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dekePod 018: Photoshop and the Andy Warhol Silkscreen Effect

2009-06-11T06:22:14-08:00Thu, 11 Jun 2009 06:22:14 PST

(image) Have you ever wanted to create an authentic looking Andy Warhol silkscreen? One of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Warhol was known for his avant-garde paintings and screenprintings. Remember Warhol’s garishly colored celebrity images of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, or Mao Zedong? In the studio he called The Factory, Warhol took an assembly-line approach to his high-contrast, silkscreens and produced art as a mass consumable, like a t-shirt or a pack of gum. It’s not surprising that his art is still popular today, and there are lots of one-click Warhol solutions. But if you want the real thing, join Deke McClelland in the final episode of this dekePod series, as he dissects Warhol’s process, and shows you how to use Photoshop to render your favorite portrait in bona-fide Warhol magnificence.

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dekePod 017: Photoshop and the Visual Communications Makeover

2009-05-28T07:24:37-08:00Thu, 28 May 2009 07:24:37 PST

(image) Signs are our friends. They help us observe the rules when we actually need to know the rules. We don’t all speak English, and tourism is a huge industry, so signs need to be language-independent. Which is why a vocabulary of immediately identifiable symbols is essential to every working artist and designer. So if symbols are so important, why are most such an indecipherable mess? Computer icons! Laundry instructions! Or Deke’s favorite: What you shouldn’t throw into an airplane toilet! Learn what works and what doesn’t in this laugh-out-loud episode of dekePod.

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dekePod 016: Photoshopping the Great Masters

2009-05-14T05:18:16-08:00Thu, 14 May 2009 05:18:16 PST

(image) They say you can’t be too rich or too thin. So how about getting rich by making others thin? Plenty of experienced retouchers make small but enviable fortunes shaving body fat off already lithe models. But rather than showing you a present-day example--honestly, how many underfed waifs do we need to see made skinnier?--Deke takes us back to a time when ideas of beauty were very different: the High Renaissance. In those times of mean circumstances and manual labor, body fat was a thing to be envied. How best to take a well-fed model rendered by the likes of Raphael and make her look like a modern work of art?

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dekePod 015: Photoshop and the Lost Undersea Channel

2009-04-30T07:18:15-08:00Thu, 30 Apr 2009 07:18:15 PST

(image) The ocean is a different world. Where else can you cavort with colorful animals a thousand feet or more above the Earth’s surface? But the romance of the sea comes at a price. Just as the watery depths rob our lungs of air, they rob our eyes of color. It’s not uncommon for an underwater photo to lack any information in the Red channel. Which is where coral, clown fish, and our very own skin tones live. Fortunately, Deke knows how to summon a Red channel back from the dead. Watch this dekePod and learn how to create underwater images that will satisfy your inner Jacques Cousteau.

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dekePod 014: Photoshop vs. Adobe BridgeBeware the Cache, the Cache Must Die!

2009-04-16T05:18:28-08:00Thu, 16 Apr 2009 05:18:28 PST

(image) If you use Photoshop, then you probably browse your images with Adobe’s Bridge, which shows you thumbnails of your files. Good news: The Bridge lets you preview images without going to the trouble of opening them. Bad news: Those previews result in large cache files that eat up your hard drive. Worse yet, they permit others to track what you’ve been looking at. Even if you’ve long since destroyed the original file, the thumbnail persists! Learn how to protect yourself—and maybe even save your job.

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dekePod Episode 013: The Mating Habits of the Pen Tool

2009-04-02T06:18:41-08:00Thu, 2 Apr 2009 06:18:41 PST

(image) Adobe's landmark pen tool defined an industry. But to the uninitiated, its reliance on anchor points and control handles makes it as approachable as first-year algebra. Until you see it's nothing more than a mating ritual: The points are boys and the handles are girls. Once you get that, it all falls into place.

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dekePod Episode 012: The Droplet Song (A Love Song to a Lost Feature in Photoshop)

2009-03-19T04:48:03-08:00Thu, 19 Mar 2009 04:48:03 PST

(image) How best to encourage people to use an obscure but super-useful Photoshop feature? Rhyme, rhythm, and romance. Hence a music video that will make all your automation dreams come true. Give Deke five minutes of your time and he’ll set your world on fire.

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Rick Sammon on Portrait Photography

2008-12-23T09:18:14-08:00Tue, 23 Dec 2008 09:18:14 PST

(image) There's more to good portrait photography than just clicking the shutter. In this video presentation from Photo Plus Expo, expert travel photographer Rick Sammon demonstrates some of his favorite techniques for capturing the essence of his subjects. Many of these tips can be found in his latest book, Face to Face: Rick Sammon's Complete Guide to Photographing People. Not only will you learn about the physics of photography, but also the human side of making great images.

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dekePod Episode 011: Giving It Up For the Family

2008-12-09T05:18:15-08:00Tue, 9 Dec 2008 05:18:15 PST

(image) Creative professionals are routinely roped into frivolous art projects for their families. You don't want to spend much time on them because who wants to do more of what you already do all day? But you don't want to do a lousy job because your cred's at stake. Oh and because, sure, you care about your family. In this episode of dekePod, Deke shows you how to create a spectacular birthday party invitation, with little effort, using a combination of found art and Photoshop.

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Snapshots and TAT in ACR 5.2: Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers Screencast 5

2008-12-03T14:18:23-08:00Wed, 3 Dec 2008 14:18:23 PST

(image) Adobe Camera Raw 5.2 features a handful of terrific new tools, including Snapshots and the Targeted Adjustment Tool. In this screencast designed to supplement The Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers, Derrick shows you how to use these great new components.

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dekePod Episode 010: The Instant Liquid Diet

2008-11-19T07:18:14-08:00Wed, 19 Nov 2008 07:18:14 PST

(image) Ah, the holiday season, a time of expansion. Great physical expansion. Fatty, high-calories food is everywhere you turn. And so we grow. But not this year. In some distant future, when you review Thanksgiving 2008 in your photo album, you’ll look back on it as the first of many years that you actually lost weight. "Thank you dekePod," you'll say. Because in this episode, Deke teaches you how to transform fat into fit using the Liquify command—and with smooth, stretch mark-free results.

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A Look Inside the Aperture Nature Photography Workshop

2008-11-18T08:48:28-08:00Tue, 18 Nov 2008 08:48:28 PST

(image) While at PhotoPlus Expo in NY, Derrick Story sat down with Rob Trueman and Cathy Chung to talk about their experiences with the Fall 2008 Aperture Nature Photography Workshop in the Grand Teton National Park. Rob and Cathy were two of the four contest winners who earned a trip to the Grand Tetons where they received one-on-one instruction. During this discussion they talk about what they learned and how they are applying that knowledge now.

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Batch Processing in ACR: Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers Screencast 4

2008-11-12T08:19:06-08:00Wed, 12 Nov 2008 08:19:06 PST

(image) Not only is Adobe Camera Raw terrific for processing individual files, you can batch process with it too. In this screencast, based on Chapter 4 of The Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers, Derrick shows you how ACR makes easy work of multiple images.

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dekePod Episode 009: Sixties Space Siren

2008-11-05T06:18:10-08:00Wed, 5 Nov 2008 06:18:10 PST

(image) If you’ve seen an episode of the original Star Trek, you’re no doubt familiar with the show’s main character, Captain Kirk, and his eternal blurry-eyed fascination with women. Every time he came in sight of a love interest, she appeared to him in diffused focus. In this episode of dekePod, Deke shows how you can achieve a nearly identical effect in Photoshop with such flattering results that you yourself could win the captain’s affections.

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Digital Media Insider Podcast 28: The Mind of the Maker

2008-10-30T20:18:44-08:00Thu, 30 Oct 2008 20:18:44 PST

(image) There are a whole lot of things that sound good the second you start making noise on them: Door springs. PVC pipes. Waterlogged Gertie balls. The Fat Man demonstrates how a DIY, Maker approach can help you find your signature sound.

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