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New Titles in Business Software from CNET

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Donarius Church Management
09/28/16 - Track your church's members, contributions, and pledges.

Tablet Office Professional
09/27/16 - Create recurring reports from templates and export them to PDF, XLSX, RTF, and JPG formats.

BitFaster Professional
09/27/16 - Create, manage, send, track and analyze your e-mail, SMS, and tweeting marketing campaigns.

Advanced XLS Converter
09/27/16 - Convert Excel files to DBF, TXT, HTML, XML, CSV, and SQL formats.

Lodgit Desk
09/27/16 - Schedule reservations for hotels, motels, and guesthouses.

Keyword Manager
09/27/16 - Manage keywords and research target URLs for your Internet marketing tasks.

SVM BAPLIE Viewer (64-bit)
09/27/16 - Decode and display the contents of BAPLIE EDI files.

SBS FMEA Database
09/26/16 - Carry out risk management tasks in MS Access.

PDF To Excel Converter
09/26/16 - Convert PDF documents to XLS format.

Visual SEO Studio
09/26/16 - Handle a wide range of SEO tasks.