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Advogato blog for fweiden

Advogato blog for fweiden

Published: Wed, 28 Jun 2017 00:45:26 GMT


6 May 2005

Fri, 6 May 2005 15:49:39 GMT

After a long time trying to evaluate why submit or not to NM, I decided to do it. I'm still lost thinking about what should I do to make it happen, but I'm looking for info and probably in a couple of weeks I'll submit.

Meanwhile, I'm working on FSFLA plan and reading lots of docs to be prepared to NM tests.

I'm still trying to organize my trip to Debconf, but as is the problem. I hope I'll be able to go.

26 Mar 2005

Sat, 26 Mar 2005 04:45:10 GMT

Birthday is always a depressing day. I'm getting old...

I did upload gnome-doc-utils package, with bugs...

Thanks dilinger, my mew sponsor ;)


23 Mar 2005

Wed, 23 Mar 2005 03:50:29 GMT

I lost my sponsor...he don't have time to help me and update my packages, i don't know if i should continue posting things here... :-P

If you want to work more than you're already doing to Debian, please contact me....i need to update my two packages...

10 Mar 2005

Thu, 10 Mar 2005 07:29:56 GMT

After second step, second package....hehehe

Wow!!!! After more than two months on queue, finally gnome-doc-utils is included on SID, and I hope in 10 days will be on Sarge too.


* put gnome-doc-utils on gnome debian team's svn...

* think about NM...

Ah, also I decided to forget about printconf for a while, now I'm a student again, are being complicated to find time to do all the things I want...

BTW...Was really cool to meet Debian people at LinuxWorld and also spending a weekend on Mako and Mika's place in New York. No words about how cool was CONSOL, at least what I can remember about. Going to tequila's place can make hard to remember details about what happened there...If you're planning to visit Damog, be careful...tequila is not juice as kov thinks...


5 Jan 2005

Wed, 5 Jan 2005 05:00:29 GMT

Second step...

Starting from the begining, my involvement with Debian started on Debconf4 in Porto Alegre, in which I helped joining the local team. During the organization even my major enemies on computing being two "guys" called Layout and Gimp (I'm quite bad in graphics), I helped with the t-shirts layout (I hope you're using to things other than sleep :-P), badges layout, banners (with that big empty space to write stuff on, which resulted in a wonderful memory from the event to spectra), renting machines to hacklab, etc..Also, some attendees started to come to Porto Alegre a bit early, and they staid on my mother's house: Joey Hess, Micah Anderson, Mako, Micah, Gleydson, Michelle, Enrico, Wojtek, and others. For some days my mother's house was a very funny hacklab. This made me see Debian as an operation system in which real people are working. After those days, Debconf was ready and started, and I had to concentrate helping on make FISL happen too, so I was unable to attend the conference. But at least, Debconf4 made me become interested in contributing to Debian.

First step was when I finally began packaging something to Debian one month ago, and now thanks to the translators and my packaging job, I have my Mozilla Firefox working in Brazilian Portuguese and the Sarge users too. I also have another package called gnome-doc-utils waiting to enter Sid. Now, I'm working to migrate an application (the best memory I have from the time in which I used RedHat) called Printer Configuration Tool, already ported to Debian in a very old version, but today it's a much better application to configure printers, since it works with any printer manager and the users don't need to care about it (most users don't know about printer daemon existance). It's being fun to hack on this, since RedHat/Fedora and Debian have some differences and porting this application could be a good way for me (a RedHat user in the past) learn more about Debian. I already had to work on three different packages and discovered a licensing problem with some RedHat python modules used by the application, but I'm progressing ;). I contacted some RedHat developers to take care about the licensing problem, and some DDs to talk about some suggestions to facilitate the porting work. In some days I'll be doing three more ITPs.

The second step is my first posts on Planet Debian. I need to confess I was a bit discouraged to do that, since it's a place where the Debian contributors and developers usually posts about their jobs, and there are not many female hackergotchis around here. But on other hand, maybe other female Debian contributors would see me here and encourage themselves to make Planet Debian less male-dominated than it is today.

Finally, the brazilian debian community is in party today, with the acceptance of stratus on the Debian Developers team. Congratulations stratus! You are our 13th DD, and I hope to see this number increasing more and more.