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2009 New Car Buying Tips

Start Here, Discover the best kept secret to buying the latest model new cars including all luxury models and exotics at real savings of up to 30% or more below what most everyone else has to pay

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2009 New Car Buying Tips


How would you feel if you just picked up your brand new car and then discovered, you could have bought the same new car for 10% less?- How about 20% less? You'd probably feel sick to your stomach.Here's what I'd like you to do for yourself right now.If you're going to be buying a new car, or truck for that matter, and I don't care what make or model or what it cost up to $500,000 - At least listen to what this car buying expert has to say, then take a look at the report she's written for you, I have.Listen to how Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst buys her new cars and you could save thousands more than you think you can.Here is the Best-Kept Secret Car Dealers Pray You Never Find Out About!Car buying expert, Dr Suzanne Gudakunst has just released her biggest "shocker!" ever ... Listen to her carefully and she'll show you exactly how you too can follow her proven way to buy your new car at a price lower than you ever thought you could, for real. From what I've seen and heard, this has to be the most effective 2009 new car buying tips that you'll ever get your hands on, Period.Dr Suzanne made it big on both TV and now the Web - but what most people don't know is that she routinely buys exotic and luxury cars (her passion), for as little as 50% of what car dealers force everyone else to pay - for the exact same new model. She is able to do this because she discovered something NO car salesman ever wants you to find out about! This Secret is so powerful, yet involves doing just 1-3 things (usually) that will allow you to get ANY CAR you want (including normal day-to-day average cars you see on the highway, to even the most expensive exotic cars such as Lamborghinis and Rolls-Royces!)Most recently Dr Gudakunst herself used her this same little known secret to buy over $1 million worth of cars, but where she saved $700,000 using her amazing car buying approach, (so she paid just $300,000 and got 6 very pricey cars worth $1 million - and each one was brand new and this year's model!) And you DON'T have to be looking to only get the lowest prices on Lexus or other similar high end luxury models in the $100,000 plus range - You can use her method to buy any car - even a middle-class Sedan or family vehicle and still save up to 30% to 50% less than what most everyone else has to pay for the exact same newest models. So, at this point it's only fair to ask: "How did Dr Suzanne discover this?"Simple really ...Dr Suzanne is the kind of gal who doesn't believe in paying "extra" if you don't have to. One day while shopping around for her first Bentley, she got "mixed feelings" from the car salesman trying to sell her the car. So she began compulsively investigating all the deals she could possibly find elsewhere and online, and in the process she started to see a clear pattern: People are being lied to and cheated out of $10,000's each and every time they buy even one luxury class car! Dr Suzanne then got really "ticked off" and this drove her to an even DEEPER investigation far, far further until she had a stack of facts, figures and even methods that allowed her to get one over on the car dealerships (for a well-deserved change!) Being a doctor and scientist, naturally Dr Suzanne wanted to put her "New Discovery" to the ultimate test: * * * A real "live" car purchase example! * * * So she went out and applied her new found "Secret" only to discover that she could get a Rolls-Royce for as little as $600 a month, and a Lamborghini for as little as $1,160 a month! She also found that she could get the prices on these same kinds of cars reduced by as much as 30%, 50% or even by as much as 90% (or even more!) Then she decided to see if this same "Secret" could work for what most people considered "normal cars", for example; a Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Ford Mustang, etc.And guess what: * * * The SAME Secret held TRUE! * * * Dr. Gudakunst was now armed with what is now considered by experts, at below wholesale buying, to be the "Greatest Car Buying Secret" ever discovered! So powerful and amazing it PROVED in her own life that she decided to share it[...]