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Preview: Chris Justus - Server Side Guy

Chris Justus - Server Side Guy

A discussion about server side programming (particularly, but not exclusively related to Java), plus other bits about the software development life cycle, quality assurance / bug tracking, the IT industry, and life in general...

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1000 Days of Uptime!


One of my main servers running a Debian distribution of Linux is having it's 1000th day of uptime today:Thanks to for the nice stable data center. Wisconsin - no earthquakes, no hurricanes.Another cool thing - one of the servers running on here, written in Java has been up and running since 2008 - not a lot of people can say they've written software that has run over 500 days

Top Nine Lessons Learned From Entrepreneur Dave Thomas


Top Lessons Learned from Dave Thomas talk at Lead to WinDave Thomas is an entrepreneur and former professor who started Object Technology International. To understand what kind of person Dave is, Dave and his wife owned 50% of the company each. When the company was bought by IBM [I couldn’t find financial details, but my understanding from friends of friends that this was on the order of tens

What I'm up to these days...


Well... It's been a long long time since my last post. A quick update as to what I'm up to. I have enrolled in Carleton University's Technology Innovation Management (TIM) program as of January. I'm loving it Thanks to Ian Graham at The Code Factory for pointing me towards TIM, and thanks to my mentor Ross Blaine for pushing me to return to school to get a Masters. Studying entrepreneurship,

Moving on...


I have decided to move on from Alcea Technologies to pursue interests outside of the company. Going forward I will be making myself available to the Alcea & FIT team as needed.I wish the best of luck to the Alcea team, as I look forward to working on solo projects and short term development projects as the opportunity presents itself.Watch the space to see what I’m up to. I’ll be putting my

Making your web app work on a BlackBerry (or other mobile device)


I had the good fortune to get invited to RIM's WES conference to speak about making our FIT issue tracking software work with a BlackBerry. I have taken the presentation I gave, and gone into a good deal more detail, and I am putting it up in an 8 part series on my product blog The first part went up yesterday, and there will be a new part posted every day.

Review: RIM's Wireless Enterprise Symposium 2007 and how it ties into our tool FIT


I was fortunate enough to get invited by RIM to speak at their annual conference, called the Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES2007). I was discussing our experience as we begin to implement a mobile interface for our enterprise issue tracking software, FIT. It’s been a terrific four days, with RIM keeping everyone generally educated, fed and entertained. I’ve met and talked with dozens of

Mailinator Architecture... Great article...


Read a great article today about the architecture of mailinator. Very interesting reading. Paul Tyma's end product really lines up with my own core values:To be ultra-efficient, where necessary, build it yourself.Code for software survival.Understand how your software is used to make things more efficient (ex: Mailinator compresses all inbound emails - 99% are never read, compress once,

Google losing it's touch?


Over the past few months, we've rolled out a new website for our product, FIT, at of all, we're pretty much a Google shop... We're blogging on Blogger (owned by Google), and we exclusively use Google Adwords (vs. any other ad driven competitors) to promote this site, as well as links from a few blogs, and a press release.However, Google seems to be slow

Alternatives to building Wasabi...


Joel of Joel on Software suggests that one of the only ways deliver a web application in a platform independent way is to create a compiler that can generate code that runs on different platforms.We have taken a different approach in terms of delivering platform independent web applications. In our case, we have implemented a webserver within our product. We also have a mechanism to save data

Geoff's Google AWT Suggest w/ Images...


A good friend of mine spent the weekend messing the Google's Web Toolkit, and put together a good write up about it... His first pass with the toolkit could save you some time down the road...

What I installed on my new latop...


Got a new latop. What software did I install?Firefox and Thunderbird - I've been using Mozilla up to this point, but Firefox is where all of the plugin action is at, so I've now switched.Microsoft Office 2003 - I had been happy with Office 97 up until now - but people keep telling me to check out Powerpoint templates from this decade, so I've upgraded.Eclipse - the development environment of

Picked up a new laptop – The good and bad points of my new tablet


My ThinkPad R40 finally degraded to the point that I couldn’t use it anymore. I’m a very heavy laptop user – ten to twelve hours a day, five days a week, moving it between home and work every day. Friends that saw my last laptop were asking me why I was still using it last year [the H fell off… network was a little flakey – last week both the ethernet connection and wireless became extremely

4 Reasons Java Will Outlive PHP (My interview with IEEE...)


I had the good fortune to be interviewed by an IEEE magazine in February to comment on the demise of Java (vs. PHP). A 45-minute interview turned into a paragraph in the article, but I thought that I might put all of my thoughts up on my blog. Why Java won't be superceded by PHPObject-oriented principles (encapsulation) and tools (javadoc, UML) mean that over the lifetime of a software project,

Fast BugTrack Version 6.0 and Web Conference


On February 1st, we're officially releasing version 6.0 of Fast BugTrack (our bug tracking software), and Fast IssueTrack (issue management software).This is last minute, but we're having a web conference and there are still a few slots available in our 8am EST time slot. We're going to be giving away an iPod Shuffle during the days events, and will be giving away a year of support - however if

MiteSite Chat (Tiny AJAX Chat...)


Here's the first MiteSite - MiteSite Chat. Consider it beta and it may work / fail / be gone at any given moment. I've been playing around with this for the past week. It's interesting because there is nothing better than chatting to generate lots of dynamic data. This will be an excellent test of our server framework that Alcea Fast BugTrack and Alcea Fast IssueTrack are built on. There is

Mitesite: A website or webapp embedded in an ad-sized space.


[OK - I had come up with the name parvosite without talking to anyone ... especially dog owners - so the team here talked, and the new and improved named is MiteSite - I'm editing this entry to change it...]Years ago, I worked at a company called Spidertop. The founders had an interesting idea that they called a StickyAd. The idea being that an entire website could be embedded in a banner sized

24 Hour Laundry (24HL) Uncovered


I had the good fortune to be selected as a beta-tester of 24 hour laundry just a few months ago. If you haven’t heard of this organization, 24HL’s co-founders include Marc Andreesen and there was a great deal of speculation about the organization not too long ago. Their product / tool / concept: Ning.So what is it? It is a development / computing platform for delivering social networking

I just AJAX'ed my Struts 1.1 web application - in about an hour (or not...)


Before AJAX (version 1.0)At one of my client sites, we have built an internal web application with a relatively complex interface - corporate look and feel wrappering our web application which has a right-hand side tabbed context bar, plus the main area of the page provides a tabbed interface, with tabs up to three levels deep. We are using Struts tiles to assemble the page, with the main area

David Yach From RIM: Slams 3G , applying wireless thoughts to web development


So we went to a presentation last week given by David Yach @ RIM - makers of the Blackberry. We weren't sure what to expect - David gave an excellent talk about wireless technologies in general. He drove home that the following 3 points have to be taken into consideration when working with wireless devices - three limiting factors:Spectrum - there is only so much, and it costs money to

The death of the converged device.. I am free


Hundreds of companies - big and small - are all racing to replace your cellphone / MP3 player / digital camera / video camera / PDA / PC / gaming platform / etc with a single device. I've been waiting years for this device to emerge, and it finally occured to me that it is not ever going to happen. When did this epiphany occur? I was reading Wired magazine a month or two ago and somewhere in

A9 skimmed...


A9 is Amazon's search engine, and if you haven't yet seen it, I suggest you check it out. In particular you should checking out some of their cool interface features - I’m interested in the drag and drop functionality and resizable tables in particular. I've glanced a few times at the code - it isn't obfuscated, although it isn't commented - so many people will be able to read through and

Google Suggest Dissected Follow-up...


Thanks for all of the feedback, good and bad - if I couldn't take criticism, I wouldn't be posting things publicly, right? My New Years Resolution is to think about what I am writing, and improve my writing ability. I just wanted to make sure that everyone understands that what I was writing about in my last post was an attempt to learn, and in turn teach people about the client-side

Sweet... slashdotted...



Google Suggest Dissected...


People have been contributing their two cents to how this works, but I have un-compressed (ie. re-written) Google's compressed javascript, so that the average web developer should be able to get a detailed understanding of how this works.... My final rewrite is available from my website here. I saw the coolest thing I've seen since realizing that Mozilla was embedding a wsdl-enabled SOAP client

Starting a business - things to consider...


I've been talking to various friends, and I'm constantly reading blogs about people out of work, and thinking of starting up their own business... As someone who's started a couple of businesses, I don't claim to know everything, but I've learned a thing over two either directly, or through observations of clients I have worked with... First of all, for most people, money doesn't just fall into