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CNET Most Popular Screensavers & Wallpaper Titles

Most Popular in Screensavers & Wallpaper from CNET

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DeskScapes 8
Customize your wallpapers and screensavers with pictures and videos. (2,730 downloads)

Push Video Wallpaper
Play videos as background wallpaper. (627 downloads)

The Matrix Screen Saver
Emulates the Matrix code and introduction sequence. (569 downloads)

Dream Aquarium Screensaver
Disply a virtual aquarium with unsurpassed realism. (536 downloads)

Sim Aquarium
Bring realistic coral reef aquarium to your PC screen. (343 downloads)

Watery Desktop 3D Live Wallpaper and Screensaver
Animate your desktop with water effects. (288 downloads)

Video Screensaver
Turn any video file stored in your computer into a screensaver. (216 downloads)

Ultra Screen Saver Maker
Create a screensaver with images, sounds, movies, Flash, Web sites, and text in 10 seconds. (193 downloads)

Automatic Wallpaper Changer
Change the desktop wallpaper automatically, position pictures to suit you. (181 downloads)

Digital Clock-7
Set up a screen saver that displays the current time. (164 downloads)