhere, and located in Toulouse. Luckily for us, they also have a website. I’ve talked about the founder Carole Benazet’s elegant home here before, as well as her store....

Les Cad- OOH


Image: Behind the scenes of the Département Féminin Christmas newsletter. What does an American give a French person for Christmas? An L.L. Bean boat bag, a J. Crew sweater, something by Pendleton – I know French people who leave room...

Red Loubi Slippers


These are my new Christian Louboutin shoes. I translated an in-house documentary for them recently and they invited me to their private sale last night. I was in and out in 30 minutes and, needless to say, I love what...

Nighthawks, or the French experiment with crepuscular shopping


When I saw the crowds on the Avenue Montaigne for Vogue Fashion Celebration Night this week, mostly young people in front of shops like Chanel and Gucci, where the usually discreet atmosphere was replaced by music (with base!) and throbbing...   When I saw the crowds on the Avenue Montaigne for Vogue Fashion Celebration Night this week, mostly young people in front of shops like Chanel and Gucci, where the usually discreet atmosphere was replaced by  music (with base!) and throbbing lights, I felt like even in France they are beginning to understand that late night shopping can be the answer for so many things.  (Did I really just say that?  Shopping is never the answer, kids.  Except for all those times that it really, really is.)  The French take on the event seemed more rentrée-related than the American version in New York, Fashion’s Night Out, which was created by Anna Wintour to help the city’s retailers combat the crisis. Does la rentrée make you wanna get busy like Martha Stewart before a messy drawer of buttons?  Why not go shopping?  Does la rentrée, with its summertime death knell, make you want to open your veins?  Why not go shopping?  I headed straight for Chloé because they were kind enough to put me on their list and while the rentrée makes me extremely happy, being stuck outside in this foire would have somewhat killed the buzz. While I can easily spend hours just watching people, this party actually gave us something to do: they set up a photo booth which gave me rentrée-appropriate flashbacks to waiting to have a yearbook photo taken. Something terrifying and performative about watching those in front of you be shot, the sickening yet exhilarating feeling as your turn in the chair approaches.  Actress Ludivine Sagnier had her photo taken too, wearing a dress that my friend said resembled a table cloth in an Italian restaurant.  Before you read that as a cut, I have to say that he followed this up with a cheerful,  “It makes you want to draw all over her.”  One lady’s 3,000 euro dress is just another man’s blank canvas!   The brand launched their new perfume Love back in June, at a party at Apicius which left me in a mushroom foam risotto haze from which I am just now emerging, so as a karmic thank you, I’ll take this opportunity to mention a few Chloé things that I love…  Love the pants The commercial for the Love perfume, which features Raquel Zimmermann and was shot by Roman Coppola, effectively transmits that the Chloé lady is a femme qui travaille rather than a femme fatale.  In the campaign she wears the traditional Chloé pant, which was sort of the guest of honor at the party on Tuesday, and after a summer of floppy, now-faded dresses, don’t you just long to be in those soigné pants?! There was a cool video wall outside the Chloé store Tuesday night where they were showing the pants video.  (Is it too much lovin' to say I love the music in the pants video?  I really love it.)  Love the comment My friend is not a fashion person and these are the best kinds of people to take to fashion parties. He approvingly noted that the Chloé pant is flowy and not bandage tight at the ankle like “what all the girls in the metro are wearing.” (Very pointu.)  He compared one jacket hanging in the store to something Queen Elizabeth II might wear (also unfortunately, very pointu).  But most entertaining was the bizarre link he saw between the much shot look 11 of this season and something that is in a Saint Germain des Pres galler[...]

State of the Art


Jeanne and Marie Line with Penelope Fillon at the May 8th opening It takes a fairy godmother to get Cinderella to the ball, but my aunt got Penelope Fillon, wife of France’s Prime Minister -- not too shabby either! Madame...  Jeanne and Marie Line with Penelope Fillon at the May 8th openingIt takes a fairy godmother to get Cinderella to the ball, but my aunt got Penelope Fillon, wife of France’s Prime Minister -- not too shabby either!  Madame Fillon is the marraine (godmother) of the gallery.  What gallery you ask?   Galerie d’art des Forges.   My aunt, Marie Line Fourmont, is a painter.  For over 15 years she has been running a gallery connected to her home, where visitors come to capture some of the farmhouse charm and lovely still life paintings.  Now, Marie Line has just opened a larger art gallery in the tiny Viré-en-Champagne in the Sarthe (a village of 200 inhabitants).  While the gallery will feature male and female artists from around France, my aunt specifically wanted a godmother for the space.  My aunt laid the tile for the gallery herself.  My cousin Jeanne handled all the press and will manage the gallery.  This is what I mean when I say there are some pretty incredible women in my family.  And I haven’t even talked about the catering by my cousin Louise.   Reportage on local tv (you can see the farmhouse at the beginning and my cousin Jeanne and Marie Line are both interviewed).  A sampling of my aunt’s work.  Photo credit: Yann Ralec [...]

Oh hi, it's fashion week again.


They should start serving CC stamped peanuts at the Chanel shows. What hoopla! The invite had a sketch by Karl of a polar bear, and then the set included a couple of whopping icebergs (imported from Sweden). Karl’s Dr. Zhivago... They should start serving CC stamped peanuts at the Chanel shows.  What hoopla!  The invite had a sketch by Karl of a polar bear, and then the set included a couple of whopping icebergs (imported from Sweden).  Karl’s Dr. Zhivago princesses walked on the sop of the iceberg’s melt, trailing long coats and making a wake with their fur boots.  While the icebergs were real, the fur apparently was fake.  At the end Karl minced around to “Say Captain, Say Wot”!   I thought that was a riot. (I suppose I should say: wot a riot.) Afterwards, I headed up to Paris 8 at Saint Denis for a littérature comparée class.  I haven’t mentioned this previously on the blog, but I’m working on a master’s degree in literature.  We were studying travel diaries (récits de voyages) and Levi-Strauss’s Tristes Tropiques.  How did Tristes Tropiques change the field of the travel diary in 1955?  By postulating the death of exoticism, the end of travel, and the deconstruction of otherness – all this without abolishing the possibility of the travel diary.  The first line is “Je hais les voyages et les explorateurs.”  I came home from class to read Cathy Horyn’s review of the Chanel show: “The Ice Hotel in Sweden provided inspiration. When asked backstage if he had ever visited the hotel, Mr. Lagerfeld, dressed in a Dior peacoat and bleached jeans with a vintage Cartier stickpin in his black tie, shivered and said no.” Chanel F10 Finale from coquette on Vimeo. [...]

Lily Allen at Chanel SS10


Chanel S10, Lily Allen envoyé par Efourmont. - Regardez plus de courts métrages.

La Mode, La Mode


Let’s not bury the lead. My big scoop of the day is that I met Dries Van Noten’s dog. He’s an Airedale Terrier, and his name is Harry. (Sadly I did not meet Dries, but if I ever do, I’ve...

Beigbeder does stand-up


Prix de Flore-winning author Frédéric Beigbeder may have a second calling as a film comedian. I see him in a Judd Apatow boy-man type role, with a dose of French swagger. Last night was Paris’s first Literary Death Match, a...