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Preview: I'm On Fire.

I'm On Fire.

god its been a lovely day! everything is going my way i took out the trash today and i'm on fire... so you don't want to hear about my good friends? you dont have the guts to take the truth or consequence success is in the eye of the beholder and its loo

Updated: 2012-04-16T15:45:01.632-07:00


Lotsa Stuff.


First off, hello to all odd todd fans, and odd todd himself. I'm Sunday's blogger. :3 Yay!

So, in other news...
I got my top braces! ...Sometime earlier this week. Can't remember what date.

My debate compition is this Tuesday. I'm super scared. x.x;

Aaaand I had Solo and Ensemble stuff yesterday. I got a one (superior) on my solo and a two (excellent) on my duet with my friend. A two may be excellent, but it's only two away from a four, which basically says, "Why're you here?! Come back next year!". o.o Oh, well. I did good for my first time.

And I got a cool shirt. It's black with a turtle on it and underneath it says 'Shut The Shell Up!'. ^^ Yeah.

Okay. That's it. Videoblog later today. In Japan, it's May 2nd, the day my idol, hide, died, so... I'm doing a videoblog about that.


Uh, your name is...?


Click here to watch the movie.

What happend to me in Teamworks class yesterday. Enjoy! ^^

My Purse


Originally uploaded by LEMONed.

Hokay, this is the purse I got in Austin, the red vinyl one. Yay! ^^



Click here to watch the movie.

Days Of Our Lives, meet Toys Of Our Lives.

Lunch With The Videobloggers


Today I drove up to Austin, Texas where the South By South West festival is being held (I might be able to go. ^^). We had lunch there at a place called Guero's where I got to see Andrew Baron and Chuck Olsen again, and meet Amanda Congdon and Eric Rice for the first time. It was really cool seeing and meeting everyone.
I really want to go to SXSW.
So, after lunch me, my mom and Lauren went to a vintage clothing store called New Bohemia... I think. Anyways, it was really really cool. It's really just like this one store downtown where I live, called Jive.
So, at NB I got the coolest purse ever. Usually, I'm not a big fan of really little purses like the one I got, but I had to make an exception. So, it's a plain red vinyl bag with white vinyl straps and lining. It's so cute! I'd take a picture, but my dad has all the cameras.

Keep coming back, I'm posting more video! I'm on spring break! Yeeeesssss...

The Empire State Building


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Wow... Long time no video. ^^;
I SWEAR I will be doing more, because Friday at 3:30 PM Central timezone marks the beginning of SPRING BREAK. Wee!
Anyways, this is The Dylan Show with Grandma and Michael episode 2, The Empire State Building! Yaaaaaahhh....



A post about nothing. Because I have nothing to say. Nothing is new, really. Besides the fact that I got a book on how to speak Japanese that also came with a Cd (hard to keep up with. o-o;;) and I have a water color show this Saturday, nothing is new.

Er, well, if I had something to say I guess nothing really did happen... Oh, well. Nothing super great and fantasticness like everyone else.


Check out Bria's Blog!


Hey, so, all day today I've been baking cookies with my friend Bria for our Bronze Award (yes, I /am/ A Girl Scout).
So, inbetween out billions of batches, I set her up with a blog.
Go look at it!

It's my world

She likes videoblogging.... will she start one???

Happy V-Day!


Click here to watch the movie.

Okay, so, tomorrow is Valentines day. I usually don't do much at all, but I decided to give out Bratz cards (sort of as a joke) to all of my friends. Then I though, "I should give one to the videobloggers!". So, you all get to share this card! (:

My new Flickr Account!


Originally uploaded by LEMONed.

So, I got a Flickr account and took my first picture. :o It's a picture of Brian dancing to a song on his iPod.
Will he eat the hanger?

Videobloggers And World, Meet Lauren.


Click here to watch the movie.

It seems like someone has taken my place as the Youngest Videoblogger In The World. World, meet my younger sister Lauren, age eight.

You are awesome, Lauren (even though you bug me sometimes ;x).

The Dylan Show With Grandma and Michael!


Click here to watch the movie.

Took me a while to thaw out. :) Hehe. Here's a new video, an homage to

The Carol and Steve Show


The Jay and Ryanne Show.

This is The Dylan Show With Grandma and Michael. :D Enjoy!

:o A videooooooo!!!


Click here to watch the movie.

Here's a short video of me in Time Square last night. Enjoy! =D



Click here to see me on Rocketboom.
Here are some photos of Vloggercon. (photos) I haven't made a video in a while, but traveling, Vloggercon, snow, all of that sort of gets in the way. In the mean time My dad, Chuck Olsen, and I stayed with Andrew Barron over the weekend and got to be on today's Rocketboom. We had great time making it. Please check it out - it's way cool.

Vloggercon 2005


Watch Vloggercon Live!!!

The link above will take you to the place where you watch the con live. It's about an hour and a half into it, but it goes on until 5:00 PM Eastern time. If you see this before that time, go watch!

Yaay! I'm here in NYC!


Okay, so I'm typing this live from Vloggercon. I've been here in the conference for about an hour now. So far it's awesoooooome.
So, the trip here was long and and boring and horrible for my ears. I'll explain it all later and tell you about some of the cool people I've met.

They're streaming the con live, but I don't know where you have to go to watch it.

I'll update a bit later, here in NYC. :)

Metal Mouth


Click here to watch the movie.

^^;; New video! Took forever, yeah. I know. It's about the new metal attachment in my mouth.

Heh. I've got glasses, a head gear, and now braces. How much more nerdy-er could I look? =P

Heh. A new favorite thing to do.


No video right now, but one tomorrow. ^^

Okay, on to what I was saying. So, my friend Jordan and I have this new thing that we find HILARIOUS. At my school library we have these racks full of paper back books, and really, they're not like paperback versions of great books. More like books made in the early 1980's. But, they're also sappy, stupid pre-teen romance novels. So we've gotten to like to ridicule these books by:
1. Making fun of the character's on the covers strange clothing and large ponytails.

Okay. Summaries. Most of them go like this: "Angie is sweet, kind, and pretty. The Spring Fling is coming up, and even though she's great, no one has asked her out! But, two hunks , Brad and James, have their eyes on Angie.
Who will ask first?
Who will Angie go with?? Find out in this award winning (Me: Award winning? Psh.) novel!"


We find them hilarious. Soon (as soon as I pay off my huge library fine) I'll check out some of those books and read you the summaries and show you the covers.

Here's a perfect example of one book we saw at the library. It's called "The Cybil War". The best I could find, but, trust me. There were weirder.

Chopsticks Chinese Buffet


Click here to watch the movie.

Okay, here's a movie that I shot the other night, of probably the most attention seeking Chinese restaurant. It's obnoxious, the lights. I can't imagine their electrcity bill... Oh, and don't get me wrong. I love Chinese food. Just... This place is insane.

Hey, and also, I've got something to ask you all. So, Vloggercon is comin' up in two weeks or so in New York City, and I'd love to go. Click here to help me get to Vloggercon. =D



Heylu, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's visited my blog and left comments. Good ones, at least. xD So, keep coming back and I'll have more stuff! I'm making a video tonight on the MOST obnoxious Chinese restaurant I have EVER seen. You've got to see it.

[Edit] Oh, yeah. I forgot to say. I got my Malice Mizer shirt in the mail today. =DDDD It's so cool! Beast of Blood themed. I'll have to do a video with it on. Sorry. I had to share.

The whole story


Click here to watch the movie.

Here's a video my dad made. It's about how I ended up on TV.

Bloggers.... Persons... Of the YEAR?!




THAT WAS SO FREAKING COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


o.o; Oh.My.God. That was soooooooooooo cool! ^____^ My sister said she felt like she was going to pee in her pants after she saw it. XD I cried a little. That was so cooooool!

And they played hide! Okay, it was the backround, and only a little, but hey. :P


Bloggers rule!

>_> Sowweh.


Lemme explain all that gibberish from yesterday. I was showing the people filming me wanted to know how a post is made, so I just typed in some random stuff to save time.



they want me to type stuff. So I am. Yeah. La la la. This is fun. ^__^; Uhm, yeah. I'm typing. Because they want me to type stuff. I can type really fast. I like typing.
I'm on the news. I like japanese music. This is strange. Yes it is. Uhh.... I'm just going to keep on typing. Typing typing typing. They want me to type, so I will. I've said that like fifty million times. Blaaaaaaaaah.

I'm on ABC News!


Hey! So, right now people from ABC news are filming me right now. It's really exciting and cool. So, um, I don't really know what to say. :P So, if you want to watch me, it's on tomorrow night on World News Tonight at whatever time it comes on in your time zone. ^_^